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01 Three Corn Patches (Take 6).wma
02 T-R-O-U-B-L-E (Take 1).wma
03 I'm Moving' On (Take 2).wma
04 I Can Help (Undubbed Master).wma
05 A Hundred Years From Now (Spliced Take).wma
06 Heart of Rome (Take 1).wma
07 In The Ghetto (Spliced Take).wma
08 Young & Beautiful (1972 rehearsal).wma
09 Spanish Eyes (Take 2).wma
10 Mary In The Morning (Take 4).wma
11 Way Down (Take 2).wma
12 Snowbird (Take 1).wma
13 The Next Step Is Love (Take 6).wma
14 Pledging My Love (Take 3).wma
15 A Little Bit of Green (Alternate).wma
16 Sylvia (Take 9).wma
17 Brining It Back (Take 1).wma
18 Love Coming Down (Take 4).wma
19 Take Good Care Of Her (Take 4).wma
20 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (Take 2).wma
21 Until Its Time For You To Go (Take 10).wma
22 I'm Leavin' (Unedited Master).wma
23 An Evening Prayer (Take 2).wma