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01 Promised Land (Take 4 Extended).wma
02 I've Lost You (Take 6).wma
03 Susan When She Tried (Take 3).wma
04 Any Day Now (Take 2).wma
05 I Just Can't Help Believin (Live Aug 11 1970).wma
06 Do You Know Who I Am (Take 1).wma
07 Solitare (Take 3).wma
08 I've Got A Thing About You Baby (Take 14).wma
09 Kentucky Rain (Take 9).wma
10 Suspicious Minds (Take 6).wma
11 The Fool (Take 1).wma
12 Bridge Over Troubled Water (Take 1).wma
13 Only The Strong Survive (Take 13).wma
14 Wearing That Loved On Look (Take 10).wma
15 The Wonder of You (Alternate Live).wma
16 Where Do I Go From Here (Take 5 Extended).wma
17 Patch It Up (Take 9).wma
18 Hurt (Take 2).wma
19 Your Loves Been A Long Time Coming (Take 10).wma
20 I Got A Feeling In My Body (Take 1).wma
21 Without Love (Take 1).wma
22 Thinking About You (Extended).wma
23 Moody Blue (Extended).wma