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01 She Thinks I Still Care (Take 2A).mp3
02 Never Been To Spain (Rehearsal).mp3
03 One Night Of Sin (Extended Remix).mp3
04 Dirty Dirty Feeling (Spliced Take).mp3
05 City By Night (Alternate Take).mp3
06 All That I Am (Take 2).mp3
07 Hawaiian Wedding Song (Take 1).mp3
08 And I Love You So (Take 3).mp3
09 Big Boss Man (Take 2).mp3
10 Clambake (Take 11).mp3
11 I'm Coming Home (Take 2).mp3
12 Shoppin' Around (Take 1).mp3
13 Loving You (Take 3).mp3
14 Blue Moon (Alternate Take).mp3
15 The Girl Of My Best Friend (Take 3).mp3
16 Datin' (Take 4).mp3
17 Anything That's Part Of You (Take 2).mp3
18 Heartbreak Hotel (Take 6).mp3
19 Chesay (Spliced Take).mp3
20 Kissin' Cousins' #2 (Undubbed).mp3
21 Kentucky Rain (Take 9).mp3
22 The Wonder Of You (Alternate Live Version).mp3
23 Surrender (Take 2).mp3
24 What's She Really Like (Take 5).mp3
25 We'll Be Together (Take 10).mp3
26 Working On The Building (Take 4).mp3
27 Hurt (Take 3).mp3
28 Without Love (Take 4).mp3
29 For The Good Times (Rehearsal).mp3