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01 Softly, As I Leave You (Live 3 Sep 73).mp3
02 If I Can Dream (Alt Take).mp3
03 My Babe (Live 26 Aug 69).mp3
04 Jailhouse Rock (Take 4).mp3
05 Fame And Fortune (Take 5).mp3
06 A Mess Of Blues (Spliced Take).mp3
07 Drums Of The Islands (Take 5).mp3
08 I've Lost You (Take 6).mp3
09 Promised Land (Take 2).mp3
10 Susan When She Tried (Take 3).mp3
11 I Just Can't Help Believin' (Live 11 Aug 70).mp3
12 In The Ghetto (Take 3).mp3
13 Danny Boy (Take 7).mp3
14 Run On (Take 2).mp3
15 A House That Has Everything (Spliced Take).mp3
16 No More (Take 7).mp3
17 Stuck On You (Take 2).mp3
18 Young And Beautiful (Alt Take).mp3
19 Wooden Heart (Take 1).mp3
20 Beyond The Bend (Take 2).mp3
21 Cross My Heart, Hope To Die (Take 6).mp3
22 Sylvia (Take 9).mp3
23 Sweet Caroline (Live 15 Feb 70).mp3
24 A Lttle Less Conversation (Take 16).mp3
25 Bridge Over Troubled Water (Live 11 Aug 70).mp3
26 Bringing It Back (Take 1).mp3