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01 Roustabout (Improved Sound).mp3
02 Gold In The Mountains (Solo).mp3
03 Aloha Oe (Take 1).mp3
04 His Hand On Mine (Spliced Take).mp3
05 So High (Take 2).mp3
06 Loving You (Farm Take 6).mp3
07 I Got Stung (Take 8).mp3
08 It Won't Be Long (Take 2).mp3
09 G I Blues (Take 5).mp3
10 Stay Away (Take 2).mp3
11 If I'm A Fool (Take 3).mp3
12 Wonderful World (Take 7).mp3
13 Johnny B Goode (Live 24 Aug 69).mp3
14 For The Heart (Take 4).mp3
15 Just Pretend (Take 2).mp3
16 Solitaire (Take 3).mp3
17 Young And Beautiful (Rehearsal Mar 72).mp3
18 Make Me Know It (Take 11).mp3
19 King Of The Whole Wide World (Take 25).mp3
20 Ku-u-i-po (Take 7).mp3
21 Cotton Candy Land (Take 4).mp3
22 Thanks To The Rollin' Sea (Take 3).mp3
23 Patch It Up (Take 9).mp3
24 Wearin' That Love-on Look (Alt Take).mp3
25 Are You Lonesome Tonight (Live 24 Aug 69).mp3
26 Milky White Way (Take 5).mp3
27 Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming (Take 10).mp3
28 I've Got Confidence (Take 1).mp3
29 Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do (Take 17).mp3
30 Mean Woman Blues (Take BX7).mp3