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01 US Male (Take 7).mp3
02 Judy (Take 1).mp3
03 Just For Old Times Sake (Take 4).mp3
04 I Want To Be Free (Take 11).mp3
05 Rip It Up (Take 16).mp3
06 After Loving You (Take 3).mp3
07 I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs (Take 5).mp3
08 Little Sister (Take 6).mp3
09 Follow That Dream (Take 5).mp3
10 Everybody Come Aboard (Take 4).mp3
11 Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (Take 1).mp3
12 Ask Me (Take 2).mp3
13 Gently (Take 3).mp3
14 I Met Her Today (Take 14).mp3
15 It Is No Secret (Take 5).mp3
16 Frankie And Johnny (Spliced Take).mp3
17 Shake, Rattle And Roll (Take 7).mp3
18 How Can You Lose (Take 3).mp3
19 I Need Your Love Tonight (Take 13).mp3
20 Lonely Man (Take 1 Solo).mp3
21 Love Letters (Take 7).mp3
22 Smorgasbord (Take 4).mp3
23 The Love Machine (Take 6).mp3
24 The Next Step Is Love (Take 6).mp3
25 We Call On Him (Take 8).mp3
26 You'll Think Of Me (Take 8).mp3
27 A Little Bit Of Green (Alt Take).mp3
28 Moody Blue (Extended Master).mp3