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01 Promised Land (Take 4 Extended).mp3
02 Just Call Me Lonesome (Take 6).mp3
03 I Got Stung (Take 12).mp3
04 Treat Me Nice (Take 13).mp3
05 Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Take 12).mp3
06 I'm Counting On You (Take 2).mp3
07 Angel (Take 2).mp3
08 Something Blue (Alt Take).mp3
09 He Knows Just What I Need (Take 8).mp3
10 Please Don't Stop Loving Me (Take 1).mp3
11 Any Day Now (Take 2).mp3
12 Burning Love (Take 2).mp3
13 It Ain't No Big Thing (Take 6).mp3
14 Make Me Know It (Take 3).mp3
15 My Baby's Gone (Take 7).mp3
16 Is It So Strange (Take 1).mp3
17 Flaming Star (Take 4).mp3
18 Kismet (Take 2).mp3
19 You'll Be Gone (Take 4).mp3
20 Stand By Me (Take 2).mp3
21 Tonights All Right For Love (Take 17).mp3
22 Never Say Yes (Take 2).mp3
23 There's Always Me (Take 1).mp3
24 The Girl Of My Best Friend (Take 6).mp3
25 Mine (Take 4).mp3
26 They Remind Me Too Much Of You (Take 4).mp3
27 Singing Tree (Take 1 Remake).mp3
28 I Got A Feeling In My Body (Take 1).mp3
29 Green, Green Grass Of Home (Spliced Take).mp3
30 I've Lost You (Take 1).mp3