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01 Fame And Fortune (Take 9).mp3
02 I Was The One (Take 7).mp3
03 Young And Beautiful (Take 6).mp3
04 Blueberry Hill (Take 5).mp3
05 His Latest Flame (Take 2).mp3
06 Surrender (Take 1).mp3
07 Almost Always True (Take 3).mp3
08 Frankfort Special (Take 13).mp3
09 Guadalajara (Take 2).mp3
10 Going Home (Take 29).mp3
11 Clean Up Your Own Backyard (Undubbed).mp3
12 Do You Know Who I Am (Take 1).mp3
13 In The Ghetto (Spliced Take).mp3
14 Always On My Mind (Take 3).mp3
15 She Thinks I Still Care (Take 28).mp3
16 Power Of My Love (Take 6).mp3
17 Cindy, Cindy (Uncut).mp3
18 Bossa Nova Baby (Take 3).mp3
19 Fountain Of Love (Take 9).mp3
20 Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Take 1).mp3
21 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here (Take 13).mp3
22 It Feels So Right (Take 1).mp3
23 One Broken Heart For Sale (Take 1).mp3
24 Roustabout (Take 6).mp3
25 Love Me Tonight (Take 1).mp3
26 Snowbird (Take 1).mp3
27 Hurt (Take 2).mp3
28 Until It's Time For You To Go (Take 10).mp3
29 Thinking About You (Long Version).mp3