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01 Poor Boy (Stereo).mp3
02 Loving You (Fast Version Take 12).mp3
03 Got A Lot O' Living To Do (Final).mp3
04 Don't Leave Me Now (Elvis On Piano).mp3
05 Steadfast, Loyal And True (Alt Master).mp3
06 G I Blues (Take 1).mp3
07 Big Boots (Fast Version Take 10).mp3
08 Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (Take 2).mp3
09 Can't Help Falling In Love (Alt Take).mp3
10 Steppin' Out Of Line (Take 15).mp3
11 Island Of Love (Take 8).mp3
12 A Whistling Tune (Take 4).mp3
13 Riding The Rainbow (Take 1).mp3
14 Thanks To The Rolling Sea (Take 10).mp3
15 Earth Boy (Spliced Take).mp3
16 Beyond The Bend (Take 3).mp3
17 How Would You Like To Be (Take 6).mp3
18 Kissin' Cousins (Hillbilly Overdub).mp3
19 C'mon Everybody (Take 7).mp3
20 You're The Boss (Take 6).mp3
21 Little Egypt (Take 21).mp3
22 The Meanest Girl In Town (Take 11).mp3
23 Cross My Heart And Hope To Die (Take 11).mp3
24 My Dessert Serenade (Take 8).mp3
25 So Close, Yet So Far (Take 4).mp3
26 Paradise Hawaiian Style (Take 4).mp3
27 A Dogs Life (Take 8).mp3
28 Stop, Where You Are (Spliced Take).mp3
29 Petunia, The Gardeners Daughter (Take 1).mp3
30 Look Out, Broadway (Take 9).mp3
31 Smorgasbord (Take 1).mp3
32 Stop, Look And Listen (Take 6).mp3
33 Beach Shake (Break Up Version).mp3
34 Stay Away, Joe (Take 8).mp3
35 Wonderful World (Take 15).mp3
36 Almost (Take 6).mp3