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01 Trouble-Guitar Man (Alt Take).mp3
02 Harem Holiday (Take 2).mp3
03 A Hundred Years From Now (Spliced).mp3
04 There Goes My Everything (Take 1).mp3
05 Indescribably Blue (Take 1).mp3
06 Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (Take 2).mp3
07 Sound Advice (Take 5).mp3
08 Judy (Take 4).mp3
09 Dirty Dirty Feeling (Take1).mp3
10 Datin' (Take 12).mp3
11 Doin' The Best I Can (Take 3).mp3
12 Easy Question (Take 2).mp3
13 Young And Beautiful (Take 12).mp3
14 Tonight Is So Right For Love (Take 8).mp3
15 Stay Away (Take 14).mp3
16 Love Coming Down (Take 3).mp3
17 You Don't Know Me (Take 2).mp3
18 Girl Of Mine (Take 9).mp3
19 Mary In The Morning (Take 4).mp3
20 I Miss You (Take 1).mp3
21 A Little Less Conversation (Take 10).mp3
22 King Of The Whole Wide World (Alt Take).mp3
23 Britches (Spliced).mp3
24 Viva Las Vegas (Take 2).mp3
25 Long Legged Girl (Alt Master).mp3
26 Where Do You Come From (Take 13).mp3
27 Any Day Now (Spliced).mp3
28 It's You Baby, You Rock It (Take 3).mp3
29 Where Do I Go From Here (Take 6).mp3
30 I Love You Because (Alt Take).mp3