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01 Do The Vega [Take 1].mp3
02 Where Do I Go From Here [Take 5].mp3
03 Peace In The Valley [Take 1].mp3
04 Promised Land [Take 4].mp3
05 If I'm A Fool [Take 3].mp3
06 That's All Right [Master Without RCA Echo].mp3
07 Surrender [Take 2].mp3
08 An American Trilogy [March 20 1974].mp3
09 I'll Take Love [Take 2a].mp3
10 Heart Of Rome [Rehearsal - July 20 1970].mp3
11 Moonlight Swim [Take 4].mp3
12 You'll Think Of Me [Take 8].mp3
13 Wisdom of The Ages [Take 1-2].mp3
14 Help Me Make It Through The Night [Alternate].mp3
15 Finders Keepers, Loosers Weepers [Take 1].mp3
16 Pieces Of My Life [Take 1].mp3
17 Spanish Eyes [Take 2].mp3
18 There's Always Me [Take 4].mp3
19 Life [Take 10].mp3
20 In My Way [Solo - Take 2].mp3
21 Shoppin Around [Take 5].mp3
22 Miracle Of The Rosary [Take 1].mp3
23 If You Talk In Your Sleep [Take 5].mp3
24 Danny Boy [Take 7].mp3
25 There Is So Much World To See [Take 10].mp3