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01 A Mess Of Blues (Alt Take).mp3
02 After Loving You (Take 2).mp3
03 Aloha-Oe (Take 1).mp3
04 Danny Boy (Remix).mp3
05 Double Trouble (Take 1).mp3
06 Gently (Take 2).mp3
07 Going Home (Take 21).mp3
08 I Need Somebody To Lean On (Take 8).mp3
09 I Want To Be Free (Alt Take).mp3
10 If That Isn't Love (Spliced Take).mp3
11 It's Midnight (Alt Take).mp3
12 I've Got A Thing About You Baby (Take 14).mp3
13 Make Me Know It (Take 18).mp3
14 My Way (Master Take).mp3
15 Night Life (Take 3).mp3
16 One Track Heart (Master Take).mp3
17 Pledging My Love (Take 3).mp3
18 Singing Tree (Take 4).mp3
19 (Such An) Easy Question (Takes 1,2).mp3
20 That's Someone You'll Never Forget (Alt Take).mp3
21 Twenty Days And Twenty Nights (Take 3).mp3
22 Without Love (Take 1).mp3
23 You Asked Me To (Take 2).mp3