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Disc 14: 1966-1967
NR indicates not released during Elvis' lifetime
NOTE: a - next to track number indicates not included on box set

1966: June 28th – Double Trouble Soundtrack
1401. City by Night
1402. Could I Fall in Love
1403. There is So Much World to See

1966: June 29th – Double Trouble Soundtrack
1404. Double Trouble
1405. Baby, If You'll Give Me All of Your Love
1406. I Love Only One Girl
1407. It Won't Be Long
1408. Old MacDonald
1409. Long Legged Girl (with the Short Dress On)

1966: September 28th – Easy Come, Easy Go Soundtrack
1410. Easy Come, Easy Go
1411. I'll Take Love
1412. Sing You Children

1966: September 29th – Easy Come, Easy Go Soundtrack
1413. She's a Machine
1414. The Love Machine
1415. Yoga is As Yoga Does
1416. You Gotta Stop

1967: February 21st – Clambake Soundtrack
1417. The Girl I Never Loved
1418. How Can You Lose What You Never Had
1419. You Don't Know Me
1420. A House That Has Everything

1967: February 22nd – Clambake Soundtrack
1421. Who Needs Money?
1422. Confidence
1423. Hey, Hey, Hey
1424. Clambake

1967: March 20th
1425. Suppose (Original Home Recording) - NR