The Voices of Elvis Express Radio
Lee Dawson - E.E.R Studio 1 (UK)
Lee is the founder of Elvis Express Radio. Lee is the host of the
Wednesday show and the Friday show.
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Lana Dawson - E.E.R Studio 1 (UK)
Lana brings her smooth tones every Monday while playing some of
your love songs on the Elvis love show.
(Read her Q&A's Here)
Joe Krein - E.E.R Studio 2 (USA)
Joe joins Lee on the Friday show as they team up to discuss fakes
& frauds in the Elvis world.
(Read his Q&A's Here)
Essential E.E.R Team Members
Terry Turner
Tony Marriott
Stuart Smith
Tony King
(Album Hunter)
Elvis Express Radio is here to promote Elvis and to entertain the fans all
over the world. To do this there has to be people willing to make sure that
these shows get out there for you to enjoy.

Here we have the presenters of the shows and also the team members that
help make these shows what they are. We hope you enjoy what we do and
that we are taking care of business for Elvis and the wonderful music he left
for us all to enjoy.