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These Kind Fans
                                           ELVIS EXPRESS RADIO REPORTS...   AUGUST 2020
Well I'll get right to the point! What the hell is the point of making this movie?

Well, 'Elvis From Outer Space' is, as I'm sure you can gather from the title is a "comedy". A comedy that will make you give out the odd giggle, even
though these moments are unintentional.

It's 1977 and Elvis Presley (played by George Thomas and looks, sounds and acts ) has organised, with the help of the CIA, to have aliens remove his
consciousness and transfer it into a human-shaped bio-suit and then whisked away in a UFO taken off to Alpha Centauri where he spends the next 30
years performing for all kinds of alien beings throughout the galaxy, the King becomes, not only home sick for earth but lonely for his secret daughter
(although seemingly not Lisa Marie???). Anyway, the Aliens agree to take him back to earth for just a few days, after which his bio-suit will collapse
due to gravity and will kill him, so he must get back to the Aliens ship before it's too late (Sounds riveting doesn't it).

If you're wondering how the hell Elvis Presley, who's supposed to have been dead for 30 years, can just return to earth without causing a bit if a
scene? Well, as luck would have it, when Elvis returns it just so happens to be the “1970s Elvis World Crown Competition” in Las Vegas. Yeah I know,
surly Elvis would have wanted to return to Memphis and not Vegas?

So this movie is so low budget that they could not afford the to any songs from the Elvis catalogue. So, we get a plethora of bloody IMPS, sounding
drunk (why is it people who "IMPersonate" Elvis sound like they've been to a bar for a few hours?) singing original songs for the movie. So we don't
even get the pleasure of an Elvis song being "attempted" by an IMP.

Even though the whole reason for "Elvis" returning to earth for just a few days was for him to find his "Secret Daughter", he assumes the name "John
JB Burrows" and takes part in the Elvis IMP contest. Gripping isn't it?

But wait, JB (Elvis) goes and falls in love with the Woman who is running the IMP contest. But still wait... The CIA, if you remember they helped Elvis to
get the Aliens to take Elvis away, well they are trying to get Elvis booted off the planet and they kidnap Elvis' "secret" daughter in an attempt to force
him to leave (if they just waited, he only had a few days on earth or he would die)!  

And just to make things even more...well huh? The narrator, who is one of the IMP charterers, goes on and on through the movie and turns out he's
not just the narrator! Plot check,  1. Elvis has gone to outer space and after 30 comes back to earth because he was lonely for the daughter who
knows nothing about being the daughter of Elvis Presley. BUT, he only has a few days before the earths gravity kills him.

2. Elvis is in disguise as an Elvis IMP called John Burrows or JB and he enters the "1970s Elvis World Crown Competition" where he falls in love.

3. The CIA want to kick Elvis off the planet and to do so, instead of waiting, they kidnap the secret daughter to threated Elvis into leaving.

4. The Narrator and Elvis IMP, ends up owing money to the Mob and must win the contest for the money.

Sounds like one hell of a funny movie right?  NAH! Like I said at the start, there are a few chuckles, they're just not intentional.

"Elvis From Outer Space" was originally made way back in 2011 and was then titled "Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns" and watching it you will be
excused for thinking that someone has made this to just poke fun at Elvis and the Elvis world, so imagine my shock at learning this was made by a
gentleman by the name of Marv Z Silverman, who is an Elvis fan with way too much money to spare.

Anyway, "Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns" stopped dead and never came out sat in a cupboard somewhere never to be seen by anyone, ever and it
would have remained unseen but a company called JOBA Entertainment bought the rights....YES, they actually paid money to own the rights to the
movie and set out to release it upon the World....they must hate people?

First thing the new owners did was to bring in a new writer, an editor and director which was Tracy Wulschpard who set to work re-editing, re-shooting
scenes and removing scenes. For the newly filmed scenes they were even able to bring back George Thomas (Elvis / Burrows) which was lucky as he
happened to be on a break from filming.......well, he was between errr, films (his last one being "Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns [2011].

And when finished, the movie was renamed "Elvis From Outer Space".  I could go on but I really don't want to.  I can only urge you to never watch this
movie, I did so that you don't have to. OH, and just when you think the movie can't get any more bizarre, Sony West turns up playing himself and
realising, without too much shock, that Elvis really is alive.

Elvis Express Radio gives this movie 1 Star out of 10 and the 1 is because the name ELVIS is in the title.

Originating Sources =  Elvis Express Radio

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JULY 2020
Elvis was the first and greatest solo entertainer in history, he was / is known around the World as the King - but was the man behind his business,
Colonel Tom Parker, a good manager?

Fans have not often looked on Colonel Tom Parker with fondness. Parker has been accused by many of mishandling Elvis’ affairs, even to th extent
where he allegedly took an exorbitant amount of his profits. However Todd Slaughter, the head of the largest Elvis fan club in the UK, has a different
view of the late manager.

"Colonel Tom wasn’t who many depicted him to be". He said: “Colonel is depicted as a Svengali character and, to be fair, most managers of pop stars
over the years have been more than a bit dodgy…Colonel Parker was possibly no different from that but he really did work hard for Elvis.

“Even when Elvis was on tour, he went to the next town, he made sure the radio, the TV were aware that Elvis was arriving.

“He even put additional posters up, even if the venues were sold out, because what he was doing was selling Elvis.

“He was dedicated to promoting Elvis.”

According to Todd, a few managers of the time may have done some dodgy things, but clearly Colonel Tom is not quite the man many have thought.

He continued: “As far as the British fans were concerned, he was better than most managers were because he really did take time to meet the fans.

“To me, personally, he was very, very nice. So I saw a different sort of Colonel Parker from how many people possibly believed he behaved.

“It was claimed he took 50 per cent of Elvis’ earnings which was not true. He took 25 per cent which, at that time, was the industry standard.”

Instead, Todd claimed Colonel Tom took a 50 per cent split of licensing and merchandise, rather than his earnings.(EER: I'm surprised at hearing
Slaughter come out with this as it is a well known FACT that Parker fleeced Elvis for every dime he could.)

Loanne Parker, Colonel Tom’s widow, has similarly spoken out about how her husband was depicted.

She hopes Tom Hanks, who is playing Colonel Tom in the upcoming Elvis biopic, Elvis, will show the different sides of the manager, saying: “If Tom
Hanks takes on a role, he makes it a good fit.

“He will be a good fit for Colonel, I have trust in his abilities.

“Every story has a hero and a villain, and the past stories that made Elvis a hero and that leaves only the Colonel to be a villain and both of them were
heroes in their own right.

“I would like to see that clarified, and I have great faith in Tom’s ability and integrity and I just pray he wouldn’t do anything less than the truth.”

Originating Sources =  The Express / Elvis Express Radio

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10 new interactive experiences will be unveiled August 8, 2020 – Kick-off date of Modified Elvis Week, Virtual Elvis Week
Graceland has announced it will be adding ten new immersive experiences to the Elvis Presley’s Memphis Complex as of August 8, 2020.

These state-of-the-art activities invite guests to become the King or Queen of their social media with dozens of interactive, shareable moments that
allow them to get closer to Elvis than ever before via virtual and augmented reality technology.

Designed to inspire, entertain and inform guests, all experiences are included in the Graceland ticket price, and most allow visitors to create
customized photos and videos of themselves with Elvis to download free of charge.

Experiences include:
Eras of Elvis Game asks guests to answer a series of questions that will result in meeting 50s, 60s or 70s Elvis via augmented reality technology for
a downloadable photo.

“Elvis Yourself” Virtual Dress-Up Experience allows fans to be virtually dressed in one of Elvis’ iconic costumes and have their photo taken.

Elvis Album Cover Photo Booth virtually places guests onto an album cover of their choice with Elvis resulting in a downloadable photo.

Elvis Movie Match Game asks guests to answer a series of questions that will result in meeting one of Elvis’ big screen characters via augmented
reality for a downloadable photo.

Interactive LED Dance Floor Quiz invites visitors to test their Elvis IQ by answering questions on an illuminated dance floor.

Elvis’ Interactive Golf Cart Ride offers guests a virtual tour of the Graceland grounds in a custom-designed golf cart simulator with 360-degree
video technology.

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” AR Serenade virtually transports guests onto the set of Blue Hawaii and allows them to be serenaded by the king!
The video will be downloadable and sharable.

Elvis Movie Posters Photo Booth virtually places guests in one of Elvis’ movie posters and delivers another unique and sharable photo.

“Memories” AR Serenade allows guests to take a virtual seat on stage next to Elvis at the ’68 Comeback Special as he performs this song resulting
in a downloadable video.

Elvis: Front Row offers visitors a taste of what it was like to see Elvis perform live in this immersive concert experience that combines elements of live
footage, stage lighting and surround sound.

Built in 2017 across the street from Graceland Mansion, Elvis Presley’s Memphis is a 200,000 square foot entertainment and exhibit complex that is
home to the largest collection of Elvis memorabilia in the world. There are ten separate exhibits featuring thousands of artifacts from Elvis’ life and
career. The crown jewel is the Elvis the Entertainer exhibit showcasing Elvis’ gold and platinum records, his stunning jumpsuits, movie memorabilia and
more. Many of the new Instagrammable experiences will located in this area.

“I’ve always wanted to dress like Elvis, but never quite found the courage,” said Joel Weinshanker, Graceland Holdings Managing Partner. “I plan to be
first in line for these socially shareable attractions.”

The announcement comes on the heels of Graceland releasing their plans for a modified Elvis Week August 8-16. While any potential high-risk
activity, including live performances, live appearances, group parties or meals, autograph signings and meet & greets have been eliminated,
Graceland will host a series of pre-recorded daily screening events that are a blend of new panels featuring those who knew Elvis, new interviews with
Elvis tribute artists, new content pieces from the Graceland Archives, Drive-In movies and specially edited concert shows that look back on Best Of
Elvis Weeks past, including the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, concerts featuring Elvis’ bandmates and backup singers, and Elvis films on the big
screen. Attendance will be capped to meet or exceed social distancing and maximum capacity guidelines. The Candlelight Vigil on August 15 will be
more limited than in past years, and will require free advanced reservations, but the longstanding tradition will carry on with a socially distanced fan
procession to Meditation Garden. The full schedule and tickets are available at Graceland.com.

Graceland also announced their first-ever Virtual Elvis Week that will allow fans from around the world to participate in Elvis Week from the comfort of
their homes. Content will include past Elvis Week concerts and panels, new interviews with bandmates, co-stars and friends, new behind-the-scenes
Graceland content, a look back at previous Candlelight Vigils, Elvis tribute artists, and of course a live stream view of our 2020 Candlelight Vigil (the
live stream will also be available, as always, on Graceland.com, free of charge). Tickets for Virtual Elvis Week are $39.00 and are available to
purchase here http://ticketing.graceland.com/12768/23145

In another first, Graceland has just launched its first-ever gift card program. The customizable gift cards are available in six collectable Elvis designs,
and can be purchased at Graceland.com or throughout the Graceland campus in Memphis, TN. They have no expiration date and can be used at
Graceland for any tour, concert, special event, food, beverage or retail. They can also be used at the AAA rated Four Diamond resort The Guest
House Hotel for rooms, food, beverage and retail, or online at ShopGraceland.com for Elvis and Graceland-themed merchandise.

Originating Sources =  Press Release / Elvis Express Radio

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Our friends at the Elvis Information Network have taken a look at the changing times within the Elvis world. It's a subject that we've been discussing on
our weekly show, especially with the "That's The Way It Is" releases from Erik Lorentzen and the FTD Label.

Now, I myself adore this point in the Elvis time-line and to have the (now) 5 TTWII bibles released by the master of Elvis Books, Erik Lorentzen and
also the FTD TTWII 50th Anniversary set of 2 books and 8 CDs would be amazing. To have them on my shelves and able to play the CDs whenever I
wanted and to turn those pages to just smile as I looked at those more than 2000 Never Before Seen images from this awesome time would be a
dream. And that's just it now-a-days, it is "JUST A DREAM"!

The Elvis World really has become a 2 tire system, it's the haves and the have nots. EIN does point something out that is a very good one and that is
even though Parker is a horrid for the most part, he did believe in the same thing as Elvis, which was "LOOK AFTER THE FANS!". Fans were the
priority, you look after them and they did through keeping Concert tickets as low as possible, cheap merchandise, helping out with the fan clubs,
basically keeping a great and friendly relationship with the fans as possible.

None of that exists now-a-days as the whole Elvis machine is owned and run exclusively with commercial interests. The prices for entry into Graceland
is so expensive it's a none-starter for many fans. Back in 2000 the Platinum ticket, which gave full access to everything was around $15.00 per person
and now 20 years on the price is a whopping $184.00 per person. Add merchandise and all the other little bits a visit would cost, a family of 4 will be
looking at a big hunk of cash for a trip.

DELUXE HAS GONE CRAZY... The word "Deluxe" is on so much stuff these days that the word is becoming the new norm. And EIN throw the spotlight
on this current craze. FTD, SONY Music, Venus, Erik Lorentzen are all releasing their very own "Deluxe" editions costing anywhere from £100 to £300
and more and more fans are seeing the gap move further and further away. Even a simple 12" vinyl album is beyond many fans nowadays with prices
from £30.00 upto £50.00 in some cases.

Another change is Follow That Dream, RCA-SONY, Eric Lorentzen, Venus, etc all now publish expensive "Deluxe" collections. Some costing US$350.
Out of reach for most fans, so why is this?

EIN point out why these "Deluxe" releases are what they are...
The answer, of course, is money. There is obviously a neat profit in targeting the higher end of the Elvis fan market. In this respect, the proliferation of
coffee table Elvis books is similar to the (admittedly) less regular annual Elvis box set extravaganzas from RCA/BMG/Sony. And, of course, plenty of
the material in all these publications has usually been previously released but now include a few new additions or "upgrades" to attract customers.

To read EIN's full article get on over there

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outtakes and more.…

Lee goes solo this week but don't worry, he brings you all your Elvis requests and comments.

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These Kind Fans
SONY / RCA / Legacy Recordings is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of 'From Elvis In Nashville' a 4CD collection presenting the long-
awaited definitive chronicle of Elvis Presley's mythic 1970 marathon sessions with the "Nashville Cats".

Recorded live in RCA's Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee over the course of an epic five day/night run in June 1970 (with an additional session on
September 22), Elvis' performances from those sessions formed the core of three of his most successful studio album releases from the 1970s:

These were:
'Elvis: That's the Way It Is'
'Elvis Country'
'Love Letters from Elvis'.
Now, for the first time, the master recordings from the 1970 Studio B sessions may be enjoyed together as a single official Elvis album.

'From Elvis In Nashville', Presley's studio tracks from the 1970 marathon sessions are presented in pristine audio, newly mixed by acclaimed
sound engineer Matt Ross-Spring without the added overdubs appearing on earlier releases

'From Elvis In Nashville' will be available in a 4CD boxed edition including two bonus discs of rare and/or unreleased outtakes.

'From Elvis In Nashville' serves as a mirror and companion to his earlier Memphis recordings, bringing fresh fire, exuberance, humor and emotional
resonance to the Studio B sessions.

For his first recordings of the 1970s, Elvis revisited the blueprint that made his American Sound sessions so successful. Because he hated doing
overdubs, he wanted to cut loose live in the studio with a band in sync with his sensibility. Freed from obligations to music publishers, Elvis was able to
pick and record songs that were contemporary, relevant and meaningful to him, from covers – including his transcendent interpretation of
Over Trouble Water'
– to the epic material then powering his Las Vegas residencies and return to live performing.

If the American Sound recordings in Memphis opened the door for Elvis' return to the stage and top of the charts, his next recordings – the fabled
1970 Nashville Marathon Sessions – would lay the groundwork for another revolution in pop music.

Under the direction of producer Felton Jarvis,
Elvis joined forces with one of the most potent studio ensembles ever assembled to create
an often underrated chapter in Presley's rich legacy
. Working with the fabled "Nashville Cats" for his first album of 1970, Elvis Presley
connected to a circle of contemporary musicians that included Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, George Harrison and others.

From 1958-1971, Elvis recorded more than 200 tracks at Studio B, beginning with five classic songs before shipping off to Germany with the US Army.
These classics were: "
I Need Your Love Tonight" (J2WB 3253-18), "A Big Hunk O' Love" (J2WB 3254-SP)
"Ain't That Loving You Baby" (J2WB 3255-04), "A Fool Such As I" (J2WB 3256-09) and "I Got Stung" (J2WB 3257-24)

Upon his discharge from the US Army, Elvis returned to Studio B in March & April 1960 which resulted in 18 fresh new recordings, 12 which were
included on the triumphant and critically acclaimed album "
Elvis Is Back!".  And not forgetting the Worldwide smash hits, "Stuck On You", "It's Now
Or Never"
and "Are You Lonesome Tonight" and then many, many more throughout the 1960's.

For his 1970 Nashville sessions, Elvis was able to handpick his own repertoire and, delve into the rich variety of American music in his marrow,
combining elements of bluegrass, honky tonk, Western swing and the rockabilly he'd virtually invented with contemporary pop, ballads and epic

Bringing a fresh and vital new approach to pop and country music, Elvis' performances on
From Elvis In Nashville presaged and encompassed
emerging trends from countrypolitan and Americana to outlaw country.

These sessions are widely recognized as among Elvis' best because of the undeniable chemistry between Elvis and his astonishing studio band
comprised of multi-instrumentalist
Charlie McCoy (whose resume includes Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited, Blonde On Blonde, plus work with Paul
Simon, Tanya Tucker, Bob Seger, Willie Nelson), bassist
Norbert Putnam (Roy Orbison, Linda Ronstadt, J. J. Cale, Tony Joe White, etc) and pianist
David Briggs (Dean Martin, Joan Baez, B.B. King, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Tony Joe White, George Harrison, among others).

Known colloquially as the
"Nashville Cats" this finely-honed studio ensemble, like Elvis himself, connected the worlds of pop, rock and country
music. For the June sessions, Elvis brought in his longtime on-stage guitarist
James Burton; Eddie Hinton (lead guitar on Elvis' September session
with Elvis playing acoustic guitar throughout the June '70 sessions.

The five-day
"Marathon sessions" yielded a wide variety of material including a spirited rendition of Willie Nelson's 'Funny How Time Slips Away',
the heartrending
'I've Lost You' and the powerful 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'. A wild, single-take version of 'Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On'
was one of the highlights of the September 22 single day session.

The music Elvis created in his 1970
"marathon sessions", presented here without layers of overdubbing as heard on the original releases, stands
among Presley's best and has proven immensely influential.

It established musical directions he pursued the rest of his career, predicted his late-in-life pop-and-country radio successes, and modeled sounds for
countless country stars to come.

From Elvis In Nashville provides an intimate glimpse into the world of Elvis and the way he made music that lasts forever.
No tracklisting has yet been announced. The release date appears to be November, 2020.

As well as the 4 CD Complete sessions, a highlights package will also be available as a 2LP 12" vinyl pressing.

Originating Sources =  Email / Elvis Express Radio

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Billy Goldenberg, the Musical Director for Elvis' historic 1968 Comeback Special sadly passed away on August 3, 2020 aged 84

Goldenberg was best known for his work on television and film. Among his most noteworthy were his collaborations with Steven Spielberg on his
telefilms (in particular, Night Gallery in 1969, and Duel in 1971) and his seven-episode contribution toward the NBC Mystery Movie detective series
Columbo. He composed the themes for several popular television programs, including Kojak, Alias Smith and Jones, Banacek, Rhoda and Our House.
He also composed the scores to countless films and TV movies.

As well as serving the role of Musical Director for Elvis' 1968 TV Special, Goldenberg also did the job on The Ann-Margret Show, An Evening with
Diana Ross and others. He received an Emmy Award in 1975 for the CBS miniseries Benjamin Franklin and again in 1978 for the NBC miniseries King.
He received 22 Emmy nominations in total.

Steve Binder remembers, "Billy had mentioned to me that when he and Elvis were alone together he would fool around on the piano and ask Billy to
teach him some chords in a classical piece. But the minute the guys would walk in he’d immediately stop as if it showed some weakness in his

In the Peter Guralnick book, 'Elvis: Careless Love', Billy Goldenberg recalled, "I wanted to tune in to Elvis underneath. I wanted to tune in to the
perversity... that was deep down inside of him, but the only place he would project it was on stage..... There was no question that he tuned in to the
darkness to the wild, untamed..things.  That was a big part of Elvis; he did not make his statement by being sweet.  He was blatantly sexual, and that
was something I wanted in the music.  And if I could get that, I felt I was getting closer to the raw Elvis.  Not the Elvis that came in the room to talk to
you, because he was the sweetest person in the world."    

One of the moments in Elvis' legendary TV Special that was written by Billy, is only a small thing but one that every single Elvis fan around the world
will know immediately. As Billy himself explained, "You know the first 8 trumpet notes of 'If I Can Dream', I wrote those."

Originating Sources =  Various / Elvis Express Radio

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“Elvis: A Three-Hour Special” tribute show is set to air via the net on Aug. 16 — the day Elvis died at the age of 42 — at noon, and again at 6 p.m.

The show was produced at Drake-Chenault beginning the day Elvis died in 1977, and it was shipped to clients just two days later to air that weekend.

“Our competitors were shocked and astounded at how quickly we were able to get such a high-caliber program on the air in such a short time,” said
Hank Landsberg who worked at the company back in the 1970s.

He explains how it all came together. Much of it was luck in the timing!

“The second week of August 1977, we had just begun production of a new edition of ‘The History Of Rock And Roll,’ which originally aired on KHJ in
1969. The show would be a 52-hour ‘blockbuster’ that documented the birth and development of rock and roll music. Hours three and four were
already planned to chronicle the life and music of Elvis Presley.”

Basically, the team decided to pull the material already planned for ‘HRR’ and use it for a tribute to Elvis’ life and career. Landsberg explains, “The
‘Elvis hours’ scripts were already written, music was researched and pulled, instrumental tracks for voiceover backing were ready, interviews and other
actualities had been edited and were ready for final production by studio engineer Mark Ford.

“We had everything ready to go when Elvis died on Tuesday, August 16. ‘HRR’ writer Gary Thoreau made some last-minute script revisions; Bill Drake
came in Tuesday afternoon and began recording the voice tracks for the show.  We all pulled an ‘all-nighter’…staying thru the night while Mark did the
studio production. I believe he finished about 10 a.m. the following day.

“The master tapes went into duplication, and we had station copies ready to ship Wednesday afternoon. They went via UPS-2 Day, and arrived at the
stations on Friday, for air that weekend.”

Elvis: A Three Hour Special will be presented without commercial interruption, and will run about two-and-a-half hours.
Listen at:

Originating Sources =  Daily News / Elvis Express Radio

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Elvis Presley’s 1942 Martin D-18 guitar sold at auction this week for $1.32 million, becoming just the tenth guitar in history to sell for more than $1.0
million and the sixth guitar to sell for more than $1.0 million in the last 14 months. Clearly, the music memorabilia marketplace is red hot right now.

While the pandemic may have decreased the turnover of items going to auction, it is clearly not restricting the prices being paid for important music
memorabilia, with an on-line auction at gottahaverockandroll.com this week seeing multiple records broken.

The most significant was Elvis Presley’s 1942 Martin D-18 guitar, which he owned from 1954 to 1956. But this is the guitar that started it all, and while
it did sell for $1,320.000, it fell short of the Estimated $3 Million.

However, when you take into account that this is the guitar that started it all! Elvis used this on all his legendary SUN Recordings and early live
performances on classics such as
Mystery Train, Blue Moon of Kentucky, Good Rockin' Tonight and That's All Right, the song many believe to
be the first true Rock and Roll record

Add to this history, the fact that the 2002, album release
'The Sun Sessions' was chosen by the National Recording Registry of the Library of
Congress to be included in its archives because of its importance to the development of American popular music. The album was ranked number 11
on Rolling Stone's list of "The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time". The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's "500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll" included
two tracks from the album:
Mystery Train and That's All Right, we here at Elvis Express Radio are really shocked that this historically important
guitar didn't sell for way above the $3 Million estimate. Whoever now owns this, has one hell of an amazing artifact.

It was purchased by Elvis at O.K. Houck's Piano Store in Memphis, with part of the price being made up by trading in his Martin 000-18 model.

Elvis was at the very beginning of his career at the time he used this guitar, and he decorated the body of the guitar with stick-on metal lettering
spelling out "ELVIS." Only the first four letters of the name remain to this day, which isn’t surprising given the extensive wear and tear evident to the

The guitar was sold by gottahaverockandroll.com with extensive documentation, including a photocopy of the receipt from O.K. Houck Piano and
photocopies of correspondence from the curator of the Country Music Hall of Fame to a historical note about the guitar.

This guitar was also featured in the "Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock & Roll" exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art from April to October, 2019.

Originating Sources =  New Atlas / Elvis Express Radio

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I was given a lovely surprise from my wonderful wife Lana, this hand drawn pencil artwork of me with this fella we're all rather fond of, Mr Presley.

My lovely wife has recently picked up her pencils again and has been commissioned by several people to produce original artwork of loved ones

As soon as she gave me this, I just had to let you know and make my fellow fans aware that you too can have a unique piece of artwork created of
yourself or a loved one or loved one's together with your favourite picture of  Elvis. Or maybe something with your own loved ones in either black &
white or Colour.

If you would like to discover more details, what previous customers have said and of course prices, please pop on over to
Lana's Portraits

Originating Sources =  Lana's Portraits / Elvis Express Radio

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A high school yearbook containing a rare photo of Elvis Presley sold for more than £2,000 (US$2,600) at an auction on Wednesday.

The King of Rock's signature graces the yearbook next to his photo, showing his boyish good looks, years before he broke into the music industry.
"Best of luck to a swell pal, Elvis" the "Jailhouse Rock" singer wrote in the yearbook. Presley graduated from Humes High School in Memphis,
Tennessee in 1953.

The yearbook offers a personal look at the heartthrob before he made it big.

Presley majored in shop, history, and English during his time in high school.

The young Elvis was also an active student on campus. He was a member of the biology, English, history and speech clubs, and he was also a
member of the ROTC.(The Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps).

Famously, Elvis was drafted into the US Army at 23 and shipped overseas to Germany between March 1958 and March 1960. Unlike every other
famous and semi-famous entertainers who found themselves drafted, Elvis refused to accept a "Special Services" posting which would have seen him
serve six weeks special training and then spend his service touring Army camps to boost morale. Instead Elvis chose to serve his country as a regular
soldier and wound up in the 3rd Armoured Division, climbing to the rank of Sergeant.

The 1953 Humes High School yearbook was sold by a British collector with Chiswick Auctions in west London for more than £2,000, or over US$2,600.

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It has now been 43 years since the man known as the "King of Rock and Roll" passed away--August 16, 1977.

Even so, a recent poll showed that 47% of all Americans still consider themselves Elvis Presley fans. Even in the 18-34 age demographic, 43% are
Elvis fans. According to the poll, 55% of his fans are Republicans and 46% are Democrats.

On that August day 43 years ago, I was a young boy visiting relatives in Georgia. Elvis did not trend on Twitter that day but it came on the news that
he died and there was nothing else on the television. I watched the coverage with great interest.

I’m not sure if I had even heard of Elvis Presley before that day but I remember they were showing scenes from “Jailhouse Rock” and I thought he was
coolest person I had ever seen or heard.


Presley was the first musical interest in my life and my first experience with the death of a celebrity. Elvis was one of the major reasons I became a
musician and songwriter.

About a year later my mom gave me a cassette tape by The Beatles and I thought they were amazing. A few years later I discovered Buddy Holly. I
had many other favorite bands in my teens and 20s but I always remained a big fan of Elvis, Buddy Holly and The Beatles.

As I got a little older, I came full-circle and realized that Elvis and Holly were not only the very best in their day but they are still the two best musical
artists in history.

Elvis was also underrated as an actor and underrated as a guitarist and pianist. His talent as a guitarist is very clear when you watch the full sit-down
and stand-up shows from the " '68 Comeback Special.”


He combined and took elements from rhythm and blues, gospel, country and western and folk music and created a new genre soon to be
rock 'n' roll. Elvis broke down the racial barriers of the time and introduced the music of talented black musicians to white audiences.

Over the decades, Elvis has made hundreds of Millions of dollars in writer’s and publishing royalties for many Black songwriters, artists and their heirs.

In a 1970 interview in Rolling Stone, Little Richard said:
Like, see, when Elvis came out a lot of Black groups would say, “Elvis cannot do so and so and so, shoo shoo shoo [huffs and grumbles]. And I’d say,
“Shut up, shut up.” Let me tell you this—when I came out they wasn’t playing no Black artists on no Top 40 stations, I was the first to get played on the
Top 40 stations—but it took people like Elvis and Pat Boone, Gene Vincent to open the door for this kind of music, and I thank God for Elvis Presley. I
thank the Lord for sending Elvis to open that door so I could walk down the road, you understand?

In interviews given for the 2000 documentary
“He Touched Me: the Gospel Music of Elvis Presley,” Myrna Smith of the Sweet Inspirations spoke
about a time when they were scheduled to perform with Elvis at the Astrodome in Houston and Elvis was told to leave the Black girls at home.

Elvis REFUSED to perform unless his girls were allowed to perform with him and he demanded they be given the full star treatment. Myrna said they
were driven around the stadium in a convertible by a little blonde.

Myrna Smith also spoke about Elvis' great generosity. If someone needed a surgery, he would pay for it and pray with them. If anyone had an
emotional issue he would take the time to talk with them and see how he could help.

In 1958, Elvis was likely the most famous person in the world when he was drafted into the Army in March. He could have easily gotten out of it but he
loved his country and was proud to serve.

Elvis was honorably discharged from the Army with the rank of sergeant in March 1960. Elvis also had a great respect and admiration for police
officers and he often donated to police associations and departments across the United States.

Toward the end of his life, Elvis still made a lot of incredible recordings such as
“Unchained Melody” which was recorded live on April 24, 1977 and
is the opening track to his final studio album
“Moody Blue.” Elvis forever changed music and the world and his influence will be everlasting.

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In a recent interview, Pat Boone shared his last conversation with Elvis Presley, who passed away in 1977 at the age of 42.

Boone, 86, recalled meeting the "King of Rock and Roll" in 1995 during an interview with Fox News. The encounter happened in Cleveland, Ohio.

At the time, the former teen pop star was headling a sock hop for thousands of children. The event was hosted by acclaimed DJ Bill Randle.

Boone shared how he met Presley. According to him, Randle met him at the airport and informed him that he would have a "new kid" with him at the

At that time, Presley was not famous yet, but Boone said he had seen Presley's name on the jukebox in Dallas.

Boone was intrigued when he saw Presley performing hillbilly songs. However, he was surprised when he finally met him backstage. He described
Presley as a "scared young kid," who "had not had a hit record yet."

The two talented later became good friends. Their friendship lasted throughout the years. Boone said he and Presley last crossed paths in July 1977.

Boone said that Presley came up, and they talked a few minutes. "I've got a picture of that meeting," Boone added. "And he looked like he gained
weight, which he had."

Presley had one message for Boone when he learned that his friend, along with his family, was heading to Orlando instead of Sin City.

"He said, 'You're going to Orlando? That's the wrong way man,'" Boone recalled. "He turned to his buddies… and said, 'This man is always going the
wrong way.' And I said, 'It depends on where you're coming from.'"

Presley was discovered unconscious in his mansion in Graceland on August 16, 1977. He was immediately taken to the hospital, where he was
pronounced dead.

His last message would stay with Boone, who was the second-biggest charting artist of the late 1950s, as reported by Variety. The singer was ranked
at number nine in its listing of Top 40 Artists 1955-95.

According to IMDb, Boone was born in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, in June 1934. He was educated at David Lipscombe College, North Texas State
College, and Columbia University.

Over the years, Boone has had several hit songs, including "Moody River," "Speedy Gonzales", and "Bernadine." During the 1950s and 1960s, he
also starred in a string of movies.

Boone was married to Shirley Boone from 1953 until she died in 2019. They shared four children. As for his friend Presley, The King has remained
one of the world's most popular music icons since his death, according to Biography.

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As previously reported, the November release of "From Elvis In Nashville" is going to be one of the must have collections of Elvis Presley. And now we
can bring you the complete song line-up

The compilation will be available digitally and in a four-CD box set, including two discs of outtakes. A two-LP vinyl release, with select highlights from
the box set, is also on tap. From Elvis in Nashville is available for preorder now.

Disc 1 - Masters
01. Opening Jam (Mystery Train)
02. Twenty Days And Twenty Nights
03. I’ve Lost You
04. I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago
05. The Sound Of Your Cry
06. The Fool
07. A Hundred Years From Now
08. Little Cabin On The Hill
09. Cindy, Cindy
10. Bridge Over Troubled Water
11. How The Web Was Woven
12. Got My Mojo Working/ Keep Your Hands Off Of It
13. It’s Your Baby, You Rock It
14. Stranger In The Crowd
15. I’ll Never Know
16. Mary In The Morning
17. It Ain’t No Big Thing (But It’s Growing)
18. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
19. Just Pretend
20. This Is Our Dance
21. Life
22. Heart Of Rome

Disc 2 - Masters
01. When I’m Over You
02. I Really Don’t Want To Know
03. Faded Love
04. Tomorrow Never Comes
05. The Next Step Is Love
06. Make The World Go Away
07. Funny How Time Slips Away
08. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
09. Love Letters
10. There Goes My Everything
11. If I Were You
12. Only Believe
13. Sylvia
14. Patch It Up
15. Snowbird
16. Where Did They Go, Lord
17. Whole Lot-ta Shakin’ Goin’ On
18. Rags To Riches

Disc 3 - Outtakes
01. Jam 2 (Tiger Man)
02. I’ve Lost You – take 1
03. The Next Step Is Love – takes 3-6
04. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me – rehearsal
05. Patch It Up – take 1
06. Twenty Days And Twenty Nights – takes 5,6 & 8
07. How The Web Was Woven – take 1
08. Mary In The Morning – takes 3-4
09. Just Pretend – takes 1-2
10. Stranger In The Crowd – takes 1-5
11. Bridge Over Troubled Water – rehearsal, take 1
12. Patch It Up – take 9
13. The Sound Of Your Cry – take 3
14. Where Did They Go, Lord – takes 2-3
15. Rags To Riches – take 2

Disc 4 - Outtakes
01. Jam 3 (I Didn’t Make It On Playing Guitar)
02. Faded Love – rehearsal (country version)
03. The Fool – take 1
04. A Hundred Years From Now – take 1
05. Little Cabin On The Hill – take 1
06. Tomorrow Never Comes – takes 10-11
07. Snowbird – take 1
08. Faded Love – take 3
09. It’s Your Baby, You Rock It – take 3
10. There Goes My Everything – take 1
11. Love Letters – take 1
12. If I Were You– take 5
13. Heart Of Rome – take 1
14. Cindy, Cindy – take 1
15. I’ll Never Know – take 3
16. Sylvia – take 9
17. It Ain’t No Big Thing (But It’s Growing) – takes 1-2
18. Only Believe – take 3
19. Life – take 2

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The weekly Elvis Internet show that is, unique and breaks the rules of Elvis Radio.
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'Bruce Jackson, On The Road With Elvis' New FTD Release: FTD are publishing “Bruce Jackson: On the Road with Elvis” available with a 3CD set! An
audio documentary hosted by Jack Mullins (singer/songwriter) plus a soundboard recording of the Sioux Falls 10-18-76, and Atlanta 12-30-76 shows.

Raised in Sydney, audio engineer Bruce Jackson dropped out of university course in 1968 to build stroboscopes, amplifiers and more for the
emerging psychedelic concert culture. Little did he know that in just three years he'd be on the road managing Elvis Presley's sound and poised to
change forever how live concert sound was presented. In six years with the Elvis Presley Show Bruce established a close professional and personal
bond with Elvis who trusted him implicitly to deliver the best sound possible.

Bruce's inventions and technical advances were adopted by the entire live concert touring industry.

'I mixed and ran the sound for Elvis for six years until his death on August 16, 1977. I was 22 when I started working for him. It didn’t seem like a big
deal at the time, working strange hours and constantly on the road to the next city or town. I did hundreds and hundreds of shows with Elvis across
mainland United States and Hawai'. - Bruce Jackson

The book delivers an intimate, engaging narrative of Bruce's extraordinary life, up close with the world's top performer.

After Elvis died, Elvis-fan Bruce Springsteen hired Bruce Jackson, saying 'I've got Elvis' guy...Elvis' man is working for me in the house'.

Years of work have gone into making this book a fitting tribute. Bruce's first-person narrative and contributions by friends and colleagues plus the eye-
witness perspective of his brother Gary come together for an extraordinary insight This is, incredibly, a new look at Elvis by someone who worked with
him in a professional relationship that evolved into a personal friendship. Elvis came to respect Bruce Jackson as much as Bruce respected Elvis

here to vimeo to check out the promo video! - Out late September.

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Ginger Alden has claimed for 43 years now that Elvis and her were to marry around Christmas 1977. While those close to Elvis have disputed her
claims saying Elvis was about to get rid of her and she knew it?

But now as we approach the Anniversary of Elvis' passing, Ginger Alden has blasted Priscilla Presley's "despicable lies" about their relationship.
Did The King really want Priscilla back?
Did he propose to Ginger or not?
What did Elvis really want in the months before his death?

It's Elvis Week, presided over by the trustees of his Estate and his ex-wife. Yet, why does Priscilla Presley use that name when they divorced almost
50 years ago?

Why does Elvis' actual fiancee have no recognition at Graceland or in official memorabilia?

Did Elvis secretly want to reconcile with Priscilla?

Ginger Alden want to "set the record straight" in blistering form as the person who spent almost every moment of the star's last year with him and
shared his thoughts and wishes right up to the very moment he died.

She paints a powerful and very different picture of a man who was excited about new plans for marriage, children, more music and movies.

Elvis separated from Priscilla in 1972 and they divorced the following year.

After dating Linda Thompson for four years and then Mindi Miller, Elvis was captivated by yet another vivacious beauty queen. But Ginger was the
only one he proposed to.

She was there when he died and looked after his daughter Lisa Marie in the distressing hours afterwards.

She wrote: "Elvis and I did not take our engagement lightly. I find the omission of our engagement ( as well as my existence) with Elvis bewildering
considering Elvis' ex-wife asked for me during Elvis' wake and told me she knew how much Elvis loved me. WHAT HAPPENED?"

Ginger added: "Elvis' ex-wife says that during Elvis' last relationship, (my name was never mentioned so I am returning the compliment here) Elvis
eventually became unhappy and wanted to end it, even going so far as to say this added to some of his problems.

"I am appalled and disgusted by these untruths and would like to say to Elvis' ex-wife, HOW DARE YOU! I certainly don't remember his ex-wife in Lisa
Marie's bedroom in the early hours of August 16th when Elvis began discussing wedding plans and setting a date with me."

If this is indeed true, it means they talked about wedding plans just hours before the star died.

It was no secret that many of Elvis' entourage, The Memphis Mafia, did not approve of Ginger and have subsequently downplayed his intention to ever
marry her.

But Ginger has movingly described the moment he proposed: "My hand was shaking as we kissed and stepped out of the bathroom into the bedroom.
My hand was still trembling as he kept lifting it to look at the ring saying, 'oh boy.'"

She disputes the popular impression that Elvis was a sad, tormented figure at the end.

Ginger said: "Elvis was looking forward to many things, marriage, more children, serious films and his next tour. He was in a good mood, we had just
set a wedding date literally hours earlier and he told me a couple of weeks before he passed that he had been off too long.

"He was ready to go back on stage, something he loved with all of his being."

Instead, she reveals Elvis' unhappiness with Priscilla in his final months, over financial and personal matters. Ginger says she alone supported and
understood Elvis' fascination and interest in spiritual and occult books, something Priscilla had openly cri

Ginger said: "I recall Elvis mentioning to me that his ex-wife was not interested in his books, as she wanted to hide them away. I told him they should
be on shelves.

"He also mentioned to me that she wanted to use his large plane for a European jewelry venture which he was not happy about. Elvis told me, "She
can fly commercial".

"He also told me about his ex-wife wanting him to set her father up in a wine business in California which he was not pleased about..

"As far as Elvis's ex-wife goes, I will respect her position in Elvis's life when she respects mine."

Originating Sources =  The Express / Elvis Express Radio

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As we all know, Elvis Aaron Presley passed away on August 16th 1977 and here we are in 2020, commemorating the 43rd year without the King!

Our Most Popular Tribute Special
As our regular listeners will be aware of, it takes a heck of a-lot for us to not do a show for you all and Elvis and especially on the weekend of Elvis'
passing. Well, as frustrating as it is, this weeks show is brought to you from the Official Elvis Express Radio Archives and what we have chosen for this
special weekend is our most popular Special Show which was produced by EER for what was the 30th Anniversary since Elvis' sad passing.

Originally broadcast one August 16th 2007, the FOUR HOUR Special formed part of EER's special 7 day retrospective of Elvis' life and career.

We think that this Four Part Elvis Tribute Documentary will be as special now as it was 13 years ago.

Again, we are so sorry that we are physically unable to record a new edition for y'all but with our deepest, most sincere wishes, we hope that this
Tribute show will be a worthy replacement to what would have been this week

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Every year, thousands of Elvis' fans stand in line throughout the night and into the early morning hours of August 16th to walk through the world
famous gates, up the long driveway in military single-file fashion, holding candles as they slowly file past the final resting place of the man who
changed the World of music forever.

2020 was different, this year due to Covid-19, only 720 fans were able to attend the pared down Candlelight vigil: Fans had been battling for one of
the key 720 reserved spots to attend a pared-down candlelight vigil to mark the anniversary of Elvis' death.

This year Graceland has limited the number of people who will be allowed to attend the vigil in person, in observance of safety precautions and social
distancing protocols brought about by the coronavirus outbreak..

Graceland reserved 720 spots for fans to attend the Saturday vigil in person, and all have been filled, said Alicia Dean, Graceland events specialist

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EPE / Elvis Express Radio

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Well, it's been a long time coming (not as long as the FTD one), but we're are so pleased to report that our friends at 'The Elvis Files Magazine'
present to us all their "All NEW Website".

Unlike most other Elvis Magazine websites, the Elvis Files isn't just one big advertisement designed to sell the visitor their product, it also set's out to
offer fans a plethora of interesting information / articles along with Top Quality photo's taken direct from Erik Lorentzen's personal archives.

The all New "Elvis Files" website is designed is give the feel of browsing through an edition of
“The Elvis Files” magazine or maybe even one of the
previously published books from The Elvis Files series.

Erik Lorentzen states that the site will be growing bigger and bigger over time with the inclusion of sub-menus which will take visitors to a wide range of
Elvis facts
and information.

"The site is supported by mobile telephony and tablet. From today onwards you can follow us from any location in the world. We have an app that is
currently in its infancy and that is being worked hard on. Nevertheless, you can reach our shop and site via all mobile devices.
" Erik continues, "I am
more than proud to announce the launch of the site and app. I would therefore like to invite you to take a look at www.theelvisfiles.com
With regards, Erik Lorentzen

Elvis Express Radio has been proud to be associated with "The Elvis Files" for the last 10 years and we look forward to the next!

Visit - www.elvisfiles.com

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The excellent Matt Shepherd, the BBC Radio presenter who is a great champion for our man Elvis, has produced a batch of superb radio specials to
commemorate the 43rd year we've been without Elvis.

Matt Shepherd produced these specials to be available via Mixcloud in order to get "as many people from all around the world listening in as we all
remember the amazing Elvis Presley 43 years on – we won’t ever forget him." said Matt.

There are 2 radio specials split into parts for easy segments to listen and enjoy....and Enjoy you will!

The special is split into 5 parts and features some of Elvis finest performances as well as Matt taking us through some of the original songs that Elvis
would go on to cover and there's also some tribute versions like Dwight Yoakam's version of 'Mystery Train'.

Golden Years Tribute To The King  -  Part 1 (13:01)

Golden Years Tribute To The King  -  Part 2 (15:11)

Golden Years Tribute To The King  -  Part 3 (13:42)

Golden Years Tribute To The King  -  Part 4 (13:36)

Golden Years Tribute To The King  -  Part 5 (11:46)

This special is one that I really enjoyed and will certainly be visiting it again a few times.
Available in 4 parts, this one features Elvis himself taking us through his life in between some of his amazing performances.

Elvis Talks Elvis  -  Part 1  (14:13)

Elvis Talks Elvis  -  Part 2  (15:22)

Elvis Talks Elvis  -  Part 3  (15:36)

Elvis Talks Elvis  -  Part 4  (18:49)

So do yourself a favour and get on over and enjoy these great shows from the great fan of Elvis, BBC Radio presenter Matt Shepherd who does just
what we do here at Elvis Express Radio, and that's to TCB-4-EAP!

Originating Sources =  
Matt Shepherd  / Elvis Express Radio

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Throughout the 1960s Elvis made a whole host of Hollywood movies, leaving behind his live performances and career as a recording artist.

Instead, The King’s music continued through mainly lacklustre film soundtracks. But then his 1968 Comeback Special on NBC reminded the world of
his incredible talent as musical performer.

The success saw his manager Colonel Tom Parker book Las Vegas residencies, as Elvis arguably reached his musical peak before the decline began.

But did you know that just before shooting his 1968 Comeback Special, The King was having serious doubts.

Fearing his career was over and he wasn’t really up to it, Elvis told director Steve Binder they needed to call it off.

Appearing in the documentary Elvis: The Seаrcher, he sаid: “Just before it begаn on the first tаping, Elvis wаs cаlling me into the mаkeup room.”

Elvis 1968 Comeback Special: His last minute DOUBTS ‘Call it off, I don’t want to do this’.

Elvis аdded: “I don’t remember аny stories thаt I told.”

“My mind is а blаnk Steve.

“Let’s just cаll it off.

“It’s not going to hаppen.”

Binder sаid: “Elvis, I’ve never аsked you to do аnything thаt you don’t wаnt to do.

“But you’ve got to go out there.”

And, of course, thаt’s just whаt The King did аnd it wаsn’t very long before he wаs settled bаck into whаt he loved: the music.

Memphis Mаfiа member Jerry Schilling remembered of the TV speciаl: “I don’t know how this hаppened, but I sаw him relаx.”

The 1968 Comebаck Speciаl director аdded: “I hаd no knowledge or understаnding аbout how incredibly tаlented he reаlly wаs until thаt show.”

Next yeаr а new biopic of Elvis’ life from the fifties to the seventies will hit cinemаs.

Directed by Bаz Luhrmаnn, Austin Butler stаrs аs The King opposite Tom Hаnks’ Colonel Tom Pаrker.

Originating Sources =  Entertainment Overdose / Elvis Express Radio

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Show # 1435 will be online from 8pm UK Time (estimated) TODAY - 29th August 2020
Show # 1434 is Available To Download FREE TO ALL NOW  -  22nd to 29th August 2020
The weekly Elvis Internet show that is, unique and breaks the rules of Elvis Radio.
Plays great Elvis music...the originals, remixes, live, private, outtakes and more.…

Lee and Joe bring you all your Elvis requests and comments.

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Pictured is the advertisement which Lee and Joe talk about on this weeks edition of the Elvis Express Radio Internet Show.

The advert used in a local newspaper in Alabama to advertise Elvis' then latest movie from MGM, 'HARUM SCARUM' and as you will notice, whoever
dealt with this from the art department copped out when it came to removing the 2nd image of Elvis dressed in his Arabian outfit.

The bright spark removed the said image but failed to remove one of Elvis' arms and the top of his head.

Thought we'd share this little oddity with you.

Originating Sources =  T
he Joe Krein Collection / Elvis Express Radio

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