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The bids for the Lisa Marie and the Hound Dog 2 are now all closed bids and ends on February 2nd and yet
even though the auction has yet to come to a close, the
Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain
have announced the planes will be definitely staying across the street from Graceland.

The club also adds news that a hanger style shelter will be constructed to house and protect both of the planes
in the fleet of Elvis Presley Airways.

Fan Club Members are even told that they will be able to join the OEPFC of GB through their travel service and
go to Memphis to see the new plane display in 2017 for the 40th Anniversary of Elvis' death.

E.E.R are unsure how this is known already when the auction is not yet closed, but we can only hope that this is
true and the planes will be staying right where they are???? Time Will Tell?

January 25, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Tony Stuchbury
The Latest Edition of the Elvis Request Show [EER1174] is now online and available to download until around
8am [UK time] on the 30th January 2014.

Join Lee & Joe as they bring you 4 hours of requests and news and play all the songs you love to hear from
Elvis and read out your messages and opinions on the goings on in the Elvis world.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Listeners can now download the show in either MP3 or WMA formats. We hope all who
want to can download it and enjoy the shows.  
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January 24, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Our inside source has informed us here at Elvis Express Radio that their previous information regarding the My
Happiness acetate was heading off to Japan is happily incorrect.

We're told by our source, Graceland did take part in the bid to get the 'My Happiness' acetate and actually
made bids up to and including $200,000.00 (two hundred thousand dollars), however, this proved to not be
nearly enough as more bids took the historic 10 inch disc to more than a quarter of a million dollars, finally
topping the $300,000.00 (three hundred thousand dollars).

So, this new information tells us that the acetate of 'My Happiness' & 'Thats When Your Heartaches Begin' is
NOT leaving the USA? IF true then maybe, just maybe we could see it on display at Graceland where it truly
January 23, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Today is to be EERDAY and as always Elvis Express Radio is set to bring you the best of the best ... the
wonderful music of ELVIS PRESLEY!

Plus, as always we strive to bring you world exclusive' and Elvis firsts which we are proud to bring you this week
on our special 4 hour edition.

February 1st will see the release of the brand new Elvis album, 'Elvis: The New Recordings', but YOU can hear
selected tracks from this exciting new project right here only on Elvis Express Radio.

NOT JUST REMIXES - The new album 'The New Recordings' are not just another remix album, it consists of 26
NEW overdubs (2015) of some of Elvis' best tracks — both well known and obscure. Produced by Larry Jordan
of VoiceMasters fame (who has done overdubs on stars ranging from Patsy Cline to Bing Crosby, Rosemary
Clooney and Jim Reeves — the latter of whom had a #1 this past summer in Europe from one of Jordan's
overdubs) — the new Elvis offering features stunning sound quality and top musicianship.

In the case of Elvis tracks, sometimes only an electric guitar plus a couple of rhythm guitar tracks were added;
in other cases, bluesy sax or clarinet were used; there are pretty new string arrangements and I also included a
duet version of "Love Me Tender" featuring Nashville's Cassie West, whose sultry voice compliments Presley's
very nicely.

You'll be surprised with how hot "Fever" now sounds with additional elements. There are new rhythm tracks in
some cases, and on the song "She's Not You," producer Larry Jordan added twin fiddles, steel guitar, acoustic
and some new rhythm.
January 24, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
A project that could attract up to 400,000 Elvis fans and tourists in its first year while adding up to 175 new jobs
in DeSoto County is moving forward, although on the surface it may not look like it right now.

The renovation of Elvis Presley's Circle G Ranch and honeymoon cottage with Priscilla Presley, located at the
intersection of Highways 302 and 301 in Horn Lake is being done under the direction of Real Estate
International (REI) founder and president Davage "Buddy" Runnels Jr., who is among the new owners of the
ranch, purchased last June.

Runnels visited the site again this week as preparations to begin the first phase of the project are underway.
He said the ranch is visited every other week with those visits becoming weekly once the physical work begins.

One factor in preventing the movement of buildings and dirt on the location is from an archeological
perspective to record the ranch for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places, Runnels said.
"We've been about doing our final plans of the first phase of the ranch, which we will start after the
archeological completion is done," Runnels said. "We will start moving dirt and start moving the honeymoon
cottage, rebuilding the stables, lighting the cross and the improvements we are doing for the first stage in
approximately 90-120 days."

Some of those events, such as the move of the honeymoon cottage, may take place sooner, Runnels said,
adding the entire first phase of the renovation should be finished next year, with an outside chance of it being
done toward the end of this year, if all goes well.

Part of Runnels' most-recent visit, along with fellow REI developer Dave Stuart, was to talk about the project
during the Historic DeSoto Foundation annual meeting Tuesday night in Hernando.

As much as Runnels is excited about the actual project, he is equally impressed with the cooperation he has
received from civic and business leaders in DeSoto County.

"The help we have received from staff with the city (of Horn Lake), from people heading up other organizations,
from bankers to lay people and average citizens is just profound," Runnels said. "We think our timing is perfect
because of what is happening in the region from a development standpoint and migration of people moving into
DeSoto County."

Runnels envisions the Circle G Ranch to be more than just a tourist destination. He wants it to support the
traditional values and patriotism which were important to Elvis.

Runnels also sees the ranch as a place for the promotion of horseback equine therapy for special needs

"We'll have a relationship where we'll have needs-based families bring their children for therapy," Runnels said.
"We don't have that relationship yet, but we will certainly create that."

Runnels' six-year-old granddaughter, a special needs child who suffered a stroke in the womb, has benefitted
from equine therapy. A foundation supporting it has been formed and is named after her as the Lilybell Hope

Regardless, the Circle G Ranch, with its renovated buildings, lighted cross and water displays coming out of the
lake set to synchronized music, is expected to bring many visitors to DeSoto County.

"We think it is going to be something special and part of what we call the 'Golden Triangle' as it relates to Elvis'
birth in Tupelo and, of course Graceland," Runnels said. "History tells us Elvis had fun and freedom and
fellowship to his extended family at Circle G Ranch."
January 21, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Briget Martind
I read with interest your Real Elvis story today and especially the '68 comeback and the '69 American Studios
sessions and it glaringly leaped out to me that these were two instances where Parker lost control of what Elvis
did and they both turned out to be highly successful and that made Elvis extremely happy.

Parker lost control as to the theme of the Special and he was not involved in the decision for Elvis to cut at
American, that resulted in me talking to Elvis four nights before the session and suggesting that he cut there
instead of the scheduled Nashville session because I knew how good Chips Moman and his six man studio
rhythm section was and how well they would fit Elvis' natural style. They were all big hit makers.

Parker ended up hating it so much that he had lost control that he later poisoned Elvis' mind about Chips so
Elvis would never return there and it was a shame Elvis allowed him to do that because he suffered recording
for the remainder of the 70's. I have stated more than once that Elvis should have dumped Parker in the 60's
and these two events are big reasons why he should have done that.

I personally strongly believe that Parker was a big reason why Elvis spent the 70's depressed many times which
to me fed into his thinking he  needed the pills to counter act that depression and also led to his health
problems both mentally and physically that caused his early death.
January 23, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A Lacey's Spring man just got a hold of a picture that he hasn't seen in 50 years.
On a wall full of photos in Max Alexander's home, sits a moment in time with "The King."

"I'm the guy down here, squatting down," Alexander says as he points to the picture. "How I happened to be
there, I don't know, but there I was and I was proud of it,"
Alexander says.

Joining the Army in 1958 was excitement enough for Alexander, but add in Elvis Presley, and it was pure

"We rode a troop train from Ft. Hood to New York and the train stopped in Memphis for a couple of hours and
the women just flogged that train, where's Elvis, where's Elvis,"
Alexander remembers.

Once they got to New York and were boarding the
USS Randall for Germany, Alexander recalls, "There were
people hollering and carrying on and this one woman started taking off her clothes and trying to jump in and
jump to the boat and they had to grab her and take her away."

It was on the boat on the way to Germany when the picture was taken. "He couldn't, the colonel wouldn't let him
sing, but he could play the piano and he could really play good,"
says Alexander.

Alexander only had a brief encounter with The King, when he asked him to sign a picture for his girl back
"I said, don't you get tired of doing this? And he said Dad, it beats messing with these iron monsters and
turned around and done his legs like that and bopped off through the motor pool,"
says Alexander.

It was that girl back home that ended up with this one of a kind picture that someone happened to snap.
Alexander says that he forgot about the photo for over 50 years, until a recent conversation that brought the
past to the present.

Alexander got a call from his old girlfriend.
"She said I've got that picture of you and Elvis and I said really how
about sending it to me."

So while Graceland may have its Elvis artifacts, Max doesn't have to travel far to find his reminder of the King.
January 23, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / WAFF-TV
Another week and Elvis is as most weeks making as appearance on the U.S. Billboard Charts.

'Heart And Soul' re-enters the Billboard Top Catalog Album Chart at #45 for w/e 31st January, 2015.
It also drops from #7 to #10 on the Country Catalog Album Chart.

'He Touched Me' - The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Vols. 1 and 2) drops from #2 to #29 on the Music
Video Sales Chart.
January 23, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Brian Quinn
It is with sincere apologies &.disappointment that through no fault of ours, the ELVIS REQUEST SHOW is to be
recorded tomorrow (Saturday 24th) and will therefore not be available to download until around 7-8pm UK
Time. THANK YOU for your amazing support.
Lee and Joe
January 23, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
This month Elvis would have turned 80 and the UK media paid tribute to the King in their own way with films,
programmes and articles. BBC Radio 2 aired a programme
"Remembering Elvis With Priscilla Presley"
and presented by Bill Kenwright who in 2008 tried to make the world believe that Elvis visited London, England
in 1958 while based in Germany serving in the U.S. Army.

Here, the New Statesman's
Antonia Quirke shares her thoughts on this 60 minute special.

A word about the West End theatre impresario Bill Kenwright’s interview with Priscilla Presley (15 January,
10pm). I say interview – but Priscilla scarcely spoke, so keen was Kenwright to establish that he was not just
The King’s number-one fan, but famous throughout the country for being so.
“Eighty per cent of the British
population will know how thrilled I am to be here because I’m a well-known Elvis fanatic,”
he assured his guest.
“So thank you from me, and thank you from Britain!”

Priscilla demurred politely, as any sane person might. The last time I looked, Presley’s child bride (now 69) did
look a little . . . singular, astrophysically speaking. Curiously detached in a trance-like way, brown eyes
swivelling in an otherwise entirely motionless face, she resembles a wrongly convicted village wench caught
inside an iron maiden – albeit one standing at the bottom of a sweeping staircase and about to pour a glass of
Tanqueray over Bobby Ewing.

And yet whenever Presley was permitted to speak she sounded perfectly modest and normal, even when
Kenwright advised her that, in the interests of evoking a stunned sense of epiphany, she really ought to rewrite
the end of a recent Vegas tribute show to include the scarcely used line: “Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left
the building!”

Priscilla listened respectfully, made a few noises that connoted a general sense of restrained but negotiable
negativity, and then assured Bill that she would take the sug¬gestion to her associates and try, even in the
teeth of opposition, to push it through to the top.

This, Kenwright – a former judge on Any Dream Will Do – took as his due.
“I want to ask you something, Priscilla,” he started; but then immediately returned to the subject of himself.
“The legend is that He sang you three songs on your first date and actually one of those songs I started my
radio series a few weeks back with and I said to listeners, ‘Why was this record never a hit?’ because I was just
thinking that I . . .”

Wonder and vanity conjoined. One imagined Presley wearing her quiet, unreadable smile as he talked, hugging
memories of her Memphis bumpkin to herself.
January 23, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
The next issue (11) of the worlds best Elvis Magazine is due out in the next few weeks for the March Issue of
The Elvis Files Magazine, with the usual stunning front cover.

Coming up in this next issue will be the amazing Elvis photographs and some of the best article and news
reports from the past.

The Elvis Files Issue 11 features:
Elvis & Streisand - A Star Is Born,
The Day Elvis Was Mocked & Threatened By His Buddies
The EXCLUSIVE Photo Story of ELVIS, The Philadelphia Flyer

And of course, much more to enjoy.
January 22, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Erik Lorentzen
Had Elvis Presley lived, he would have turned 80 years old this month. It's hard to imagine Elvis doing concerts
in 2015, but Leonard Cohen is a few months older and manages to do three-and-a-half hours without breaking
a sweat. Hell, Chuck Berry is 88 and still at it.

If Elvis had managed to lose the weight and get healthy, there's no reason why he couldn't still be shaking his
hips onstage. Sadly, that's not the way his life worked out. But he's still the king of rock & roll, and to celebrate
his birthday we asked our readers to vote for their favorite Presley song. Here are the results.

The Rolling Stone Readers Top 10 Elvis Songs
01. Suspicious Minds
02. If I Can Dream
03. In The Ghetto
04. Jailhouse Rock
05. Can't Help Falling In Love
06. Love Me Tender
07. Heartbreak Hotel
08. An American Trilogy
09. Kentucky Rain
10. Mystery Train

Take a look at the top 10 and read about each song and even listen on the Rolling Stone site.
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January 22, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Rolling Stone
Ronnie Tutt, Elvis' longtime drummer throughout the 1970's has been inducted into The Classic Drummer
Magazine Hall of Fame.

Elvis fans around the world had been voting and their support has been rewarded as the magazine has
announced Ronnie's induction into the 2014 hall of fame list. E.E.R says way to go Ronnie.
January 21, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Briget Martin
Forget the guy from "Blue Hawaii". The true Elvis was energetic and powerful -- a rock God

The following is from SALON Magazine and was first published in The Weeklings Magazine...
Had he lived, Elvis Presley would’ve turned 80 this month. As with each passing of his January 8th birth-date, I
go back to Elvis’ shining moment and enjoy it anew. With evangelical zeal, I talk about it, watch it on YouTube,
and share it via social media. The moment isn’t his first Sun recording, 1954’s
“That’s All Right,” or his 1956
appearance on
The Ed Sullivan Show, although both of those are pretty great. For me, Elvis’ shining moment
is Elvis, his
NBC Christmas special, which aired December 3rd, 1968. He was thirty-three, a new dad, and
unbeknownst to all, even himself, he was at the peak of his powers. Part of the thrill of viewing the footage is
watching a fit, glistening Elvis realize this while the cameras roll.

The clownish, Falstaffian Elvis persona is nowhere in sight; the caped and jump-suited 70s-era Elvis favored by
the media, so prominent in the collective memory of the general public, does not yet exist. It rankles me to
realize that this sad, bloated, premature-death-bound man, who epitomizes Elvis to most, looms larger than the
rock and roll animal of Elvis.

Most people refer to Elvis as
“The ’68 Comeback Special,” because it effectively revived Presley’s career for
a few years, until pills, food, and mental frailty claimed him. Soon after it aired, Elvis would take his newfound
energy and renewed confidence, and spend it well. He released his best album, 1969’s
From Elvis in
, a decidedly non-schmaltzy collection of country soul and funky rock, produced by hip session
guitarist and co-writer of
“Dark End of the Street,” Memphis’ own Chips Moman. The same sessions
produced his massive worldwide hit
“Suspicious Minds,” which rocketed to the U.S. number one spot, past
The Beatles’ “Come Together” and Sly & the Family Stone’s “Hot Fun in the Summertime.” In a
spectacular reprieve from decline, Elvis was back, all due to that ’68 special.

At the behest of his controversial manager, Colonel Tom Parker, aka the Colonel, Elvis had not performed live
since 1961, a year after he was discharged from the U.S. Army, into which he’d been drafted at the height of
his initial fame. In the post-50s, pre-Beatles era, crooners like Dion, Bobby Vee, and Frankie Avalon, all anti-
Elvii, were ascendant. Elvis and his peers had fallen, sometimes spectacularly, from the public eye.

The blows to rock n’ roll had been relentless: Jerry Lee Lewis’ 1957 marriage to his 13-year-old cousin and
subsequent shunning by his fans, Little Richard’s 1957 renouncing of “the Devil’s music” in favor of the
ministry, Elvis’ 1958 drafting into the service, Buddy Holly’s 1959 death, and Chuck Berry’s 1959 arrest and
subsequent 20 months imprisonment for traveling across state lines with a 14-year-old Apache girl. These
incidents – all within twenty-four months of one another – seemed to comprise the cacophonous death knell of
a musical form that had only just gotten its wings. The Colonel thought it best to heed the writing on the wall
and encourage Elvis’ dreams of being a movie star. Elvis’ first four films, 1956’s
Love Me Tender, 1957’s
Loving You and Jailhouse Rock, and 1958’s King Creole, had done well, although Elvis dreamed of, and
was promised, films in which he didn’t have to sing. (He would finally get his wish only once, in the tepid 1969

Thus, Elvis spent most of the 60s in Hollywood, starring in increasingly uninspired song-and-dance movies –
thirty-one scripted films in all – with mostly lame soundtrack albums, from which he made a sizable fortune, both
for himself and the Colonel. During this time, of course, JFK happened, the Beatles happened, the Rolling
Stones happened, the counterculture, psychedelia and Motown happened, and Elvis, although surrounded by
one of the most notorious groups of sycophants ever – the co-called Memphis Mafia – slipped ever more into
depression, addiction to pharmaceuticals, and a creeping sense of his increasing irrelevance. He lost his mojo.


Although his decisions hurt Elvis as often as they helped him, the Colonel deserves credit for the idea of a TV
special. Elvis’ movies and soundtracks did worse and worse business, and the Colonel hoped a TV show and
subsequent Christmas album would boost the franchise. But the Colonel envisioned a laid-back Andy Williams-
type affair, with Elvis lip-synching Christmas songs, which would’ve been terrible.

Luckily, after NBC offered up the funds, young-ish director Steve Binder came on board and insisted the show
be more of a rock n’ roll affair, with Elvis doing what had made him famous: rocking out, performing live. Binder
knew from rock: he’d directed the classic 1964 concert film T.A.M.I. Show, which starred the Rolling Stones,
James Brown, the Beach Boys, the Supremes, and Chuck Berry, among others. For the ’68 special, he put
together a Hair-inspired gospel production number, but the bulk of the hour-long show is Elvis, tanned, side-
burned, hair dyed deep blue-black, body slimmed down, performing onstage in snug black leather pants, black
Beatle boots, and a black leather shirt, while women (and very likely, men) swoon.

The Colonel originally objected to the no-Christmas-carols development, and Elvis was terrified of failing and
looking like a has-been, but Binder, who was close in age to Elvis, won the rocker over and, crucially,
emboldened him to stand up to the Colonel. He psyched Elvis up like a hype man and, in a rare instance of
defiance, the Colonel’s client shook free of the the man’s will. Elvis worked with Binder to show the world what
he could really do, what he was about.

1968 was a hell of a year. The assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King had deeply affected
Elvis (he strongly suspected conspiracies). While he wanted to project his heretofore slumbering rock god self,
he also wanted to infuse the proceedings with messages of racial harmony, anguish over loss, and above all, a
shimmering hope.

The Colonel was not happy about any of that. But Elvis and Binder were determined and adamant, and they
won the day. That determination informs Elvis’ every gesture, from the moment he looks in the camera in the
opening number and sings,
“You lookin’ for trouble? You come to the right place / You lookin’ for trouble? Look
right in my face”
through his medley of hits, until the climactic ending of “If I Can Dream.” That hard
confidence, the energy of an adult man with something to prove, up against time and folks who maintain power
over him, had never risen to the fore, and would glow only briefly.


Paradoxically, the apex of the show comes in the unscripted “unplugged” segment, wherein Elvis jams
informally with his pals, including old road buddies, guitarist Scotty Moore – integral to the early Sun recordings
– and drummer DJ Fontana, both of whom he’d abandoned a decade earlier when he headed to Hollywood.
They play blues, R & B, and rockabilly, and tell stories and make fun of each other between songs. This
segment is raw, somewhat lo fi, even occasionally punky. Here more than anywhere else, Elvis often seems
possessed, yet controlled just enough, tapped in to a fount of spirit and soul, invoking a carnal essence that
hangs about the small studio space like an entity, drawing open multiple mouths and teasing lips into
astonished, toothy grins. Elvis glistens with sweat, and thrashes at his guitar as if in a roadhouse. It’s one of the
only instances where you get to see and hear him actually play, and he tears it up.

It wasn’t even supposed to happen. During breaks in rehearsals, Elvis took out his guitar and started messing
around with his buddies, laughing and singing and carrying on. Binder recognized the power in the moment and
invited a studio audience to come watch Elvis shoot the breeze and jam. It’s quite a revelation. The swingin’ 60s
crowd – heavy on the girls – gradually becomes every bit as unhinged as Beatlemaniacs, screaming as Elvis, in
as stellar voice as he’d ever been, kicks the stage and rises from his folding chair as if lifted by unseen hands.

This is as close as anyone will get to seeing that initial spark Elvis, Scotty Moore, and bassist Bill Black (who’d
died of a brain tumor in 1965) ignited in Sun Studios in 1954 when, just fooling around during a break in an
otherwise uneventful session, they decided it’d be hilarious if they played Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup’s
“That’s All
Right (Mama).”
White kids playing a black man’s song! What a hoot! Like Binder, producer Sam Phillips knew
he’d stumbled on something special, and decided to immortalize it. He hit RECORD, and here we are.


What happened? Why did Elvis Presley’s shining moment devolve into a lifestyle that ultimately resulted in him
dying of a heart attack at age 42, a mere nine years after such a dazzling success? Two words: drugs and
divorce. Although Elvis propelled him back into the spotlight, brought him chart-topping hits, and set in motion
several years playing arenas and casinos as a top concert draw, Elvis’ marriage to Priscilla crumbled, he was
estranged from his only child, and most tragically, he depended ever more on drugs to function. All of this
ruined his physical and mental health.

In one of several tantalizing-yet-excruciating “coulda beens,” Barbra Streisand really wanted Elvis as the male
lead, John Norman Howard, in the 1976 remake of A Star is Born. Elvis wanted it, too, but the Colonel insisted
on a huge sum of money, and top billing over Streisand, so the part instead went to Kris Kristofferson, and the
movie was a massive hit. The next year, Elvis died of heart failure at his home in Graceland.

Rather than dwell on the negatives, however, I choose to make an effort to elevate the ’68 Comeback Special
Elvis through whatever means possible, so that maybe one day, when I see an Elvis impersonator, he won’t be
representing a seminal artist in decline, sporting a bell-bottomed big belted jumpsuit, but rather, he’ll be clad in
black leather, doing his best to approximate the man who rose to meet his acolytes, oppressors, and naysayers
with untouchable, if brief, rock n’ roll power.
January 19, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Salon Magazine
Japanese Elvis fans are in for a neat new collection as Sony Music Japan announced a new 10 CD box set
'Elvis! Elvis! Elvis! The Ultimate Collection'
which is due for release in March 2015.

The new 10 CD collection includes 280 top tracks from Elvis and all laid-out on 10 themed albums.
01. Top 20 Hits 1 (1956-59)
02. Top 20 Hits 2 (1960-65)
03. Top 20 Hits 3 (1966-77)'
04. Rockin' Elvis 1
05. Rockin' Elvis 2
06. Pop'n Sweet
07. Elvis on Screen
08. Exotic Elvis
09. Sings Singer-Songwriters
10. Heartfelt Ballads

A really strange omission from this "ULTIMATE" collection is a CD of Live recordings. How can Sony Japan give
this collection the title of ultimate when there is no live selections is beyond us. Elvis performed enough "Live
Only" songs to fill a CD so lack of material is no excuse. A very odd decision indeed.  
Closer Look
January 18, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Elvis World Japan
In a move that is very unusual, Lee and Joe will not be able to bring you a show this week due to medical issues
involving both hosts. We were hoping to produce a show for you today but it's been decided that we are not
able to bring you a show worthy of Elvis' music or your time.

What Is Wrong?
With Lee it's simply some bug that has knocked him for six, but with Joe things are a more complicated as he is
going through some trouble with his foot which is seeing him going through hospital treatment but we hope that
all goes well this week so that next week we can bring you a cracking show.

We have had some great feedback from fans regarding the airplane issue and other on going concerns in the
Elvis world. DO NOT WORRY.....your requests and opinions are to be held over for our next show but please
keep on sending in your requests for next week.

A 4th Hour
As we have let you down this week, we are going to add a special 4th hour so as to fit in even more requests
and opinions over the troubles going on at this time in the Elvis World.
Thanks and TCB-4-EAP - We'll catch y'all next week.
January 17, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
The Latest Soundscan Figures are in for the Digital Download Sales for what has to be one of Elvis' most  
popular festive greats,
'Blue Christmas' within the USA.

Elvis' original 1957 recording of
'Blue Christmas' did very well over the festive period 2014 as downloads
reached 560,000 sales.

The song actually shows up twice in the on the download sales, just this version of  'Blue Christmas' was the
excellent duet between Elvis and Country Music beauty Martina McBride with digital sales of 40,000
January 15, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Brian Quinn
"What's the fun of having money if you can't give it away?" That's the kind of thing Elvis Presley used to say.

Folk-rock artist Rex Fowler -- of Aztec Two-Step fame -- said
"The King had his faults, but he was also a man of
great generosity beyond his talents in music and film."

Fowler, a longtime fan, said Presley gave away at least 200 luxury vehicles, along with houses, horses and
motorcycles. And the gifts weren't just for friends and family; he gave freely to associates and even complete

Stories of Presley's largess are shared in the 2004 documentary
"200 Cadillacs," which Fowler co-produced.
It will be screened at the Danbury Palace on Sunday, Jan. 18, at which Fowler also will play some of the songs
he wrote for the soundtrack and sit for a Q&A with the audience. The event celebrates what would have been
Presley's 80th birthday on Jan. 8.

"Elvis' gift of choice was a shiny new Cadillac car," Fowler said.

"200 Cadillacs" tells its story through personal accounts, vintage video clips and more than 200 photographs.
The film has seen limited cable life in the U.S. and Europe, and the DVD has been sold at Presley's Graceland
museum gift shop.

"EPE, which stands for Elvis Presley Enterprises, gave us permission to use images of Elvis and endorsed the
he said. "They're very protective of their brand, so to speak, so that was a big deal. We were also the first
to go in and film in Elvis' car museum."

He said there was no problem finding folks to interview who were the recipients of Presley's generosity. His
favorite story involves Denver TV newscaster Don Kinney and Denver police officer Ron Pietrafuso.

"Don reported that Elvis was in Colorado on a ski vacation and had gone on a Cadillac-buying spree," Fowler
said. Presley happened to be watching the interview, along with Pietrafuso. He asked Pietrafuso, who knew
Kinney, to call Kinney and get him on the phone.

"Don Kinney gets on the phone and Elvis says, `I want to buy you a Cadillac,' " Fowler said. "Don thinks it's a
joke, so Elvis hands the phone back to Ron, who says, `Don, that IS Elvis and he wants to buy you a car. Here!
Talk to Elvis again.' "

It took Kinney a while to accept that Presley himself was on the line, Fowler said.

"Don wound up getting the car, but immediately put it in a museum, where it remains today," Fowler said. "He is
a principled guy and didn't want to be seen as a guy with his hand out."

To mark Presley's 80th birthday, Fowler is touring this year with a three-piece rockabilly band -- The Rockabilly
Kings. They'll be doing shows throughout the Northeast and also showing
"200 Cadillacs."
January 15, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
In the recent Graceland auction, what's being billed as the most historically important 78 rpm record ever
offered for sale, sold on the day for $300,000.

Elvis was 18 years old when he went in to the Memphis Recording Service at 706 Union Avenue in 1953 with
just his guitar, paid $4 and when Marion Keisker asked "who do you sound like?" he now famously replied .... "I
don't sound like nobody." and how right he was.

Fans around the world hoped that Graceland / EPE would be in the fight for this historic piece of music history
which should be sitting on display at Graceland as the very start of the Kings music career. But sadly it was not
and now EER hear from one our sources that this treasure of Elvis/music history was on it's way to it's new
home, Japan
January 14, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / email
This is unlike any other CD available! “Elvis: The New Recordings” (an import), consists of 26 NEW overdubs
(2015) of some of Mr. Presley's best tracks — both well known and obscure. Produced by Larry Jordan of
VoiceMasters fame (who has done overdubs on stars ranging from Patsy Cline to Bing Crosby, Rosemary
Clooney and Jim Reeves — the latter of whom had a #1 this past summer in Europe from one of Jordan's
overdubs) — the new Elvis offering features stunning sound quality and top musicianship.

“The King” may not have invented rock ’n’ roll but he was its leading proponent. He could also sing a quiet,
tender love song and do so with great warmth and sensitivity. Unfortunately, on a lot of his masters, his voice
was at least partially obscured by overwhelmingly loud (and sometimes off-key) background vocals and/or
superfluous instrumentation, that were typical of the era in which he made his records.....

So Voice Masters used the tools of the digital age to strip down some of Elvis’s tracks to the bare essentials.
His voice was remastered to bring out his purity of tone, overly loud vocal backings were subdued or eliminated
entirely, and some of the original accompaniment that distracted from his singing was dispensed with. His voice
was brought forward so you can hear him more clearly.

Then, the producer recruited some world-class musicians — including alumni of the Atlanta jazz scene, current
members of the Grand Ole Opry band in Nashville, and others — to help update Elvis's songs with tasteful new
backings to showcase him to best advantage. These selections now sound amazingly fresh, beautiful and
vibrant — as if Elvis just recorded them today!

This unique new CD also includes rare photos of Elvis plus a fascinating, 8 page booklet of little-known facts
about this unforgettable artist, plus detailed liner notes on each song. It's a keepsake you will treasure for
years to come!

Be among the first to receive this exciting NEW Elvis CD with NEW MUSIC by
ordering NOW!
(Official release date is Feb. 1st but you can obtain it before anyone else!)
January 14, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / New Music
Elvis Presley was based in the German town of Bad Nauheim during his stint in the U.S. Army and to mark this
momentous occasion, Elvis was inducted as part of the Walk Of Fame in the German town, where he lived
during his stay in Germany from October 1958 until March 1960, And this has now been stolen.
The plaque was placed in from of the Tourist Information office, what remains is a hole in the sidewalk.
January 14, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Day By Day
Who came first with the sideburns?
Elvis in 1954  &  Englebert in 1965
Click To Enlarge Image For Closer Look

Below: Elvis & Englebert circa 1973
Englelbert Humperdinck considers himself to be a close friend of Elvis Presley. Humperdinck was a few years
younger than the rock King and he befriended the King of Rock and Roll when he first broke into the U.S.
market in the mid-'60s. They remained the closest of friends until Presley's death in 1977, reports

"He was wonderful, one of the dearest people I have met in my life," Humperdinck tells Noise11.com. "He was
one of the most kind-hearted, benevolent people you will ever come across. He would be driving in his car and
see somebody on the street in bare feet and whatever he had in his pocket he would take and give it to them
and say 'get yourself a pair of shoes'. He was that kind of guy."

Presley met Humperdinck when he came to one of Humperdinck's shows.
"The first time I met him he had come to meet me," Humperdinck recalls. "He came to see my show first before I
went to see him. Believe me, it took me a good 10 minutes to quieten the audience down once I introduced him.
He stood up and he had a cape on and he opened the cape as he stood in the booth in Las Vegas with the
cape open like Batman. The audience went absolutely berserk and I said 'shhhh, this is my show.' No, I couldn't
quieten then down.

"So I brought out some of my big gun songs to try and quieten them down which I did in the end. He came
backstage and he said 'thank you very much, what a great show'. This is how humble he was. He said, 'thank
you for introducing me.' Elvis! I said 'Elvis, I can't thank you enough for being at my show'. He was such a nice
guy, a very nice guy,"
he told Music-News.com.

Humperdinck says Presley copied his trademark sideburns? (E.E.R says "Ok let's hear him out")
"I had them in 1965 and Elvis put his on in 1972," Engelbert said. "The true story is this: He had a lady
sketching him to find an outfit for him to go on his world tour. That's where the white jump suit came in. She
designed this white jumpsuit with the high collar and the long black sideburns. She presented it to him and he
went 'Hell, that's not me, that's Engelbert Humperdinck.' So therefore you know who had it first."

(E.E.R says: I'm sorry but Mr Humperdink is confusing reality with imagination. The Humper claims Elvis copied
his sideburns because he had them in 1965 but Elvis never had them until 1972???? Sorry dear Humper but
Elvis was wearing the same length Sideburns you had in '65 when he was starting out in 1954 (see comparison
picture at the top of this section).

As for the claims Elvis copied his sideburns and to take Humpers own quote of ... "The true story is this", there
was a lady but she was not hired to sketch his outfits for a world tour, she was an audience member who,
during a live performance as seen on
'Thats The Way It Is Special Edition' a female fan named Barhega,
hands Elvis a drawing of himself to which he says .... you guessed it,
"looks like Engleburt Humperdink". She
has a copy for herself and for Elvis, he signs her copy and goes on with the show.'

Humperdinck also said that one of Presley's biggest problems was the wrong people around him.
"I think he was mishandled by his friends and he was a great loss to our industry," he said.
January 12, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
By David English and Pål Granlund. Published by FTD books, RCA and Flaming Star.

Here is the final cover art. Audio content, back cover and preview pages all due soon.

A hardback book containing 288 pages which tells the story of the USS Arizona benefit concert that Elvis
performed at the Bloch Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii on March 25, 1961. It includes first-hand accounts from
people who were there, newspaper articles from the time and numerous photographs (over 130 of which have
never been published before). Supporting audio will accompany the book.
January 12, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
EVEN after 37 years since his death, Elvis Presley remains one of the most celebrated and beloved music
icons and his appeal spans generations and continents. And while Elvis is known from Tibet to Tulsa and all
points in between, very few people knew the private Elvis behind closed doors and inside Graceland.

His closet confidantes were a fiercely loyal cadre of friends known as “The Memphis Mafia” who protected him
from the world, while former wife Priscilla Presley and long-time girlfriend Linda Thompson bore witness to the
man behind the myth. Add Ginger Alden to that exclusive list. She spent the last nine months of his life by his
side before his untimely passing on August 16, 1977 at the age of 42. ...
Read Full Interview
January 12, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Known to many as the King of Rock & Roll, Presley was just as schooled in the twangy sounds of Nashville as
he was in the rhythm & blues of his native Tupelo, Mississippi, and Memphis. Many of his early rockabilly hits
were bona fide country or bluegrass songs, like Bill Monroe's
"Blue Moon of Kentucky," but it was in the
often under-appreciated Seventies sequins period where Presley dove headfirst into country music. Songs like
Kris Kristofferson's
"Help Me Make It Through the Night" and Hank Williams' "I'm So Lonesome I Could
became staples of his concerts, and in 1971 he released the album Elvis Country.

A collection of songs written by the likes of Willie Nelson (
"Funny How Time Slips Away"), Bob Wills ("Faded
made famous by Patsy Cline) and Monroe and Lester Flatt ("Little Cabin on the Hill"), Elvis Country also
included Presley's take on Hank Cochran's
"Make the World Go Away."

Originally cut by Ray Price, the soaring ballad became a signature song for Eddy Arnold in 1965. Presley's
definitive version, meanwhile, was recorded live during his run of shows at the International Hotel in Las Vegas
in 1970. It appears on the recent deluxe edition of
Elvis: That's the Way It Is, the eight-CD/two-DVD reissue
of the 1970 concert film. (Watch Presley perform
"Make the World Go Away" below.)

Introducing the song as being written
"before Roy Acuff was born, which is about 1800" — many of Presley's on
stage jokes during that era were seemingly fueled by nerves and awkwardly delivered — the entertainer
launches into an impassioned performance, matching guitarist James Burton's every fill and solo with
punctuated stage moves.

It's one of Presley's finest performances, and certainly a nod to his love of country and even gospel. Glistening
with sweat inside his karate-like jumpsuit, its blood-red sash swaying, Presley sings with a distinct sense of
urgency — as if his own world was about to end ....
Elvis Performs Make The World Go Away
January 11, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Sage Gateshead is proud to present this unique Elvis show, which features several musicians & associates who
worked with ‘The King’. This includes Duke Bardwell, who played bass for Elvis at 181 concerts, as well as Bob
Lanning, who played the drums for him at 63 shows. Actress Marlyn Mason, who co-starred with Elvis in the
1969 MGM film “The Trouble with Girls”, will also be a part of this show. The lead vocals will be handled by
Dwight Icenhower, who is widely viewed as the world’s best Elvis tribute artist.

The concert will include many of Presley’s classic songs, including “Hound Dog”, “Suspicious Minds” and “Love
Me Tender”. This show represents a unique opportunity to meet the original people that worked with Elvis and
hear them recreate the legendary Presley sound one more time.

Booking Information
Thursday 7th May 2015, 7.30pm
Venue: Hall One
Booking Available Here
January 11, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Our very own Joe has been interviewed by the BBC and as most people are not allowed to view the finished
article, Joe has passed on the content for us to share it here with anyone who has been unable to read all
about ....
January 10, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
On January 8, 2015, Elvis Aaron Presley would have turned 80. And even though he’s been dead for more
than 37 years, his fame is still unrivalled and his legacy continues to inspire new generations. Graceland, his
house in Memphis, is visited by 600,000 tourists every year, his music continues to sell in vast quantities, and
new details about his life and death still make for popular tabloid fodder. It seems that we can’t get enough of
the man from Tupelo, Mississippi. Most insiders agree that his death was inevitable; years of depression and
prescribed medication abuse ended on August 16, 1977, when he was found dead in his bathroom at
Graceland. It’s tempting to reflect on what his life would have been like if he had survived that fateful day. We
asked several of his friends and associates, who will be touring Europe in May ’15 with An Evening with Elvis’
Friends and Original Musicians, to reflect on Elvis at 80. Would he still be singing? Would he have changed his
lifestyle? Would he have toured the world? Hear the answers from those who knew him best!

Marlyn Mason, who co-starred with Elvis in his last scripted film The Trouble with Girls, and one of the very few
to have actually recorded a duet with him, believes that he wouldn’t have changed all that much. “He’d still be
ELVIS,” she notes. “Always with a woman, maybe the entourage would be gone… But I like to think that he’d be
like Tony Bennett, in top form and keeping the fans happy. He would definitely still be singing. I think Elvis just
had to sing. I don’t think that he would limit himself to any specific genre – just whatever appealed to him.” She
also believes that he would have realized his dream of doing serious acting roles, and that he would have been
recognized today as a great actor. “He really had it in him. He told me, ‘I’d like to do one good movie because I
know people in this town laugh at me.’ This is a direct quote… The saddest thing he ever said to me.”

Drummer Bob Lanning, who played the drums for Elvis at 63 concerts during his ‘comeback’ era, agrees that
he wouldn’t have changed much: “I think that today Elvis would be a survivor of the rock and roll life-style. With
age comes a better understanding of how you may want to temper that a bit. Having said that, Elvis would still
be Elvis, and he loved his family, his buddies and his players and would still be enjoying every minute. I’m sure
that he would have toured the world by now, because that’s what he loved doing most, performing… He would
still be making music, and I’m sure that his creativity would have taken him to new places even he wasn’t
expecting as a young man.”

Bass-player Duke Bardwell, who played 181 shows behind Elvis in the mid-70s, got to experience first-hand the
toll that fame had on the rock and roll icon: the fans, the press, the paparazzi… Duke feels that the downfall
was inevitable, because it was too much to handle for any one human being. He hopes that Presley, if he had
still been alive today, would have found peace and solitude: “I do think his celebrity would never allow him to
truly live in peace as long as his whereabouts were known to the public and to his fans. I’d like to think he’d be
in a place of his choosing, unknown to most, with several companions of like minds, who could all play and sing.
I see several cars that please him, including an old Caddy. There is not a gold record on the walls… anywhere.
There is not a jumpsuit in a glass-case. He needs no reminders or trophies because he knows who he is and
what he has done. I see a beautiful, aged woman with a forgiving and tolerant heart that holds him close at
night and enables him to feel grateful for just still being alive. I see him smile…”

An Evening with Elvis’ Friends and Original Musicians will be touring Europe in May 2015. For more details
please visit:
January 10, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
The Latest Edition of the Elvis Request Show [EER1173] is now online and available to download until around
8am [UK time] on the 16th January 2014.

Join Lee & Joe as they bring you 3 hours of requests and news and play all the songs you love to hear from
Elvis and read out your messages and opinions on the goings on in the Elvis world.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Listeners can now download the show in either MP3 or WMA formats. We hope all who
want to can download it and enjoy the shows.  
Go Here
January 10, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Miley Cyrus paid tribute to her idol, Elvis 'the King' Presley last night.

The "Wrecking Ball" singer wore an all-white ensemble as host of the opening of W magazine's Shooting Stars

The ensemble included a very low cut cape-like top, an oversized gold buckle and pants that flared at the

"I was thinking this was very Elvis Presley," Cyrus told me. "I thought it felt right because it was just his 80th
January 10, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
The King would have been 80 years old this week, but if he had not passed away, would he have continued
down the addicted path he was on when he died at the age of 42 in 1977?  Or would he have become a tourist
attraction in Branson, Missouri, or quietly drifted out of the limelight and become a beloved, mysterious figure
like Fats Domino?

Or, would he experience a dramatic final flourish like Johnny Cash?

The 2002 film
“Bubba Ho-Tep” starred Bruce Campbell as an aging Elvis in a retirement home fighting a
mummy, and the King in a home is the least likely scenario of all.

In 1994,
“The King Is Dead: Tales of Elvis Post-Mortem” featured fictional stories that added apocryphal
chapters to Presley’s story, including the Joe R. Lonsdale story that inspired “Bubba Ho-Tep.”

But death hasn’t slowed his release schedule.

Last year, a number of his films were reissued on DVD, and he continues to release music that isn’t new,
though new to us: Bonus tracks on the deluxe reissue of
“That’s the Way it Is” last year, and 2013’s  “Elvis
at Stax,”
which pulled together 28 previously released songs and almost as many outtakes recorded at the
legendary R&B studio in Memphis in 1973.

Recently, Baton Rouge writer and former Sun Studios employee Barbara Barnes Sims wrote
“The Next Elvis:
Behind the Scenes at Sun Records,”
and Peter Guralnick’s landmark, two-volume Presley biographies —
“Last Train to Memphis” and “Careless Love” — have been published as enhanced ebooks with
additional, exclusive video material to coincide with Presley’s 80th birthday.

Singer D.C. Harbold, of the band
Clockwork Elvis, attributes Presley’s endurance to the breadth of his
musical achievement.
“No matter where you jump in on Elvis, there’s more,” he said.

Harbold started playing nights of Elvis songs in 2002 and has performed with Clockwork Elvis since 2004. They
played a Presley birthday show at the Rock ’n’ Bowl Wednesday night and will play another Saturday night at
The Kingpin.

The band plays his songs the way a leaner, hungrier Elvis would, with all the great material and none of the
show-biz bloat.

Harbold thinks of Elvis as a gateway musician, someone whose recordings usher listeners into the world of the
blues, country, rockabilly and beyond.

“If you investigate further, you need to know who Arthur Crudup was, who Les Paul was,” Harbold said. “Or
Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash — his contemporaries. Then you go deeper and find your Link
Wrays if you’re a music fan. But you don’t have to.”

The Rev. Ray Cannata is King of Propulsion and King of Participation in the Krewe of Rolling Elvi —
jumpsuited, pompadoured scooter riders who have become part of New Orleans’ parade corps.

“He’s the ultimate pop culture hero, and he’s infinitely flexible,” Cannata said. Elvis was devastatingly cool at
times, schlocky and sentimental at others.
“What is he? Is he the raw, bluesy Elvis genius rocker or the
sentimental Vegas singer? He’s both.”

The Rolling Elvi will celebrate Presley’s 80th birthday Saturday night at The Howling’ Wolf with a “Totally ’80s”
theme, complete with two ’80s cover bands. The public is invited to costume for the occasion.

Elvis has become more than his music, which is only part of his appeal to the Rolling Elvi. Cannata only had
three or four Elvis songs in his iTunes when he joined four years ago, and many others are more into riding
than Presley.

“Most of the Rolling Elvi are not serious Elvis fans,” Cannata said. “A few are fanatics, but for the majority, it’s
primarily a social thing. Why Rolling Elvi? It has something to do with the way Elvis encompasses everything in
America, from the sublime to the grotesque. Elvis is this larger-than-life category, and you can fit almost
anything into it.”

Harbold similarly likens Elvis to “Star Wars” and all the pop culture phenomena that have outgrown the art that
inspired them.

“He’s like Coca-Cola or McDonald’s,” Harbold said. “All you have to do is say ‘Elvis’ and people know what you

“The people that appreciate him as a singer — the Elvis fans — haven’t grown in size, but the passion has
Harbold said. “The number of people who appreciate Elvis ironically has gone through the roof. There
are things that you’re born knowing if you’re an American. Elvis is one of them.”
January 09, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
'Heart And Soul' rises from #15 to #13 on the Billboard Country Catalog Album Chart for w/e 17th January,

'He Touched Me': The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley' rises from 8 to 2 on the Music Video Sales Chart.
And that's all for this week, there are no other Elvis entries on the Billboard Charts.
January 09, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Brian Quinn
This weeks Elvis Request Show will be available from Saturday 10th and free to download until the following
Friday. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to bringing you this weeks show and
together we will TCB-4-EAP.
January 09, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Elvis was wished a very happy 80th birthday after his first ever record sold for $300,000 (£194,413) at auction.
The acetate recording of “My Happiness” went under the hammer at Graceland yesterday, with the bidding
opening at $50,000. The lucky buyer remains anonymous.

Other items sold on Wednesday include his first driver’s license, the jacket he wore in film Viva Las Vegas, gold
necklaces, a watch and a signed copy of “That’s All Right”.

Below are a selected few lots which sold durin.g the auction.
LOT #          DESCRIPTION                 ESTIMATED $              FINAL $                                Price Over
Lot # 03 - Two Concert Scarves  -  Est $1,000 to $1,500  =  Sold $6,250                            ( + $4,700)

Lot # 32 - First Recording Acetate  -  Est $75,000 to $100,000  =  Sold $300,000             ( + $200,000)

Lot # 37 - Elvis First Sun Record, Signed  -  Est $10,000 to $15,000  =  $32,500               ( + $17,500)

Lot # 52 - Shelby County Deputy Sheriff Badge  -  Est $2,500 to $3,500  =  $8,750            ( + $5,250)

There were 67 lots in total with all pretty much selling for way over their estimated value. As you can see from
our 4 examples above sold for way over the estimated price.
See all 67 Lots + what they sold for
January 09, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
This years Birthday Proclamation Ceremony & Auction was aired direct from Graceland LIVE.
Fans around the world watched them live on Graceland's Livestream site.

It was good to see some of the coverage on the news broadcasts over the day and even a look of how, (well,
an artists impression) Elvis would have been looking today at 80 if he had not passed away aged just 42. The
odd mention of the planes being sold off by all in all, Elvis himselvis took 2nd place behind ...... you know what!

The caricature, joke seemed to be everywhere....of course. One report I saw showed a few seconds of ELVIS
PRESLEY (you know the one) and a couple of shots of fans at Graceland. But, the main bulk of the report
showed Imp after Imp after IMP.

At least on radio there was no shortage of the REAL Elvis as stations around the UK played Elvis song after
Elvis song....Grrrreat stuff! And we got some Elvis on TV as well. As for all those pesky IMPS, they and the
event organisers just cannot seem to register the harm they are doing to Elvis the most important solo
performer in modern music history......ELVIS: The True and Original KING of Pop.

Happy Birthday Elvis....Long May You Reign And We Will Always Fight For YOU! TCB-4-EAP!
January 09, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Elvis Matters
Three years after wrapping up a $2 million expansion, the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum in Tupelo is
taking the next step toward a second expansion. And a third expansion is in the works, too.

Phase two will add two Elvis statues to an overlook with a memorial wall and pavilion, a separate picnic pavilion,
a winding walkway from the amphitheater to the overlook and steps from the parking lot that connect to the

Phase three, which will cost about another $1 million, will rework the landscaping and walkways around the lake
on the property. …

In 2012, the birthplace unveiled the first phase of the expansion, which added a 126-seat indoor theater, an
amphitheater, extra parking and a face-lift for the gift shop.

The centerpiece of the phase two expansion is the bronze statues, which will stand together on the overlook.

One will be a 4-foot-high statue, representing an 11-year-old Elvis sitting on a milk crate. The other statue will
be 7 feet high and will be an older Elvis in full regalia as an entertainer.
January 08, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Now this is a cool looking T-Shirt on sale at the Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis, located on Beale Street. It's an
Exclusive Limited Edition which sports a great looking bit of artwork by Joe Petruccio (my favorite contemporary
artist by the way).

The design on the back is of Elvis wearing the 'Sundial Suit' in 1977 (or maybe '74 hmm?), a nice Elvis at 80
design on the sleeve and the Hard Rock logo with the Elvis Presley trademark autograph located on the left
chest of the shirt.
January 08, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Elvis Matters
We've been expecting news of a new release that was supposed to make our hair stand up? Well, here we are,
the 80th Birthday of Elvis and just announced is.....

ELVIS 80 - Fan Favorites
80 songs chosen by fans to create the official ELVIS 80 playlist on Spotify

To take a look at the official 80 song line-up head on over to
Spotify Here
January 08, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
It was John Lennon who famously said "Without Elvis Presley there’d have been no Beatles.", but a fact which is
not as well known is that the King — who would have been 80 today — was still impacting the group some 25
years after Lennon’s untimely death.

In 2002, former Beatle, Paul McCartney could not believe his ears when he first heard the new modern day
reworking of Elvis Presley’s
“A Little Less Conversation” mixed by Junkie XL (changed to JXL to appease
the Elvis Estate) which topped the charts in different countries back in 2002.

“I’d been getting a little bit jealous,” McCartney says. “I was seeing remixes of, like, Elvis’ things coming out —
and I was thinking: ‘That sounds really good, man.’ You know, it’s still Elvis, but they’ve put a new beat behind
it. I thought: ‘I kind of like that.'”

However, McCartney didn’t have an excuse for such an Elvis-style reexamination of the Beatles’ music. Then, in
2006, he was approached about doing a Fab Four-themed Cirque du Soleil production, which eventually
'Love'. McCartney, still remembering that Elvis Presley remix, says he jumped at the chance to
oversee a series of remixes — hand picking Beatles producer George Martin’s son Giles to do the work
January 08, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
The second phase of a $6 million expansion and renovation project is set to begin at the Elvis Presley
Birthplace, and officials will be visiting the Legislature on Thursday to talk about their favorite subject.

It also happens to be the 80th birthday of The King.

“Some of us will be in Jackson, while some of us will be in Tupelo helping celebrate,” said Dick Guyton, the
executive director of the birthplace and museum.

Guyton said the trip to Jackson is to serve lunch to legislators and ask for funding for the birthplace. Three
years ago, they successfully lobbied to get more than $2 million for the first phase of the project, which was met
with a 20 percent match by the city.

Guyton hopes they’ll be generous this year, too.

“We’re looking for $1 million to finish phase two,” he said.

Phase two will add two Elvis statues to an overlook with a memorial wall and pavilion, a separate picnic pavilion,
a winding walkway from the amphitheater to the overlook and steps from the parking lot that connect to the

Phase three, which will cost about another $1 million, will rework the landscaping and walkways around the lake
on the property.

“We’ll be upgrading the lake, cleaning it up, adding a water feature or two and make it a more enjoyable place
to sit, walk and relax,” he said. “But that’s down the road.”

Thursday’s luncheon at the Capitol will have peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and lawmakers will be
serenaded by an Elvis tribute artist, of course.

“We have a lot of support from area legislators that have been our best advocates. … They’ve helped us
whenever they can, and we appreciate it,” Guyton said.

He acknowledged that the birthplace isn’t the only worthwhile project that will be seeking state support. But he
also said that the birthplace’s economic impact to Lee County and Mississippi is nearly immeasurable.

“We bring a lot of people here, and the longer we can keep them here with things to see and do, the more
money they’ll spend here,” he said.

“We think we have at least a half-day that people can spend at the birthplace, but we’d like to keep them for
dinner, keep them overnight before they head to Memphis.”

In 2012, the birthplace unveiled the first phase of the expansion, which added a 126-seat indoor theater, an
amphitheater, extra parking and a face-lift for the gift shop.

The centerpiece of the phase two expansion is the bronze statues, which will stand together.

One will be a 4-foot-high statue, representing an 11-year-old Elvis sitting on a milk crate. The other statue will
be 7 feet high and will be an older Elvis in full regalia as an entertainer.

“Together, the two statues are one piece of art we call ‘Becoming,’ ” Guyton said.

The 15-acre ground comprising the birthplace and museum already has a statue of Elvis, called “Elvis at 13.”

January 08, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Just in time for Elvis' birthday, Sony Music are launching the newly redesigned ElvisTheMusic.com! The
gorgeous site is now fit for 'The King', bringing you the most comprehensive online destination for Elvis
Presley's music legacy.

The site is launching in beta form and we encourage you to give us your feedback as new features are added
to enhance the experience.
January 08, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Fans of Elvis Presley are celebrating what would have seen Elvis turn 80 and here at Elvis Express Radio we're
commemorating the Kings Birthday with a show featuring some of Elvis' greatest records from Sun, Rockin at
RCA, Love Songs, and more.

On our Elvis Birthday show, we also premier the brand new tribute to Elvis, 'A MAN SO LOVED' which is
released today, on the Kings actual 80th Birthday.

So sit back and enjoy the music of Elvis, have a slice of cake and party on as we all celebrate Elvis Presley and
his 80th Birthday.
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January 08, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
While retailers all over the place are slashing prices and doing all in their power to attract customers to spend
their not so spare cash, it seems that EPE are treating their customer base like dirt and while Priscilla has the
nerve to suggest that the owners of Elvis' aircraft are "GREEDY?" the word must now have a picture of the EPE
logo next to it in the Dictionary?

Anyway, what have they done this time I hear you ask? Get ready for it!

We all remember how we felt when it was announced that EPE were being allowed to raise the Tennessee state
Tax from 9.25 percent to an unbelievable 14.25 percent. Oh thats ONLY for buying anything Elvis from the EPE
owned gift shops, or food and drink from the EPE owned cafe or simply buying your tickets to tour Graceland.

But that huge tax increase is just the start......just in-time for all the fans going into Memphis for Elvis' birthday,
EPE have launched a new transaction fee plus taxes on top which was never charged before:

For all tickets sold through Graceland, the price of the ticket includes sales tax and there will be a $4.95
transaction fee for EACH ticket order. This includes all orders made over the phone or online......What was that
Priscilla said about GREED.
January 07, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Maybe this is how Elvis would be feeling if
he were to know how his legacy is being
tossed aside for more profitable options
Elvis' personal aircraft, the large 4 engine Convair 880 jet, the 'Lisa Marie' and his smaller Jetstar, 'Hound
Dog 2',
could very well end up being shipped around the world to maybe Asia or the Middle East?

(Editors Note: EPE Comments indicated in pink. Planes owners in other colour) - Julien's Auctions in Beverly
Hills is billed as the auction house to the stars. Martin Nolan is the auctioneer in charge of selling the planes.
He expects them to bring millions.
"Somewhere between $10 and 15 million and that's probably conservative,"
Nolan said.
"It's a sealed envelope auction, meaning no one knows what price they're bidding against or who.
The highest bidder wins."
Nolan says interest is worldwide."

"These planes will probably be housed in a new location where people will visit them," he said. "It may be in
Asia, it may be in the Middle East. It could be in Europe or it may be in Memphis. That's the fun part of this
auction. We don't know where the planes will end up."

The controversy is growing almost daily, when on Monday, Priscilla accused Elvis' fans for "pointing the finger'
at Jack Soden & EPE and blaming them for the sale of the Kings 2 planes.

But, remember, it was from Jack Soden on behalf of Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) that
"it has been decided
to exercise EPE’s option to END the agreement as of April 26, 2015"
. Then this was followed with EPE telling
the owners to
"make arrangements for the removal of the airplanes."

I think the wording is what shows the who's, the where's and the why's as many fans are indicating how  
confused they are over the whole aircraft issue.

Right, so let's think about all this....
1. July 02, 2014, News breaks that Elvis' 2 planes could be leaving their places across the street from
Graceland. It emerges that on April 07, 2014 a letter to OKC Partnership's K.G. Coker, from Elvis Presley
Enterprises CEO Jack Soden says the company (EPE) is
"exercising its option to end the agreement" and asks
"to make arrangements for the removal of the airplanes and the restoration of the site on or shortly after
April 26, 2015."

The EPE letter also informs the owners "on or about August 5th we plan to re-align our ticketing offerings to
reflect the opening of a new Archives presentation building on the grounds of Graceland which will replace the
Airplane Exhibit in our Platinum Ticket package."
This move would automatically lose the owners a large
amount of income from the Platinum Ticket sales as many visitors would not opt to add a further $12 to their
tour cost.

K.G. Coker said,
"I would love to see the airplanes stay where they are forever," Coker continued. "Millions of
fans have toured those airplanes and there's a real connection between fans and those airplanes. Those
airplanes are part of the Elvis experience."

Coker, 76, says OKC may sell the pl4anes if they're removed from Graceland, but he still hopes to
negotiate a deal that would keep the planes there. Coker acknowledges that he and his partners would
lose money from ticket sales if the planes were removed.

The letter also states that the owners are free to find somewhere else to display the planes, BUT,  
"there will be
limitations to the use of Elvis’ name, image and likeness as related to the exploitation of the planes."

2. As a result of this news, fans went berserk and so the next day, July 03, 2014, Priscilla Presley makes a
public statement posted on Facebook
"I see your posts about the planes. Please calm down, we're in the
midst of negotiations. It's as simple as that. Thank you."

3. So Priscilla tells us to "calm down", but it clearly states in the EPE letter to the planes owners that you are
CHANGING the whole ticket system by
REMOVING the plane tours from the tour packages.....But then in the
next breath you are again clearly stating you
no longer want the planes on your property and the owners
remove them by the end of April 2015.

4. Priscilla again asks for fans to stay calm, and trust the management of Graceland. She also says there
are a lot of new surprises are coming in the near future and
assures fans  that there will be a happy

5. Mr Coker says he is concerned that by separating the airplanes from the bundle, some fans might be
disadvantaged and not be able to afford to view 'the pride of Elvis Presley airways.'  In relation to the public
release of the Graceland letter from Jack Soden, it seems to have been a
forced hand, he didn't want to
release it, but as it was beginning to look like the OKC Partnership was to blame he felt he had no choice to
make things clearer to the Elvis fan base.

6. And so now we see the planes on the auction block and Elvis fans may lose out thanks to what I believe was
a pathetic little power tantrum and instead of stepping back and reinstate the planes and continue to keep the
financial agreement as it was......In her outburst at fans on facebook, Priscilla ranted on and made 3 points...

* Do you honestly think we want them sold?
Um, No but it was EPE who first opened this issue with the following..."it has been decided to exercise EPE’s
option to END the agreement as of April 26, 2015 and ask that you make arrangements for the removal of the

* Have you never thought that the owners are the culprits?
Well, actually no ... again it was EPE who decided to sever the agreement and ordered the planes REMOVED.

* That perhaps THEY are greedy, unwilling to be fair, or are being TOTALLY unreasonable?
Again this has to be a NO!!! Not wanting to be picky, but it was EPE who: Removed the plane tour from the
Platinum Tickets, then ordered the planes to be removed. Then told fans not to worry and to TRUST you with
the negotiations!

Bottom line is I think if the truth be known, EPE flexed their muscles and stomped their feet and ordered the
removal of the 'Lisa Marie' and the 'Hound Dog 2' ..... then demanded MORE of the profits while slashing the
owners cut, which is why the plane tours would now be separate meaning EPE would get more money from this
way that the smaller profit when the plane tour was part of the Platinum Tickets.

Priscilla made all those "Trust Us" announcements, because EPE thought OKC would give in to your bully
tactics, making Priscilla and EPE look like the Heroes of the Day. But it's all gone horribly wrong and now it
looks like the reality now is we could be saying farewell to these iconic symbols of ELVIS.

And while Priscilla accuses OKC of being "GREEDY", what was that story above this one again.....oh yeah, you
greedy BA****DS!
January 07, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Elvis Aaron Presley would have turned 80 this Thursday – or maybe still will be, depending on what kind of
conspiracies you believe. A few months back, in honor of the anniversary of the King’s passing,  The Texican
found some great video and pictorial documents of Presley’s musical visits to Houston that exist in our archives.
An abbreviated version of that blog can be found below along with the pictorial findings. For the full blog with
additional videos, check out the original post..

Elvis was in the area quite a bit in the mid-’50s as his star was rising, mainly haunting the Paladium, the Eagles
Hall, Cook’s Hoedown Club, City Coliseum, and Magnolia Gardens.

The Eagles Hall was at 2204 Louisiana in Midtown, where there is now a tanning salon. Presley would have
surely enjoyed knowing that.

Meanwhile, City Auditorium’s list of acts it hosted over the years is legendary. Jones Hall stands in its place.

It was reported by Billboard that at an April 2, 1955, stop at City Auditorium for a “Louisiana Hayride” remote
broadcast, 2,000 people were turned away. Presley was on the bill with Slim Whitman. The next day his pink
Cadillac was stopped for speeding in Shreveport.

Contrary to popular belief, he didn’t play Fitzgerald’s off White Oak, though he could have on some odd open
mic night in the ’80s.

He played two shows on October 13, 1956, at the long-gone Sam Houston Coliseum too, which we have a few
pics from. Chronicle reviewer Dick De Pugh called Presley “the greasy, side-burned hillbilly,” solidifying Presley’
s rock and roll street cred for sure for the 8,000 fans there. The writer though, knew the titles to Presley’s

He ended his review succinctly with “No one fainted. No one was injured.”

After 1957, he dived into the U.S. Army, the movies, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, chicks, and other kingly pursuits
before touring the U.S. again in 1970.

He kicked off that tour with six of those shows — two a day — opening the 38th Houston Livestock Show and
Rodeo. He would play in front of over 200,000 fans under the Dome, and stay at a $2,500 a night suite at the
AstroWorld Hotel, which was claimed to be the most expensive in the world at the time.

By all accounts, he was on fire those six shows and in top form.

The six-show stand at the Astrodome in 1970, and the March 3, 1974, RodeoHouston gig stand out the most
for Houston fans.
January 06, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Brian Quinn
Priscilla Presley, the EX-wife of Elvis has issued a blasting statement regarding the current auctioning off of the
Kings two personal jets on her official Facebook page

"It's very disheartening and unsettling that you point your fingers at my daughter, Jack Soden, EPE as a whole,
our partners and myself as the blame for the sale of the planes.

Do you honestly think we want them sold?
Have you never thought that the owners are the culprits?
That perhaps THEY are greedy, unwilling to be fair, or are being TOTALLY unreasonable?

Shame on you for using threats of not going to Graceland or that we're going to lose loyal fans. Or asking
what's next? Putting your two cents on an issue you know nothing of the DETAILS is quite disturbing.

This is a business matter that needs good common sense and good business sense that anyone in our
position needs to apply. A quote Elvis stated many times: "Don't criticize what you don't understand, son... you
never walked in that man’s shoes."

I state my case. Priscilla Presley"

Priscilla makes this comment, ""It's very disheartening and unsettling that you point your fingers at my
daughter, Jack Soden, EPE as a whole, our partners and myself as the blame for the sale of the planes.

Do you honestly think we want them sold?
Have you never thought that the owners are the culprits?
That perhaps THEY are greedy, unwilling to be fair, or are being TOTALLY unreasonable?

First of all, Priscilla attacks fans for pointing fingers at (apart from her and Lisa), Jack Soden.
REMEMBER, Jack signed the initial letter that started the whole issue (Dated April 7, 2014) and states in black
and white
"on or about August 5th we plan to re-align our ticketing offerings to reflect the opening of a new
Archives presentation building on the grounds of Graceland which will replace the Airplane Exhibit in
our Platinum Ticket package."

Priscilla also says the owners of the planes are the "CULPRITS" for the planes being removed and basically, we
fans are stupid for not thinking this.... Again from the same letter signed by Jack Soden it clearly states,
"it has
been decided to exercise EPE’s option to END the agreement as of April 26, 2015 and ask that you make
arrangements for the removal of the airplanes."
  YES, they state EPE have decided to END the deal and for
the owners to get rid of the planes. ...... Still Cilla, it's all the plane owners fault right????

In an EXCLUSIVE talk with E.E.R back in April 2014 the CEO stated
"The contract has never addressed the
Lisa Marie or the Jet Star individually or even as part of a tour bundle, and although not in the contract, up until
August of this year (2014) it has been in the bundled tour package for 25 years.

Mr Coker says he is concerned that by separating the airplanes from the bundle some fans might be
disadvantaged and not be able to afford to view 'the pride of Elvis Presley airways.'

Now, Lisa Marie has posted on her facebook page, "We have not owned the planes for years. We have leased
it, It is the owners who are doing all of this to try and get more money."
-  Again, who was it who chose to
exercise their rights to scrap the deal and send the planes packing Hmmm!

You can read the original letter to the planes owners below, and you can also read our short talk with the
owners about this issue.  
EPE Planes Letter    The Planes Owner Talks
January 05, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Facebook
Rock god Elvis Presley, had his life not been cut short at the age of 42 way back in 1977, would have been 80
on Thursday, the world is preparing to go a little crazy.

Prepare for an eye-popping onslaught of bejewelled white jumpsuits and jet black wigs as tribute concerts,
stage shows and memorabilia stalls gear up for the big day. And not just in Memphis. You have been warned.

The Elvis Years, a stage show starring Mario Kombou of the West End musical Jailhouse Rock with a galaxy of
other West End actors and musicians, is embarking on an 80-date UK tour which hits the Caird Hall, Dundee,
on April 16 and Eden Court, Inverness, on April 17 and 18 (with further Scottish dates anticipated). Billed as the
story of 'The King', the show spans his life from the day he walked into the Sun Studios in Memphis as a
teenage truck driver, through to the Grand Ole Opry and Louisiana Hayride days, the death of his beloved
mother, his time in the army, the Hollywood movie years, the 1968 comeback special and the Las Vegas
concerts. There's also authentic costumes, nostalgic film footage ... and no fewer than 50 Elvis hits, including
Hound Dog, Blue Suede Shoes, It's Now or Never, Just Can't Help Believing and Suspicious Minds.

Meanwhile, in the
London O2, the largest Elvis exhibition ever has been going strong since last month and
runs until the end of August 2015. Featuring over 300 carefully selected items from the one million in the
Gracelands Archive, these pieces document the singer's personal life and meteoric rise to fame; some of them
have never been seen outside Elvis' Memphis mansion (now owned by his daughter Lisa Marie).

There's his 1956 Lincoln car (one of only 3000 ever made), the American Eagle jumpsuit and cape he wore in
the Aloha to Hawaii concert, his 'taking care of business' ring, guitars, photos, belts and wallets. More poignant
perhaps are his school report card and the first Christmas present he was bought by Priscilla. Coach trips and
accommodation are part of the package; for £45 visitors get to see the Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony
being streamed live from Graceland, while munching on a slice of birthday cake and a glass of bubbles.

But the real deal is of course happening in Graceland itself, which is hosting a week-long schedule of events
for members of the Graceland Insiders fan club. On Wednesday, the eve of the big birthday, members get a
private evening tour of the Graceland mansion followed by a reception in the Graceland Plaza, where they can
ogle the Elvis Presley automobile museum among other treats. They will be given complimentary hors
d'oeuvres, but there's only a cash bar. The grand finale at midnight is a singalong of gospel songs and a
Happy Birthday to Elvis. On the birthday morning itself complimentary birthday cake will be served with coffee
while friends, colleagues, co-stars and more will deliver their own tributes. The day ends with an Elvis Birthday
Dance Party.

Who said the King was dead? Long live the King.
January 05, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
American Legion Post 629 will be honoring what may seem to be an unusual choice of an individual on Jan. 8
— Elvis Presley.

Presley is considered to be one of the greatest singers and actors of the 20th century, often referred to as the
“King of Rock and Roll” and famous for hits like “Jailhouse Rock,” “Hound Dog,” “Heartbreak Hotel” and many,
many more.

Presley is also famous for his acting career, starring in 31 films, a few of which are named after some of his own

While Presley’s career is one many may consider being legendary, some may not be aware of his service to the
United States, which Post 629 plans to emphasize.

“We are recognizing him for his military service,” said Post 629 First Vice Commander Dale Everitt.

Presley entered the United States military on Mar. 24, 1958. From Mar. 28 to Sept. 17 of that same year,
Presley served with Company A, 2d Medium Tank Battalion, 32nd Armor and was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.

Presley served an 18-month stint in Germany before returning home in Mar. 1960. He was honorably
discharged at Fort Dix in New Jersey at the rank of Sergeant E-5 and returned to his career.

“He did not resent the draft,” said Everitt. “He went into service and did his time.”

Prior to his military service, Presley was involved with his school’s ROTC program in Memphis, Tennessee.

“He donated and equipped out the entire ROTC at his high school,” said Everitt.

Presley has also donated to the USS Arizona Memorial and helped create a recreational facility for the enlisted
men at Fort Hood.

Jan. 8 is Presley’s birthday and Post 629 plans to celebrate, beginning with a meatloaf contest.

“Elvis was a big fan of meatloaf,” said Everitt.

Bill Powell will be providing karaoke for that evening as well, giving individuals the opportunity to sing some of
Presley’s famous songs.

Despite the popularity Presley received for his talents, Everitt emphasized the patriotic side of the man — a
man who didn’t shirk his duties and once paid $360,000 in income taxes.

“We won’t forget Elvis and his contributions and him being a patriot,” said Everitt.

The Elvis Presley birthday party will be held on Jan. 8 at Post 629 in Camilla, Texas beginning at 8 p.m.
January 05, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
This Thursday marks the 80th birthday of one of our culture’s most iconic singers and actors — Elvis Presley.
Known as the “The King of Rock & Roll”, Club Helsinki Hudson will be hosting their annual birthday bash for
Presley at 9 p.m. on  Jan. 10.

In a press release from Club Helsinki, musicians Mark Gamsjager and The Lustre Kings of the Albany area will
be performing at the club to honor of one of music’s greatest acts. The band is expected to be joined by other
musical guests during the event.
“Mark Gamsjager and The Lustre Kings have been keeping the sound of early
rockabilly alive, both in the region and across the U.S. and around the world,”
reads the press release.

According to The Lustre Kings’ website, the band has put out four albums, two of them through their own label,
Wild Boar Records. Their fourth and most recent album is called “Way Out There”.  
“Gamsjager draws from a deeper well than most rock acts, giving his music a breadth and depth while still
keeping the bar hopping and the dance floor filled,”
according to the band’s website.
January 05, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Very sad news, Joe Guercio, Elvis' long-time orchestral conductor and musical director, has passed away at  
8:18 this morning. CST Nashville, Tennessee, quietly with family and friends by his side. The news has been
confirmed by James Burton and Donna Tutt. Joe was hospitalised recently after a fall and apparently died due
to complications.

Joe enjoyed a prolific career, but is best known and admired for his work with Elvis. He was musical director and
conductor for Elvis' concert shows from the summer of 1970 to the summer of 1977 and Elvis' final performance.

When EIN talked with Joe Guercio in Honolulu at the 40th Anniversary celebration of 'Aloha'  he was
surprisingly cool about the whole event. Guercio told me that while the original "Aloha" was an astounding
telecast it was other concerts that he remembered as being more emotional. He talked about the excitement of
Madison Square Garden, the hysteria and explosion of the flashbulbs "It seemed like the whole of New York
was there, it was important to Elvis" - but was disappointed that more  

video footage hasn't been found. His favourite memory he said was of the first time they played 'An American
Trilogy' in Atlanta, Georgia in June '73  and the whole place going wild. The standing ovation and screams from
the crowd as Elvis first sang "I Wish I was in Dixie" were unbelievable - Guercio said that his hair stood on end
and they had to pause the song just to let the emotion of the crowd subside. He was far more excited about the
large touring shows that the staid Las Vegas concerts.

Guercio said of Elvis, "Elvis was the original. He was what it was and he was totally real. He took us to a new
place, Elvis started a whole other thing. Everybody copied Elvis but Elvis is Elvis. He changed everything and
took it to the world."
January 04, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / EIN
By David English and Pål Granlund. Published by FTD books, RCA and Flaming Star.

A hardback book containing 288 pages which tells the story of the USS Arizona benefit concert that Elvis
performed at the Bloch Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii on March 25, 1961.

It includes first-hand accounts from people who were there, newspaper articles from the time and numerous
photographs (over 130 of which have never been published before). Supporting audio will accompany the book.
January 04, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
It seems Miley Cyrus can’t help falling in love with Elvis Presley!

“Say Muah name say Muah name,” Cyrus captioned a black-and-white photoshopped image of herself and The
King on Saturday.

This isn’t the first time Cyrus has given a shout out to Presley. She referred to him as
“the OG twerking” last

“No one wants to admit that he was twerking, he was,” Cyrus told Australia’s Sunday Night show.

“He was like sex. He was a symbol of sex but no one would have ever called Elvis a shit because he wasn’t a
girl. It’s that double standard and I think I’m doing something for the double standard.”

Regardless of Cyrus’ twerking theories, she seems to have a celeb crush on the “Hound Dog” singer. She
even posted a second image of herself with her head on his chest.
January 03, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Donna Douglas, the beautiful actress who co-starred with Elvis Presley in one of his movies has died aged 82

In 1966 she joined Elvis in the title roll as Frankie for the United Artists movie, 'Frankie and Johnny' in which
she played a riverboat performer, along side Elvis' character.

In 1965, she and Elvis began filming Frankie And Johnny, based on the story of the folk-song. Although the
different Donna Douglas versions of the title song throughout the film are pretty interesting. Although Donna
was a fine singer in her own right, for some unknown reason her singing in the film was dubbed over by Eileen

Between shooting, Elvis and Donna would discuss Christianity and talk about the different books they had read
She had recorded a few gospel albums and had also written a couple of Childrens books.

But Donna Douglas was best known for her role as the tomboy, critter-loving 'Elly May Clampett' on the 1960s
fish-out-of-water CBS sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies. She died on New Year’s Day of pancreatic cancer in her
home in Zachary, LA at the age of 82.
January 02, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
The Latest Edition of the Elvis Request Show [EER1171] is now online and available to download until around
8am [UK time] on the 09th January 2014.

Join Lee & Joe as they bring you 3 hours of requests and news and play all the songs you love to hear from
Elvis and read out your messages and opinions on the goings on in the Elvis world.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Listeners can now download the show in either MP3 or WMA formats. We hope all who
want to can download it and enjoy the shows.  
Go Here
January 02, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
'It's Christmas Time' drops from 64 to 138 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for w/e 10th January, 2015;
drops from 6 to 26 on the Catalog Album Chart and drops from 11 to 12 on the Holiday Album Chart.

'Merry Christmas, Love Elvis' drops from 24 to 27 on the Holiday Album Chart and drops from 6 to 13 on the
Country Catalog Album Chart.

'The Classic Christmas Album' drops from 5 to 12 on the Country Catalog Album Chart.

'Heart And Soul' drops from 14 to 15 on the Country Catalog Album Chart.

'Blue Christmas' rises from 22 to 18 on the Holiday 100 Chart; rises from 22 to 18 on the Holiday Airplay
Chart and rises from 25 to 24 on the Holiday Digital Songs Chart.

'Here Comes Santa Claus' rises from 83 to 79 on the Holiday 100 Chart.

'He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley' (Vols.1 and 2) rises from 11 to 8 on the Music Video
Sales Chart.

Elvis drops from 64 to 88 on the Artist 100 Chart.
January 02, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Brian Quinn
The Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II, designed by the late singer, are expected to fetch up to $15m at California
auction. Elvis Presley’s pair of personal jets – one of which has a gilded wash basin and plush sleeping
quarters – will go under the hammer in California.

The Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II, designed by the late singer, will be offered together and are expected to
fetch between $10m and $15m, Julien’s Auctions said. The planes, which are no longer airworthy, had been on
display at Graceland, Presley’s estate in Memphis, Tennessee, for the past three decades.

The rock’n’roll singer bought the Convair 880 jet from Delta Air Lines in 1975, two years before his death, for
$250,000. He named it Lisa Marie after his daughter. Presley spent more than $300,000 refurbishing it with a
bedroom, conference room, bar and videotape system linked to four TVs. He had the plane painted red, white
and blue with his motto – TCB or “takin’ care of business” – on the tail.

Presley purchased the Hound Dog II, a 10-seater Lockheed Jetstar, the same year for about $900,000 while
waiting for the refurbishment of the Lisa Marie. The four-engine 28-passenger Convair could fly Presley, who
preferred to travel at night, up to 3,000 miles.

The buyer will have the option to purchase several acres adjacent to Graceland to display the jets,
independent of the Presley museum. An agreement between Graceland and the jets’ current owners, whose
identities were not disclosed, expires in April.
January 02, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / The Guardian
Here's some really great news: FTD plan to release "Elvis Presley Rock Around The Bloch", a new FTD book &
CD project, soon to be released, and written by David English and Pål Granlund.

The book focuses on the March 25th 1961 benefit concert at the Bloch Arena in Hawaii to help raise money for
the USS Arizona memorial which remains there to this day.

RCA first issued the concert audio concert in the early 1980's on the silver boxset, 'Elvis Aron Presley', we had
to wait until 2012 until the 'Memphis Recording Service released the concert from a new source with superior
sound on 'Such A Night In Pearl Harbor'. It will be interesting to hear what the sound is like on this up coming

More news and information as and when we get them.
January 02, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / David English
Not so good news to begin the new year with, we're afraid. Please say a prayer for Joe Guercio, who is
currently in the hospital. One of the all time greats, a dear friend and a special guest on several ElvisMatters
concerts, including the European Tours with the Original Cast and, more recent, at the celebration show of 10
years ElvisMatters. (Picture here: at the rehearsals in Mol, Belgium)

Joe Guercio has enjoyed a prolific career, but he is probably best known and admired for his work with Elvis
Presley. He was musical director and conductor for Elvis' concert shows from the summer of 1970 to the
summer of 1977 when Elvis made his last concert appearance. Elvis was known for spontaneity and
improvisation on stage and the cast had to be ready for anything. Guercio remembers "He'd just turn around
and start a tune. The rhythm section knew him backwards and forwards, but when you're up there conducting a
twenty-six-piece orchestra, what are you gonna do?" In describing that experience, Guercio once commented
good-naturedly that conducting for Elvis was "like following a marble down concrete steps." This led to his being
a target for a particular practical joker. Guercio later found his stage tux stuffed with marbles and a few
hundred more rolling around in his dressing room. Along with the marbles was a note: "Follow the marble - E.P."

Guercio was musical director for the International Hotel in Las Vegas when the work with Elvis began. Along
with the obvious contributions he made to Elvis' shows, including many of the triumphs of Elvis' "concert era", it
was Joe Guercio who created the now almost iconic six-note theme for Elvis' stage entrances and bows. It was
also Guercio who suggested that Elvis' shows open with Theme from 2001 - A Space Odyssey (Also Sprach
Zarathustra). The inspiration came when Guercio and his late first wife saw the now-classic science fiction
movie in a theater, for when the music began Mrs. Guercio whispered to her husband "You'd think Elvis was
about to enter."

Joe Guercio first left his native Buffalo, NY as an accompanist for Patti Paige. He has been a musical director
for Julius LaRosa, Diana Ross, Jim Nabors, Florence Henderson, Diahann Carroll, Steve Lawrence and Eydie
Gorme, among others. His arrangement of the medley Sweet Inspiration/Where You Lead was a 1972 hit for
Barbra Streisand, and his arrangement of The Way We Were/Try to Remember was a 1975 hit for Gladys
Knight. Guercio's work with Natalie Cole to reunite her on stage in duet with her late father, Nat King Cole,
pre-dated her famous early 1990's duet recordings and videos with Mr. Cole. Guercio accompanied blues
legend B.B. King to Rome to meet Pope John Paul II and perform in the Vatican's fifth Christmas concert.
January 02, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Elvis Matters
The old man wanders through the halls of Graceland. Up on the walls, gold, platinum and multi-platinum albums
framed and hanging, serving as a chronological history of success. More than 600 albums sold, 91 gold
records, more than any other artist. The day is Jan. 8, and the old man takes a deep breath—today he turns
80. He casts a last glance towards his records, continues down the hall and into his bedroom to go to sleep. He’
s lived a long life. The pelvis that belonged to Elvis is only a fond memory. He’s tired.

Is that how it would be if Elvis Presley were still alive today—turning 80 this year, and living peacefully at
Graceland? Would the King of Rock ’n’ Roll be shuffling in his slippers through his vast castle of luxury?

Or would Elvis at 80 be in good enough physical shape to able to stage late-in-life Vegas performances a la
Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett? After all, country singer Willie Nelson packs his concerts with fans (he plays
Vegas this week), and he turned 81 last year.

As the Justin Timberlakes and Justin Biebers of today fill the MGM Grand Garden Arena, is Elvis still relevant?
Do the 21 year olds that fly into town for the DJs and pool parties even know who Elvis the Pelvis was? Despite
the ever-changing Las Vegas culture, the facts still remain.

Today, Elvis is still the biggest-selling solo artist of all time. The crown of rock ’n’ roll still belongs to Elvis; he
has yet to be usurped. Besides Graceland, no other place in the world is synonymous with Elvis Presley except
for Las Vegas. It started with the 1964 movie Viva Las Vegas, and his marriage in 1967 to Priscilla Ann
Beaulieu, but it was really his ground-breaking 1969 concert series, that helped open The International Hotel,
which established Elvis’ reign over the city. With 837 consecutive sold-out shows over a span of seven years,
Las Vegas fell in love with Elvis, and has since kept his memory alive.

Although 1976 was the last year Elvis appeared onstage in Las Vegas—and he passed away less than a year
later—his legacy flourished in the city. He received a star on Las Vegas’ Walk of Stars, at Hard Rock Café and
Hard Rock Hotel, cases of memorabilia are dedicated to The King, and, at one time, a museum was established
in his honor, Elvis-A-Rama, which housed million of dollars worth of memorabilia. And, although the flood of
Elvis impersonators and sole exhibits of Elvis memorabilia have waned, you can still find vestiges of the King
being celebrated in the city.

It’s not only at wedding chapels that the Elvis impersonator walks again—shows like Legends in Concert at
Flamingo, The Million Dollar Quartet and Pete Vallee as Big Elvis at Harrah’s and All Shook Up at V Theater,
allow fans to still revel in the performance magic of the man.

So, the big question, will Las Vegas’ love affair with Elvis Presley simply fizzle out? The shortest answer: No.
Yes, love can be fickle, and people’s tastes change. But, try and think of a city that loves the man more, and it
simply can’t be done.
January 02, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
For anyone who missed Channel 5's 'Elvis Night' on Tuesday (December 30th), the advertised airing of the
'Elvis 1968 Comeback Special' was in actual fact the 2006 produced special,
'Elvis - Black Leather', first
released in the Limited Edition box set THE ULTIMATE FILM COLLECTION - GRACELAND EDITION'.

For those who missed it here is the 'new' version of the 'Comeback Special' shown on Channel 5 entitled 'Black
Leather'. Apologies for the TV advertisements prior to the show:
Elvis - Black Leather
January 01, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Brian Quinn
Are you a fan of "The Man"?  Not just "The King"..."of Rock-n-Roll".  Not just the image.  But of the man, who
thru his short life of 42 years, exemplified love of life, and love of people.
 "The world gave him all, he gave all
away... A Man So Loved"
, goes the chorus...

It has been over 37 years since he has left us.  Since fans around the world cried bitter tears at his loss.  New
generations of fans have come along and have found him.  The '50s him, the '60s him, the '70s him.   They,
and us "old timers" who experienced him, his concerts, his movies, and his concerts, once again, first hand,
remember the boy who exploded on the scene as a meteor.  Yes, "The Memphis Meteor".  

We remember him as the movie star, looking "absolutely gorgeous" up there on the big screen.  And who
knew... when he was allowed to, the boy could really act!  And we remember his return to live performing, when
we had the chance once again to see him up close and personal!

Most of all, we remember that voice, that only grew richer, stronger, more beautiful as he grew older.  
Perfection!  We remember "that smile".  That smile that seemed to be as wide as Heaven, as bright as
sunshine.  And we remember his kindness and generosity of spirit to friend, to fan, to stranger... all coming
from being born into such abject poverty and having such a wealth of love to give, that... that WELL never went

We remember "The Man", who with an exhausted body left us, "left the building", but never our minds or our
hearts.  We remember "A Man So Loved".  And especially this upcoming year, on the 80th Anniversary of his
birth, January 8th, 1935, won't you join with us and share this brief video with friend and family?  Download the
new Elvis tribute song, "A Man So Loved", coming on 1/8/15.  The song that critics and fans agree is destined
to become a "classic" Elvis tribute song, honoring not just the image, but the man.

Listen as country/gospel singer songwriter and recording artist Tedd Graves sings with harmony from Ray
Walker and other members of the group originally known as "The Jordanaires".  The group that appeared on
stage with Elvis in the '50s.  The group that was Elvis' regular backing group from 1956 to 1970, working on
most of his recording sessions and many of his movies.  The group that returned to back him on the road
briefly in 1970.  The group that during it's 60 year heritage, has won accolades for singing on more "Top 10"
hits than any other group.  The group that has been inducted into The Gospel, Rockabilly, Country and Vocal
Group Halls of Fame.

Listen as Tedd Graves masterfully shows off his extraordinary voice as he pays homage to his idol with this
tribute song in honor of Elvis' 80th Birthday.  Listen, remember, and celebrate, and pay tribute to, the man, the
myth, the legend... Elvis Presley, on the 80th Anniversary of his birth and in this upcoming 80th Anniversary
year.  Listen, and remember, "A Man So Loved"...

A portion of the profits from "A Man So Loved" will be donated to The Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center in
Memphis, Tennessee... E.E.R plans to premier the song on our Elvis 80 special on January 8th.
To See a short video about the making of the song, Go Here
January 01, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio /
Elvis' 80th birthday will be celebrated at Graceland with a host of Elvis fans and special guests, including
Priscilla Presley.

Two of Elvis' studio musicians, David Briggs and Norbert Putnam, will help kick off the birthday celebration with
the Official Graceland Insiders Reception on Wednesday, January 7. Priscilla Presley will join fans on the north
lawn of Graceland on January 8 with the Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony. Putnam and Briggs will speak
at Conversations on Elvis, along with karate champ and Elvis' friend Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and Elvis
biographer Peter Guralnick. Dixie Locke Emmons, who dated Elvis as his career was taking off, will speak at the
Fan Club Presidents' Event on Friday, January 9, along with two of Elvis' childhood friends from Tupelo, Sam
Bell and Guy Harris.

Priscilla Presley
Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony
Former wife to Elvis, Priscilla Presley, helped open Graceland to Elvis fans in 1982 and continues to venture
into new business opportunities. Her career as an actress includes such titles as the hit television show
"Dallas," a starring role in the "Naked Gun" series, and a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars." She continues
her entrepreneurial spirit with "The Priscilla Presley Collection" which features decorative linens, furniture, art
and more.

Sam Bell
Fan Club Presidents' Event
Tupelo native Sam Bell was a childhood friend of Elvis. Growing up in Tupelo, Sam and Elvis played together
as young kids do - everything from baseball to going to the movie theater.

Dixie Locke Emmons
Fan Club Presidents' Event
Dixie Locke Emmons knew Elvis Presley before he was the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Dixie met Elvis in Memphis at
church, and the pair dated as Elvis' career took off.

Peter Guralnick
Conversations on Elvis
Music critic and American pop music historian Peter Guralnick is the author of the prize-winning, two-volume
Elvis biographies "Last Train to Memphis and "Careless Love." Guralnick has penned many books and scripts
about music and musicians, including an acclaimed trilogy on American roots music and biographies of Robert
Johnson and Sam Cooke. He's currently writing a biography of Sam Phillips.

Guy Harris
Fan Club Presidents' Event
Guy Harris grew up with a young Elvis Presley in Tupelo and they became lifelong friends. As young boys, they
would play together and go swimming in Tupelo. Guy's mother and Gladys were best friends.

Norbert Putnam
Official Graceland Insiders Event - Conversations on Elvis
Norbert Putnam, known as "Putt" by Elvis, recorded as a session bassist with Elvis on over 100 tracks. Norbert
has also recorded with artists such as Joan Baez, Jimmy Buffett, Dan Fogelberg and J.J. Cale.

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace
Conversations on Elvis
Karate champ Bill "Superfoot" Wallace was a friend of Elvis'. After Bill suffered what many thought would be a
career-ending injury in 1973, Elvis moved him into Graceland and hired a renowned acupuncturist from Los
Angeles to see that Bill recovered. He did, and went on to turn professional a year later and capture the PKA
middleweight karate championship. Since his retirement in 1980, Bill has continued to be one of martial arts'
most popular figures, and he's written three books and released a series of karate videos.
January 01, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Donna Butterworth pictured with Elvis in
the 1966 movie 'Paradise Hawaiian Style'
Susan Olsen worked on Elvis' MGM movie
'The Trouble With Girls', she did not like
Elvis until she first met him, then ...
Susan Olsen worked on Elvis' MGM
movie 'The Trouble With Girls', she did not
like Elvis until she first met him, then ...
For many, the title “King of Rock and Roll” is reserved for one man: Elvis Presley. Had he lived, Elvis would
have celebrated his 80th birthday on January 8. In addition to his music, Elvis lives on through a phenomenal
number of appearances in scripted motion pictures – 31 in all – beginning with
“Love Me Tender” in 1956
and ending 13 years later with
“Change of Habit.”

Although his films were often dismissed due to weak and predictable scripts, critics generally regarded Elvis as
a surprisingly good actor.  But what did his costars think? In 1966, 10-year-old
Donna Butterworth appeared in
“Paradise, Hawaiian Style,” the second Elvis film set in Hawaii (E.E.R adds: actually the 3rd but let's no kick
the writer of the article just yet...)
“My mom and dad took me to see ‘Blue Hawaii’ when I was just a little girl
and I fell in love with him right then and there,”
said Donna. “I couldn’t get enough Elvis.”

Donna recalls filming her first scene on the cliffs of Makapuu, on Oahu, running into Elvis’ arms.“I had only met
him a few minutes before that,”
she recalled. “So when the director called ‘action,’ I ran up and got in his arms,
and his face was about 4 inches from my face. After all the anticipation of meeting Elvis Presley and working
with him, I just froze. I couldn’t believe I was so close to this beautiful man! All the crew cracked up because
they knew I was so enamored. In fact, Elvis laughed the hardest – he just loved to laugh.”

Unlike Donna, 7-year-old Susan Olsen wasn’t an Elvis fan when she briefly appeared in the talent contest
audition scene in Elvis’ second last film,
“The Trouble with Girls” (1969). “I couldn’t understand all the hype
over him and I didn’t even think he was good-looking!
” said Susan, who went on to play youngest daughter
Cindy on the popular ‘60s TV show, “The Brady Bunch.”

That changed after their first brief encounter.
“I remember that a bunch of the kids’ mothers suddenly started
said Susan. “Elvis had come out of his dressing room and they crowded around him for
autographs. So I thought ‘What the heck! I’ll get one too.’ So I went up to him – and I’m not making this up –
when he looked at me I thought, ‘Oh, I get it! I see why they like him so much.’ He had this special aura about
him. I was just dumbstruck, I couldn’t say anything. He signed the photo, handed it to me, and said ‘Here ya go

Elvis’s leading lady in “The Trouble with Girls” came away with more than just an autograph. Marlyn Mason
snagged an on-screen kiss.
“It was a comedy kiss,” said Marlyn, indicating that the only fireworks were the real
ones in the movie scene.

She took an unusual approach to get the required reaction from Elvis. Just after the fireworks scene, Elvis
comes up behind her and starts rubbing her shoulders.
“I just turned around, off camera, and started undoing
Elvis’s belt and trousers!”
Marlyn recalled. “Well, I didn’t get very far because it wasn’t a long scene. Elvis got
this funny look on his face which you can see in the film. He was great fun to work with, because I could throw
anything at him and he’d just throw it right back.”

She also recalls a private moment when Elvis shared thoughts about his acting. “The saddest thing Elvis said to
me was ‘I’d like to make one good film because I know people in this town laugh at me.’ I’ll never forget that,”

she said.
“But he was always down to earth and comfortable with himself. Some of that dialogue was so corny,
but he managed to bring a realness to it. And I think that’s just how he was in real life. He was a natural
comedian, and his timing was just impeccable. I just found him to be a very genuine person.”

With each passing decade since his death in 1977 at age 42, the Elvis legend and legacy continue to grow.
When viewed in the context of the often zany ‘60s TV and film period, it is gratifying that there exists such an
extensive film library of the most celebrated entertainer in history.

Photo at top  - Ten-year-old Donna Butterworth appeared in “Paradise, Hawaiian Style,” the second Elvis film
set in Hawaii. Nick Thomas teaches at Auburn University at Montgomery, Ala., and has written features,
columns, and interviews for over 500 magazines and newspapers.
January 01, 2014 - Elvis Express Radio
Elvis fans from around the world will travel to Graceland in January to celebrate the king's birthday with various
celebratory events. Priscilla Presley will be joining the celebration during a special appearance at the Birthday
Proclamation Ceremony on the north lawn of Graceland on January 8. A host of Elvis friends and former band
members will also be appearing throughout the four-day celebration.

Official Graceland Insiders Reception and Evening Graceland Tour
6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. CST Graceland Plaza
A special birthday event reserved exclusively for members of the Official Graceland Insiders. Includes
autograph session with famed Elvis studio session musicians Norbert Putnam (bass) and David Briggs (piano).
Tickets are $49 and available through Graceland.

Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony
9:30 a.m. CST Graceland's North Lawn
Free admission. Priscilla Presley, Graceland/EPE officials and Memphis and Shelby County officials will
celebrate with a birthday cake cutting and a proclamation of Elvis Presley Day. Fans who are unable to attend
can watch the ceremony live via Elvis Presley's Graceland Livestream. Complimentary birthday cake & coffee
will be served to all visitors starting at 10:30 a.m. at the Chrome Grille in Graceland Plaza.

Conversations on Elvis
1:00 p.m. CST Holiday Inn Memphis Airport Hotel and Conference Center
Hear from those who worked closest with the king – from friends, colleagues, musicians and more. Guest
speakers include Peter Guralnick, cultural and rock historian, and acclaimed author of the award-winning two-
volume Elvis biography “Last Train to Memphis” and “Careless Love”; famed Elvis studio session musicians
Norbert Putnam (bass) and David Briggs (piano); and Karate champion and friend of Elvis’ Bill “Superfoot”
Wallace. Tickets are $20 and available through Graceland.

The Auction at Graceland
7:00 p.m. CST Graceland Archives Studio
Following the highly successful Auction at Graceland in August of this year, fans and collectors from around the
world will once again have the opportunity to participate on-site and online for this auction, featuring artifacts
authenticated by Graceland Authenticated. All of the items in the auction will be offered from third-party
collectors and none of the items included in the auction will come from the treasured Graceland Archives. The
mansion and all artifacts in the Graceland Archives continue to be owned by Lisa Marie Presley and are not for

Among the artifacts being auctioned are:
• Elvis’ first acetate, recorded at Memphis Recording Service in June 1953. It features the songs “My
Happiness” and “That's When Your Heartaches Begin”
• His first Driver’s License
• The jacket he wore in the movie “Viva Las Vegas”
• The second Louisiana Hayride Contract signed by Elvis, Gladys and Vernon
• TCB and TLC necklaces
• The shirt from the movie “Girl Happy”

All of the items included in the auction have been thoroughly authenticated by Graceland Authenticated, the
Graceland affiliated authentication and appraisal service for collectors and fans. Graceland Authenticated sets
a new standard for pop culture authentication and appraisal to ensure pop culture artifact accuracy.

For more information about auction registration, auction fees or how to submit items for consideration by
Graceland Authenticated for future auctions, visit Graceland.com/Auction. The auction will also be streamed via
Elvis Presley's Graceland Livestream.

Elvis Birthday Dance Party
8:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. CST Holiday Inn Memphis Airport Hotel and Conference Center
DJ Argo from Elvis Radio on SiriusXM will spin Elvis records for your listening and dancing pleasure. Tickets are
$25 and available through Graceland.

Fan Club Presidents’ Event
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CST Holiday Inn Memphis Airport Hotel and Conference Center
Elvis fans are invited to celebrate the work of Elvis Presley fan clubs during this special event. The event will
also include guest speakers Dixie Locke Emmons, who dated Elvis just as his career was taking off, and
childhood friends from Tupelo Guy Harris and Sam Bell. Tickets are $15 and available through Graceland.

An Evening with Elvis
Double Feature Screening of Jailhouse Rock and Viva Las Vegas
7:00 p.m. CST Orpheum Theatre, downtown Memphis
Fans will celebrate Elvis’ birthday with a special double feature at the historic Orpheum Theatre. Two of his fan
favorite feature films – “Jailhouse Rock” and “Viva Las Vegas” – will be screened back to back. Tickets are $20
and available online through Ticketmaster.com, by calling 800-745-3000 or at the Orpheum Box Office.

Hound Dog Tour: A Musical City Tour Celebrating Elvis By Backbeat Tours
1:00 p.m. CST Hound Dog Tour: A Musical City Tour Celebrating Elvis By Backbeat Tours
Join Backbeat Tours for an Elvis tribute tour with a twist! As unique as the man himself, the Hound Dog Tour
takes a one-of-a-kind approach to sharing Elvis’ legacy in a high-energy concert and sightseeing tour all rolled
into one. Hear all your favorite Elvis hits performed live on Memphis’ only music bus while seeing where he grew
up, where he went to school, where he worked, and where he dreamed, as well as sites important to his early
career. Departs from Backbeat Tours ticket window at BB King’s Blues Club, 143 Beale Street. For tickets, call
Backbeat Tours at (901) 527-9415.

The Memphis Symphony Orchestra Tribute to Elvis: Birthday Celebration
7:30 p.m. CST Cannon Center for the Performing Arts, downtown Memphis
The Memphis Symphony Orchestra will perform chart-topping hits that remind you why Elvis is and always will
be the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Concert event featuring fan-favorite Terry Mike Jeffrey with conductor Jeff Reed.
Tickets on sale through the Memphis Symphony Orchestra by calling 901-537-2500 or by visiting

For a complete listing of all Elvis Birthday Celebration events and to purchase tickets, visit Graceland.com.
Tickets to Elvis Birthday Celebration events are non-refundable.
January 01, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Business Wire / EPE
It's that time again, to say farewell (or in some cases, good riddance) to 2014 and kick open the door to 2015
with over 80 minuets of some of the Rockin' and Rollin' Best Elvis Remixes to get any New Year party moving
and grooving.

And as if that's not enough, you'll hear some of the Kings greatest Rockin' tracks from the 50's and of course, a
truly great Rock 'N' Roll live performance from 1974.

Have a Great Rockin New Year with Elvis Express Radio in Association with The Elvis Files Books and
Magazines & The Ultimate Elvis Recording Sessions Books. To Download The Show in either MP3 or WMA
Go Here
January 01, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Joseph Tunzi has announced his new book which takes a look at the "Vinyl Artwork" and will contain most of the
original photography used for the albums, singles and extended plays released between 1956 & 1977. The
press release states: "Many of the photos will be the full gorgeous images as they were originally photographed
with many never before seen in their entirety. Many of these photos are considered to be some of the greatest
photography on Elvis Presley".

Also included in the book will be the alternate artwork, letters and documents pertaining to the releases plus,
some of the original art-boards and layouts that were worked on, and details examining the photographer, date,
and place where they were photographed. The book will also investigate the changes and corrections such as
the use of reversed photographs and the use of photos that were altered on the original art.

"The Definitive Vinyl Artwork of Elvis Presley 1956-1977" claims to be an historical record on how the  
artwork was created. EIN does point out "surely this same material has been recently published in the
'Ultimate Elvis' sessions books?"

It sounds like the kind of book I'd truly would like to add to my collection, but sadly, with the pre-order price
being a very inflated [US]$195.00 (around £130 UK pound sterling), it's one that will remain well and truly out of
mine and many other fans grasps. We can only hope Sessions IV will be a much more affordable?
December 30, 2014 / January 01, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Email
Elvis Express Radio brings news of Elvis releases and provides free online entertainment & news to fans around the world.