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.... APRIL 2015
Once again, due to medical appointments, both Lee and Joe are unable to record this weeks show until
Saturday 18th and will be available to download from 8pm (UK time).
April 17, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
GRACELAND have announced their initial plans for this years Elvis Week event. Although Elvis Week has
always been one of the biggest Elvis events, 2015 looks to be bigger than ever, with the Candlelight Vigil and
other great activities on the schedule.

Elvis Week is a celebration of the music, movies and life of Elvis Presley. Join thousands of fans at Elvis
Presley's Graceland in Memphis for a full week of special events that offer something for everyone to enjoy.

ELVIS WEEK EVENTS (including too many IMP events)
Go Here
April 16, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Once again written by Pål Granlund and David English is the new FTD deluxe hardback book in the same size
as ”Something for the Girls”. For June 2015 publication.

'Change of Habit' is published by FTD/Flaming Star with more than 450 pages and over 150 unpublished
photos from the movie, on the set, plus candids from the same period, it captures Elvis at his very best. Elvis
reported at Universal 10th of March and the filming started on the 12th. Elvis was dismissed from the movie on
the 29th of April.

The CD features the nine-track budget album
'Let’s Be Friends' plus the bonus tracks 'Rubberneckin’' and
'Let Us Pray'.

Let's Be Friends CAS-2408, released April 1970 Peak chart position: #105 Pop Chart
01 Stay Away, Joe,
02 If I’m A Fool (For Loving You)  
03 Let’s Be Friends

04 Let’s Forget About The Stars
05 Mama
06 I’ll Be There
07 Almost
08 Change Of Habit
09 Have A Happy


10 Rubberneckin’
11 Let Us Pray.
April 16, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
FTD have now announced the next title in their highly enjoyable 7inch “Classic Album” series. KING CREOLE
will be a
2-CD set and will feature the original RCA masters that formed the original 1958 album release, plus
for the first time the
unique Thorne Nogar live monitor mixes (many of which contain slates), and the original
song demos

The regular featured booklet will be
a 16-pages including great photos, behind-the-scenes chronology and
memorabilia. The CD will be released in May.

DISC 1 - The Album
01 King Creole 02 As Long As I Have You 03 Hard Headed Woman 04 Trouble 05 Dixieland Rock  06 Don’t
Ask Me Why 07 Lover Doll 08 Crawfish 09 Young Dreams 10 Steadfast, Loyal And True 11 New Orleans

12 Danny

13 Hard Headed Woman (take 10 – master) 14 Trouble (take 5 – master) 15 New Orleans (take 5 – master) 16
King Creole (first version – take 3) 17 King Creole (first version – take 18) 18 Crawfish (take 7 – unedited
master) 19 Dixieland Rock (take 14 – master) 20 Lover Doll (take 7 – unedited/undubbed master) 21 Don’t Ask
Me Why (take 12 – master) 22 As Long As I Have You (take 10 – master) 23 Muskrat Ramble (instrumental)
24 Steadfast, Loyal And True (first version – take 6) 25 As Long As I Have You (short version – take 4)
26 As Long As I Have You (long version – take 8) 27 King Creole (revised version – take 13 – master)
28 Young Dreams (take 8 – master) 29 King Creole (main title – instrumental – take 8 – master)
Recorded at Paramount 30 Steadfast, Loyal And True (undubbed record master) 31 Steadfast, Loyal And
True (movie version)

DISC 2 Demos and Acetates (not featuring ELVIS on vocal)
01 King Creole 02 Trouble 03 Dirty, Dirty Feeling 04 New Orleans 05 Hard Headed Woman 06 Dixieland Rock
07 Crawfish 08 As Long As I Have You 09 Danny 10 Don’t Ask Me Why 11 Lover Doll 12 Young Dreams 13
Steadfast, Loyal And True 14 Turtles, Berries, Gumbo 15 Banana.

Also being released from FTD is:
'From Elvis at American Sound, Memphis, Tennessee' (Limited Edition Vinyl 2-Disc Vinyl Set)
"Elvis at American Sound” completes the successful American Sound trilogy. ”From Elvis In Memphis” and ”
Back In Memphis” are still available with limited stock. Out late May 2015.

April 16, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
The Elvis Files has announced that as the deluxe 1,720 page 'Ultimate Elvis' Hardback Box-Set is sold out from
the dealers, they are now offering a special SOFT COVER set at a special lower price.

The  original release have already been reviewed as....
"I can honestly say that I have never got so much pleasure from a post Elvis product as I did from these
magnificent books which were obviously a labour of love from those who compiled it."

"This is the most thorough analysis of Elvis’ recorded output ever undertaken, with the finished product being

"I don't see how this publication can be topped by anyone. It is what I consider truly groundbreaking and THE
definitive work concerning Elvis' recording career."

So NOW is the chance for anyone who missed out to get the three huge books in exactly the same high-quality
print but as a Soft-Cover version and now at the special price €197 = US$208 =  £141 including shipping

Get in early for your copy and send an email for info to
April 16, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
White was recently revealed as the mystery buyer behind the $300,000 sale of Elvis Presley's first record. The
sale was initially reported to have gone to an unknown internet bidder, now known to be White. The former
White Stripes man will now reissue the record on vinyl for Record Store Day this Saturday (April 18).

"In the spirit of Elvis' first recordings, Third Man Records will open up the Blue Room to lucky fans and give
them the opportunity to record themselves in the exact same way Elvis did in his first session at Sun Records in
Memphis back in June of 1953,"
White wrote on the Third Man website.

The stripped-back set-up will involve
"one mic, one song, cut directly to a 10-inch lacquer disc. Cut at 45rpm to
be accommodating,"
White stated.

Yesterday, White revealed that he is set to take a break from live performance
"for a long period of time".

Following his appearance at the second Coachella festival this coming weekend (April 17-19), White will
embark on a short acoustic tour of the five states in the US he has yet to play. The gigs will not be announced
until 8am on the day of performance and will be the first totally full acoustic shows White has ever done.

He will be backed by an acoustic quartet comprising Fats Kaplin, Lillie Mae Rische and Dominic Davis for the
shows. Tickets will only cost $3 and will be sold on the door at the venue from 12 midday on a first come, first
served basis.

White will then retire from live performance for an as-yet-unknown period of time. His statement announced:
"After many years of performing in a multitude of configurations, Jack White is announcing that he will be taking
a break from performing live for a long period of time."

April 15, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Author, Pam Harris lives in her hometown in Tennessee. She has worked for two newspapers as a reporter &
features writer as well as having written for magazines. Her first novel,
'The Ghosts of Graceland' is a 130-
page mystery targeted towards girls ages 8 to 12 years, Harris said,
“I first had the idea for the book while
visiting Graceland almost ten years ago, I heard about two ladies who had moved from their homes in other
states and bought houses in the neighborhood behind Graceland. I wondered what kind of obsession would
drive someone to do that, so the idea of the Aunt Trina character was born.”

About The Book:
Unexplained voices coming from nowhere in the middle of the night, a strange man lurking around them, a
quirky great- aunt who has an obsession about a singer who has been dead for years, a homeless teen-age
boy with a secret—all mysteries that twelve-year-old Mandi Ferguson must solve during her dreaded stay in
Memphis, Tennessee. Much against their will, she and her twin sister have been sent from their home in
California to stay with a great-aunt they barely know while their mother is on a two-week honeymoon in Europe.

There is nothing Mandi likes any better than solving mysteries and when she hears voices outside of her room
during her first night in Memphis, she is convinced she is hearing ghosts, possibly Elvis Presley’s ghost since
her great-aunt’s house is right behind the entertainer’s home, Graceland.

Is there a connection between the voices and the man who is spying on them? What about the homeless boy
with a mysterious past who needs their help? What is Aunt Trina’s true connection to Elvis? And why doesn’t
her mother call more often—is she so enamored with her new husband that she is unconcerned about her

Mysteries can be fun to solve, but as Mandi learns the answers to all of her questions, she discovers that the
solutions were right in front of her all along. All she needed to do was ask.

Pam Harris says to Elvis fans:
"My book has a lot of description of Graceland and information about the Presley
family interwoven in the story line, so maybe young people will enjoy it and become Elvis fans as well."

Click here to Amazon for more info
April 15, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Louisiana Hayride was a radio and later television country music show broadcast from the Shreveport
Municipal Memorial Auditorium in Shreveport, Louisiana, that during its heyday from 1948 to 1960 helped to
launch the careers of some of the greatest names in American country and western music. Elvis Presley
performed on the radio version of the program in 1954 and made his first television appearance on the
television version of Louisiana Hayride on March 3, 1955.

The plan of the comeback of the Louisiana Hayride was announced yesterday. The building, Schreveport
Municipal Auditorium, will be renovated.The show ceased production in 1960. In the 1980s, the building was
falling apart and it was about to be demolished, but community leaders came together to raise enough money
and save it. Billy Bob Thornton was at the press conference too, and grew up in the region of Schreveport.

D.J. Fontana did his first gig with Elvis in The Louisiana Hayride, the most popular radio show. He was the
house drummer of the Hayride shows, when Scotty Moore asked if he could join. There was not extensively
rehearsed for the performances. D.J. Fontana told in an interview that the Hayride in the fifties shows were
done without drums. And when drums were finally admitted, they were behind the curtains. Of course that did
not work and after a few weeks Fontana was on stage, but only with a snare drum, drumstick and a brush. Not
a complete drum set!

April 11, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / EM
The Latest Edition of the Elvis Request Show [EER1185] is now online and available to download until around
8am [UK time] on SATURDAY the 1
7th April 2015.

Join Lee & Joe as they bring you 3 hours of requests and news and play all the songs you love to hear from
Elvis and read out your messages and opinions on the goings on in the Elvis world.

We hope all who want to can download it and enjoy the shows.  
Go Here For Show
April 11, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
It's official, EPE threw their weight around too much this time and they have now lost the right to display Elvis'
two planes
as we can confirm are getting a new home as neighbours to Graceland.

OKC Partnership, which owns the Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II, h
ave thankfully be granted permission to move
two planes to a property adjacent to Graceland. The Land Use Control Board approved the new
on Thursday. The final hurdle is for Memphis City Council to grant approval, the King's planes will
eventually be on display at 3850 Elvis Presley Boulevard.

We have provided you with a map to show just how close the planes will be to Graceland giving fans a great
run of Elvis sights on EP Blvd. Just think, all of this could have been avoided if only EPE did not choose to try
and push people around. The original letter telling the owners to remove the planes and subsequently the  
"negotiations", from EPE to keep the planes at Graceland shows it was all about greed on behalf of EPE and
this time round their tactics has blown up in their faces.

April 10, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
R&B singer Jason Derulo, whose new single release is "Want to Want Me", has revealed in a short Q&A for
ELLE magazine that he is a closet Elvis fan.

Derulo was asked the question People would be surprised to see that I have Elvis Presley's box set in my
iTunes library. But what's really great is that he has now broken free of that closet
April 10, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / ELLE
The two airplanes once owned by Elvis Presley, the Lisa Marie and the Hound Dog II, could be moved from
Graceland to a location down the street under a plan
approved Thursday (9th) by a county board.

The Shelby County Land Use Control Board approved a proposal from the planes' current owners,
OKC Partnership, to place the aircraft on a lot just steps from the Graceland property.

The planes have been situated at Graceland since the mid-1980s, and they are a popular tourist draw. They
had been sold after Presley's death and were eventually purchased by OKC Partnership in Memphis.

OKC Partnership and Graceland agreed to bring the planes to the singer's home. Their agreement called for
OKC Partnership to receive a cut of ticket sales in return for keeping the planes there.

In an April 7, 2014, letter to OKC Partnership, Elvis Presley Enterprises said the company was exercising its
option to end the agreement and asked OKC
"to make arrangements for the removal of the airplanes and the
restoration of the site on or shortly after April 26, 2015."

The Memphis City Council must approve the plan. If they are moved to the new location, the planes would be
part of an outdoor display and museum for tourists to visit.

April 08, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Julien’s Auctions, the auction house to the stars, has announced a one week exclusive exhibit at Palms Casino
Resort in Las Vegas. Collectors and fans have the rare opportunity to see Elvis Presley’s 1971 Stutz
Blackhawk car which he purchased on September 8, 1971.

Julien’s Auctions will later auction the infamous vehicle at their upcoming Music Icons auction to be held in New
York in May. The car is one of many items being offered in the Property from the Life & Career of Elvis Presley
Collection. The car is estimated to sell for $400,000-$600,000. Presley, who would have been 80 years old this
year, remains the most iconic performer of the century with fans from around the world. The exhibit will open on
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. and end on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.

The 1971 model is a two-seater with a small jump seat. The car was delivered to Elvis on September 9, 1971 at
his Monavale Street home in Beverly Hills. He purchased it following an accident that involved his first Stutz. It
was one of only 26 built as a 1971 production model. The 1971 Stutz Blackhawk is considered the most
collectible due to it being the first and only year the car was hand built by Padane in Modena, Italy. The 1971
model was also the only car produced with the split windshield and was not fitted with a rear bumper. Elvis
Presley loved the car and in 1972 presented it to Dr. Elias Ghanem. Ghanem, a Las Vegas based doctor who
acted as the house physician for the Las Vegas Hilton, had a close relationship with the “King of Rock n’ Roll.”

Presley, remembered for his generosity, gifted many cars in his lifetime but few that were his own personal
vehicle like this one. Dr. Ghanem treasured the car and other mementos Elvis had given him until his own
death in 2001. The car is still equipped with its original 7.4 liter 455 cu engine and has only 33,000 miles on
the odometer.

Other features of the Stutz include automatic transmission, power windows, power door locks, tilt steering
wheel, Connolly leather seats and dash, Burled walnut trim and wool carpet.

The Elvis Presley 1971 Stutz Blackhawk will be displayed in the front lobby of Palms Casino Resort located
at 4321 West Flamingo Road in Las Vegas. Fans can view the famous car from 10:00 a.m. daily. The Julien’s
Auctions Music Icons auction event will take place at the Hard Rock Cafe New York on Friday, May 15, 2015
and Saturday, May 16, 2015. The property from The Life & Career of Elvis Presley auction includes a vast
array of items including the “TCB” tour bus.

April 10, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Yesterday, UK retailer Ideal World TV became one of three exclusive stockists in the world of the fully  
authenticated range of Elvis Collectibles in honor of Elvis' 80th birthday celebrations in 2015.

The show w
as guest presented by Kevin Kern, Director of Public Relations for Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.,
on the show he share information about the collection and about the artifacts showcased in the Elvis at
The O2 exhibition
...Although there was no mention of the FAKE TCB that they have on display.

One of the most ridiculous items had to be the photo of Elvis walking away from Graceland in 1957 (you know
the one, it's seen so many times & in so many books I cannot count). This one is available in a frame (Ooooh)
and limited to just 275. Kevin Kern even states
"There are over 65,000 photographs in the Graceland archives
and this is my number one favourite and I have this in my home"
, this photo will cost you a crazy £449.99

One point in the live show the rather annoying sales presenter tells us all about the special guest, Kevin Kern
who we are told is so very "passionate about Elvis"? We here at E.E.R are reliably informed that EPE do NOT
employ Elvis Fans? IF this is true then just how passionate can a non-fan really be? Here in this part of the
show, we learn first hand just how passionate Mr Kern truly is about Elvis...
Host - "We really are blessed to have Kevin Kern with us, he is the global ambassador for Graceland, he's a
genuine Memphian. So of course you live in Memphis"

KK - "I sure do"

Host - "You've worked at Graceland for TEN Years"

KK - "I have"

Host - "YOU are PASSIONATE about Elvis Presley & you know about the Elvis Presley fashion".

KK - "I sure do"

Host - "What do we have here?"

KK - "This is an exact replica of a shirt that Elvis wore in the
1976 film, ah, That's The Way It Is, excuse me,
1969 film, That's The Way It Is....

Nice Try Kevin, Elvis wore the shirt in the film
'ELVIS: That's The Way It Is" from 1970 NOT 1969 or frickin'
1976. The Graceland official PR man for the world folks...AND, he has his very own keys to Graceland. The
future is safe in the hands of these people. Also, TTWII celebrates it's 45th Anniversary this year and
Graceland even has a special exhibit commemorating the movie, maybe Mr Kern didn't get the memo?
Take a Look At The Clip of That TTWII Moment
April 09, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
NASHVILLE (News Sentinel) - The state approved Memphis's request for a tourism development zone for the
120-acre Graceland campus Thursday, and construction of a new hotel and entertainment center will start
soon, Graceland executives said.

The next and final public step in the process is Memphis City Council approval of a 5 percent tax surcharge on
purchases within the zone to help pay for the planned improvements, estimated at about $135 million.

The state Legislature established tourism development zones in 1998, allowing "qualified public use projects"
like convention centers and major tourist enterprises to use a portion of sales tax proceeds collected on
products and services within the zones to pay for the projects and improvements.

Graceland plans to build a $95 million, 450-room conference hotel on the mansion side of Elvis Presley
Boulevard and a $30 million to $40 million entertainment complex on the other side of the street. The city and
the state are spending $43 million in various projects to improve Elvis Presley Boulevard between Interstate 55
and the Mississippi state line.

April 09, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
EPE's 'Elvis Movie Madness' online poll has come to a close!
The votes have been tallied!
And the Fan Favorite Elvis Movie is...

"Elvis: That's The Way It Is"

The 1970 documentary (Take note Mr Kern [see above story]) beat out its opponent,
"King Creole," by only
eight votes. More than 52,000 votes were cast in our bracket.

"Elvis: That's The Way It Is"
documents the Elvis Summer Festival of 1970 (yes. 1970) at the International
Hotel in Las Vegas. In addition to powerful concert footage, the documentary shows Elvis, his band members
and background vocalists preparing for the shows. Elvis' TCB band, including conductor Joe Guercio, The
Sweet Inspirations, The Imperials and more all appear in the film.

"Elvis: That's The Way It Is" was released in November 1970.

Graceland's new VIP exhibit, "Elvis: That's The Way It Is" at 45, celebrates the documentary's anniversary. You
can see artifacts from the documentary, including jumpsuits, photographs and much, much more.

April 09, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / EPE
Elvis' bass player DUKE BARDWELL, who played for Elvis on 181 live shows and played bass guitar on the
rockin' song
'T-R-O-U-B-L-E' and the recording session at RCA Studios in March 1975, invites you to a very
special Elvis show at the
'100 Club' in London on May 6, 2015.

Order your tickets now from: and
Watch Duke's video to UK fans for the 100 Club      Watch the video for the show at the Sage in Gateshead
April 08, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Here's an article featured in the New York Times which gives an example of how IMP-Fests such as Porthcawl
give Elvis the joke image and his fans as something of ridicule..

SNEAK PEEK: This week Lens is featuring a selection of photographers attending the New
York Portfolio Review.

Let’s be frank here: Elvis devotees are a lot like fish in a barrel. Anyone can shoot them, with reliably satisfying
results. Their reverence almost invites intrusion. So the measure of a portfolio of Elvis believers is not the
colorfulness of the characters – that much is a given – but the empathy of the photographer. Anyone can
capture the tribe’s signature plumage. The trick is teasing out the individual humanity underneath.

Clémentine Schneidermann, 23, first encountered the faithful as a student in Vevey, Switzerland, where one of
the King’s many fan clubs runs strong. Growing up in France, Ms. Schneidermann had not had much interest in
Elvis Presley. Her parents were more likely to listen to the French cult crooner Johnny Hallyday, she said. “I
could have done this whole project on Johnny Hallyday, but I just thought Elvis was more universal.”

Ms. Schneidermann, who divides her time between Paris and Newport, Wales, took the plunge a few years
later, in the small Welsh town of Porthcawl, where pilgrims in shaggy sideburns gather each September for an
Elvis festival. By then she had questions. Why Elvis? Why Wales? What are the parameters of devotion, and
the rewards for those who don the rhinestones?

“The project is not about Elvis, but about how these people want to escape,” she said. “Most are from a
working-class background, and they don’t have much money, and Elvis helps them cope with reality.”

Fans were only too happy to invite her into their homes to see their artifacts, often gathered at some expense.
In lives buffeted by the four winds, Elvis provided a direction and sense of possibility.

“Every time I asked them, why Elvis, they didn’t talk about the music,” Ms. Schneidermann said. “They were
attracted by the American dream, an image of America.”

In her photos, taken in South Wales, the subjects wear their dreams quietly, but in defiance of whatever
mundane concerns shape their lives. Escape isn’t easy – for most people, it isn’t even possible. But faith takes
strength as much from setbacks as from triumphs.

“It’s like religion, where people put their trust in something,” she said. “They trust in him. He guides their lives.
They wake up with Elvis, they get married with Elvis. He’s there all the time.”

Since her immersion, Ms. Schneidermann has gone to the source, to Graceland and Elvis’s grave in Memphis,
and even met an American man who told her about creating his own replica of Graceland to help him live out
the fantasy.

And she has been transformed by the experience – a little, she said. “I like his music now,” she said. “I wouldn’t
listen to it all the time, but I appreciate it. He’s part of my life now.”
April 07, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Jack White‘s always-ambitious Third Man Records announced today (April 6) that they have no plans to take it
easy on Record Store Day 2015, which this year falls on April 18.

Elvis Presley’s first-ever recording, the record that Third Man Records calls ”arguably the most important piece
of rock and roll memorabilia in the world” and that White bought at an auction in January for $300,000, will be
on display behind bullet-proof glass and watched over by an armed guard.

In celebration of the record — which features recordings of “My Happiness” and “That’s When Your
Heartaches Begin” and is being re-released on vinyl for RSD — Third Man is also providing fans the
opportunity to “record themselves in the exact same way Elvis did in his first session at Sun Records in
Memphis back in June of 1953.”

“Behold the Third Man Recording Service,” the label says. “One mic, one song, cut directly to a 10″ lacquer
disc. Cut at 45RPM to be accommodating. George Ingram and Wes Garland (the crack engineers at Nashville
Record Productions who cut all of the TMR titles to vinyl) will be manning the 1955 Scully lathe (from King
Records in Cincinnati) making sure folks get only the best of quality.”

Recordings will take place by appointment only; obviously, demand will be high (sign-up details will be shared
here). Third Man Records also teased more upcoming Record Store Day announcements, including some new
information to be released next week.  
See Record Day Trailer
April 07, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
The company that owns two of Elvis Presley’s jets – which have been on display for nearly 30 years as part of
Graceland property tours – wants to move the jets to five acres just across the southern border Elvis Presley
Enterprises-owned land.

Graceland and OKC Partnership parted ways during contract renewal talks earlier this year;
Graceland wants
the Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II jets off the property this year.

OKC has applied to the Office of Planning and Development to move the jets to 5.3 acres between Dolan and
Timothy drives on the same side of Elvis Presley Boulevard as the mansion.

The vacant lot at 3850 Elvis Presley Blvd. was, until just a few years ago, the site of a church that most recently
was Reach Heaven Global Ministries Inc. Before that, it was Miracles of God Tabernacle and Covenant
Presbyterian Church.

Elvis Presley Enterprises indicated last month it is opposed to the zoning request. The land currently
is zoned residential and is next to single-family homes.

The developers want to use Timothy Drive for access to the jets as well as a museum building to be built on the

In its report to the Land Use Control Board, OPD staff called the plan
“highly inappropriate” for such a
commercial venture to get customers to its business by going through the residential area.

“The location of this proposed museum and exhibit is appropriate for the area,” the staff report reads, “but
should be conditioned to avoid negative impacts on the single-family homes to the east and provide and
maintain adequate buffers to help reduce noise levels and light intrusion.”

April 07, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Well, we spoke about it on this weeks show, the fact that EPE had put a halt on the IMP fest in Vegas and we
also spoke how all they need to do now is bring a full stop to those cringe-worthy horror-fest Elvis IMP

GREAT NEWS from EPE (yes really) ... The Elvis Presley’s Graceland Wedding Chapel that is coming soon to
Las Vegas – is designed exactly how Priscilla wants it to be. And Elvis' EX-Wife made one thing clear before
unveiling the latest wedding chapel to bear his name: NO ELVIS IMPS.

Elvis Presley's Graceland Wedding Chapel will NOT be some tacky novelty joke and will most certainly
NOT be featuring any jumpsuit-wearing, sideburn-donning wedding official with a bit of swivel to his hips. As
Priscilla rightly points out, having some IMP at the chapel
"would only cheapen the place, the wedding chapel is
not a joke."
A reflection of Graceland, the Memphis landmark will be the backdrop for the chapel, with couples
seemingly saying
"I do" on the home’s front steps.

"Authenticity is what this new chapel offers", she said, "Elvis had a lot of dignity. Elvis had a lot of class. He was
a beautiful specimen of a man"
, and more than anything, she seems keen on ridding the world, and Las Vegas,
of the often over-the-top, tacky image of her late ex-husband.

So, Priscilla seems keen on ridding Vegas and the world of IMPS....Oh my how the attitude changes when it
suits her and the money men. Don't get me wrong, this is all great and it's about time but once again we get
another example of how EPE will can and does use something for their own end to make money NOT in the
best interest of Elvis Presley.

'Graceland Presents ELVIS: The Exhibition - The Show - The Experience,' including the chapel, opens
April 23 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino, the same property where Elvis performed several
hundred sold-out shows between 1969 and 1976, when it was known as the International Hotel and later the
Las Vegas Hilton.

When Priscilla Presley arrives for the show’s debut, it may be only her second time visiting the site since she
last saw Elvis perform there in 1975.

Even a six-week show that aims to replicate those concerts will feature an actor, not an impersonator, Presley
was careful to note.

“He’s not trying to be Elvis Presley,” she said of performer Martin Fontaine, who will perform Elvis songs with a
24-piece band in a renovated showroom where the King took the stage.

While there won’t be any impersonators, one lucky couple will get a Presley in their wedding party opening day.

Priscilla Presley will attend the nuptials of the couple that wins a contest announced by NBC’s “Today” show
Monday after giving them a private tour of the exhibit the night before.

“I’m going to make sure it’s done right,” she said of the wedding.
April 06, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / AP
The Latest Edition of the Elvis Request Show [EER1184] is now online and available to download until around
8am [UK time] on SATURDAY the 11th April 2015.

Join Lee & Joe as they bring you 3 hours of requests and news and play all the songs you love to hear from
Elvis and read out your messages and opinions on the goings on in the Elvis world.

We hope all who want to can download it and enjoy the shows.  
Go Here
April 04, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
According to a well-informed internal source of there's, Elvis Matters tell us that there would be a worldwide
touring hologram show of Elvis at the end of next year.

Any hologram deals will have to go through the family’s final approval before being inked, but both Pricilla and
Lisa Marie are completely behind using the technology, according to Salter. They’ve supported posthumous
performances in the past, including when Lisa Marie sang a duet of Daddy Don’t Cry with Elvis in 1997 that
used the original vocals and a video featuring her and her father.

Will this be the sequel of Elvis On Stage 2014 show?
April 04, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Legislation is alive to provide $1 million to continue upgrades at the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum in
Tupelo, and will strengthen Tupelo’s efforts to attract tourists to spend more time in the city.

In 2011, before recent improvements were made at the Park, there were 37,000 tickets sold. In 2014, there
were 43,238 visitors to the Park who purchased tickets to tour the birthplace, museum and other attractions.

In August, during ceremonies in association with Presley’s death anniversary, statues of the King and other
items will be unveiled at an overlook at the back of the park where legend has it the then-mega-famous Presley
would make late-night drives from his home in Memphis to the site where he would reflect and gaze over his

The bond bill pending in the Legislature now would make other improvements, particularly develop a walking
area at the scenic lake next to the overlook. Dick Guyton, executive director of the Birthplace, said the entire
park is 15 acres, but only about three and half acres have been utilized for the museum, home, chapel and
other attractions. The improvements have been designed to use more of the scenic site.
April 04, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Cyrus will star in the comedy “Still the King” as Vernon Brown, a one-hit country star turned Elvis Presley
impersonator who becomes a minister at a country church outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

“Still the King” puts CMT back into business with Cyrus, daddy of Miley and frequent presence on the
network when his “Achy Breaky Heart” was a hit two decades ago.

“We built bridges around the world together in the early ‘90s, places where country music hadn’t been or hadn’
t been for a long time,”
Cyrus said in an interview. “Getting together again with CMT was very exciting.”

One night when his tour bus made a gas stop on the Gulf Coast, Cyrus walked with his dog and began thinking
about how Elvis Presley performed in the area at the start of his career. He saw a church in the distance, and
things came together in his mind when the bus ride resumed.

“I was sitting there with a notebook scribbling out idea after idea,” he said. “It didn’t take long to realize that
there’s a thought here that’s interesting, that’s funny, that’s smart, that’s dumb – all of those things.”

Since Cyrus is a country singer with a career of ups and downs and the grandson of a Pentecostal preacher,
Brown’s character fell into the
“write what you know” category.
April 03, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
As the title says this great release contains many rare film outtakes and alternate versions. Higlights are the
film duet version of Pocketful of Rainbow with Juliet Prowse, the extended versions of Carny Town, Catchin’ on
Fast, It Won’t Be Long, Kissin’Cousins No.2 , Plantation Rock and Wheels on My Heels. These versions sound
much better than the original very short LP versions. Also the very rare original mono version of Home Is
Where The Heart Is .

The CD comes in a full color comic book style booklet with funny Elvis film quotes. A very enjoyable release!

01. Shout It Out ( take 7 )
02. Am I Ready ( take 2 )
03. Baby If You Give Mee All Your Love ( undubbed master )
04. Pocketful Of Rainbows ( duet version with Juliet Prowse )
05. Carny Town ( extended version )
06. C’mon Everybody
07. Catchin’ on Fast ( extended version )
08. Follow That Dream ( original master )
09. Home Is Where The Heart Is ( original mono )
10. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell ( master inc. count- in )
11. It Won’t Be Long ( extended version )
12. Please Don’t Stop Loving Me ( take 17 )
13. Kissin’ Cousins No.2 ( extended version )
14. She’s A Machine ( take 14 )
15. Plantation Rock ( extended version )
16. Speedway ( unedited, take 4 )
17. The Girl I never Loved ( movie version )
18. Thanks To The Rollin’ Sea ( master, longer fade-out )
19. Wisdom Of The Ages ( take 4 )
20. Wheels On My Heels ( extended version )
April 03, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
This classic Japanese release contains both superb sounding Japanese master recordings and rare outtakes.
Japanese audio masters are unbeatable !
The beautiful full colour booklet contains many Japanese Elvis lp, single covers.
Liner notes are both in English / Japanese.
This is very impressive CD release !!

01. Heartbreak Hotel ( take 6 )
02. That's All Right
03. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You ( take 15 )
04. Don't Be Cruel
05. Hound Dog ( take 31 from master tape source )
06. Tutti Frutti
07. Blue Suede Shoes
08. Long Tall Sally
09. Ready Teddy ( overdub version from mater tape source )
10.. I Got A Woman
11. Money Honey
12. Shake Rattle And Roll ( take 7 )
13. All Shook Up ( incl. count- in )
14. Too Much
15. Jailhouse Rock
16. Hard Haeded Woman
17. King Creole ( take 3 )
18. Dixieland Rock ( movie version )
19. Trouble
20. One Night ( alternate take )
21. I Got Stung ( take 22 )
22. I Need Your Love Tonight ( take 15 )
23. A Big Hunk O’ Love ( take 4 )
24. Stuck On You ( take 1 )
25. Little Sister ( overdub version from mater tape source )
26. I’m Coming Home ( take 4 )
27. His Latest Flame ( take 12 )
28. Memphis Tennessee ( take 5 )
29. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow ( take 5 )
30. Tonight Is So Right For Love ( take 7 )
April 03, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
This four-volume collection tells the story of the cultural and musical icon known as the King of Rock and Roll.

The programmes examine the life of the man who swooned his way into the lives of teenage girls across
America, from his beginnings at Sun Records to becoming an international star with countless hits on the
Billboard chart.

Amongst his contemporaries interviewed are guitarist Scotty Moore, drummer D.J. Fontana and backing
singers The Jordanaires.

Format: Colour, DVD-Video, Widescreen, PAL
Language: English
Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 - 1.66:1
Number of discs: 4
Classification:  Exempt
Studio: Upfront
DVD Release Date: 23 Feb. 2015
Run Time: 330 minutes

WARNING: EIN inform us that some unscrupulous Elvis Shops are offering this set for an unbelievable $99.95
(plus postage) - when you can buy it from Amazon UK for only US$52 / £35.
PLEASE don't be ripped off -
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THIS WEEKS SHOW WILL BE RECORDED AND ONLINE....Saturday 04th April from 8pm (UK Time)
April 03, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
Since first reporting the highly suspicious TCB pendent on display at 'ELVIS AT THE O2', we're rather
surprised to see that no other Elvis website has carried the news, warning their fellow fans that a FAKE artifact
is openly on display at the London exhibit.

With this and our repeated enquires to Jack Soden, the Archives team and just about anyone else at EPE who
might be willing to answer our questions? However, so far we have not yet received any response on this
rather important issue.

And so a couple of listeners of the show decided, upon seeing the TCB for themselves, to email EPE and we're
happy to report that they DID get a reply. So what did they have to say about the item?  
"That TCB came from
Elvis' wardrobe room. It was with a few other pieces of jewelry. If he wore it or not I can not say. It does not
appear to be the one he was photographed in. But it did come from his room..  Angie  Archives Staff"

Right, the OFFICIAL word from the EPE archivist tells us, inside Elvis' personal wardrobe room the TCB which
is at the O2 (and pictured right and on the extra page) was with his personal items and they consider it to be
authentic???  IF we are to believe what Angie Archives is saying we're going to have to re-write all we know
about how to tell real TCB's from fakes.....But sorry, this is not something we can believe.

Back in 1995, a magazine was published called 'Elvis: An American Legend' and featured was an article
. The magazine was done with assistance from Graceland and focuses on the
ACTUAL TCB that Elvis owned which differs greatly to the obvious FAKE displayed at the O2 arena. In this
article it ends with the following quote,
"a TCB pendant had to be borrowed from a family member to lay Elvis to
rest with....He is known to have given pendants to Tom Jones and Sammy Davis Jr, among others, but Elvis, in
his giving nature, had passed away without wearing one around his neck, or in his possession...Graceland,
while having the most complete and extensive Elvis memorabilia collection does NOT POSSESS A TCB

It looks like it may well be more than the highly suspicious TCB pendant that is being displayed as being
something it's NOT? Take a look at the Styrofoam hats, famously seen in the superb 1970 MGM
Rockumentary; 'Elvis: That's The Way It Is'.  You can buy fakes of these hats online, yes the originals are
rather rare, not many survived 45 years and the one on display at the O2 has seen better days, it looks to be a
little crushed but for something that is around 45 years old it is in pretty good shape. So what's got E.E.R's
nose for fakes and bogus Elvis items twitching? Take a good look at the hats, the top image is a genuine
original hat and below is the one currently on display at the O2

Speaking with Joe Krein, EERs co-host and collector, he informs us that in all his years of collecting, he has
NEVER SEEN an original hat with a staple holding the banner together on to the hat. Plus the staple, which is
(supposed to be) 45 years old shows no signs of rust or actually any age at all. Compare the O2 hat with the
one shown to us that belongs to Joe (Top). The banner on Joe's original, in fact ALL original hats, are held by
glue and due to the aging, you can clearly see the glue has seeped through the material.

There are varying designs of the banners that featured on those original Styrofoam hats. ELVIS SUMMER
FESTIVAL is accompanied by logo designs for either the International Hotel, Hilton Hotel, MGM, RCA and left
over supplies were not wasted by Parker as he used them for the short lived 'Always Elvis' festival in Las Vegas
1978. Joe also adds
"I also have never seen a Festival hat with a red banner".

'ELVIS AT THE O2' has a TCB Pendant which is obviously FAKE but EPE now officially say they know
NOTHING about it, but it was found in Elvis' room? IF true then we can only conclude the REAL one was stolen
and the thief replaced it with his FAKE one?????? But then again remember back in 1995 Graceland did not
possess a TCB?

And 'ELVIS AT THE O2' has a Vegas Concert hat that seems to be a reproduction? Is this it? How many more
items would fail a close up inspection? And does this spread to Graceland?
April 01, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio  
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Bill Black's son Louis Black passed away March 28th last Saturday from complications from C.O.P.D.

His father, Bill Black, played slapp bass with Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana in The Blue Moon Boys in the
period 1954-1957.

He eventually became one of the first bass players to use the Fender Precision Bass (bass guitar) in popular
music, on "Jailhouse Rock" in 1957.

After two operations and lengthy hospital stays, Black died of a brain tumor in October 1965, at the age of
April 01, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio / Elvis Mattersn
THE ELVIS FILES VOLUME 7 - 1974 to 1977
And now the end is near.....The 7th and final volume in the critically acclaimed book series, 'The Elvis Files' is
due for release in August 2015. This epic series started out in 2010 and now 5 years on about Elvis' last
years, with information and photos of Elvis' concerts, last recording sessions, etc.

The Files series has been a great success around the world and are a wonderful addition your collections
thanks to the hundreds of never before seen images. Pre-Order NOW from all good Elvis Dealers./
April 01, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
A unique gold suit worn by Elvis will be brought over from Graceland under armed guard to go on display in

The $10,000 Gold Lame Tuxedo outfit created for The King of Rock and Roll by Nudie Rodeo Taylors of North
Hollywood will be at the Elvis At The O2 Exhibition for two months from April 12 before it returns to Graceland.

It will join other rare artefacts from Elvis Presley’s estate, which include his 16 karat TCB Taking Care of
Business ring, a Champagne bottle from Elvis’s wedding to Priscilla that’s signed by both the bride and groom
and the gold phone that was beside his bed.

Elvis Presley wore the full suit – including jacket, trousers, belt, tie and shoes - on just three occasions at live
shows, the first of which was at the International Amphiteatre in Chicago on March 28, 1957.

He wore it again the following night in St Louis and in Toronto on April 2.

He also wore it for the cover of his 1959 album 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong, which featured 14
images of Elvis in the suit on the cover.

The outfit was so valuable that Elvis’ notorious manager, Colonel Tom Parker, always had it specially
transported in an armoured car under armed guard.

Exhibition curator Angie Marchese says: “The reaction to the exhibition has been amazing and now we’re
thrilled to be including the stunning gold suit that belonged to Elvis.

“Despite being so iconic, Elvis only wore the full outfit three times as he found the gold trousers heavy to wear.

“The Toronto performance in April 1957 was the last time that Elvis wore the entire outfit because he frequently
fell to his knees during his stage show, which wore off the gold from the trouser knees, so he swapped to
wearing the gold lame jacket with black trousers after that.

“However, the trousers were restored and have been displayed with the full outfit at Graceland after the estate
bought the gold suit from Colonel Parker following Elvis’ death in 1977.

“The suit will take pride of place alongside all of the other personal items which are already on display.

“No exhibition mounted previously has ever been so revealing of the man and the star.  For people who can’t
get to Graceland, Graceland is coming to them.”

Elvis At The O2 runs until the end of August and features more than 300 artefacts direct from Graceland.
Tickets are on sale at
April 01, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
The Latest Edition of the Elvis Request Show [EER1183] is now online and available to download until around
8am [UK time] on the 03rd April 2015.

Join Lee & Joe as they bring you 3 hours of requests and news and play all the songs you love to hear from
Elvis and read out your messages and opinions on the goings on in the Elvis world.

We hope all who want to can download it and enjoy the shows.  
Go Here
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